8 sure-fire ways to sabotage your career

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8 sure-fire ways to sabotage your career

Whats the best way to damage your reputation and potentially harm you career? Say something you really shouldnt at work. If you like your job and dont want to burn your bridges in your current industry, here are eight [phrases you should avoid.

Who did you vote for in the last election? You should never talk politics at dinner parties or work. Ever. The conversation can get very ugly, so dont even go there.

What are your religious beliefs? Something so deeply personal is not fodder for water cooler chit-chat, and could land you in a lot of trouble for asking about it.

How much was your pay rise in the last review? No good comes from asking about money. The only person you should discuss your salary or pay increases with is your boss, or HR. Similarly avoid asking colleagues what they earn.

Have you lost weight? Yep, its meant as a compliment but the other person could take this as an insult, because what they hear you saying is they used to weigh more. Stay away from this can of worms!.

Guess who I saw leaving work together the other night? Gossip is poison. Once you earn a reputation as someone you cant be trusted or who stabs people in the back its very hard to shake.

I think our boss is a loser. A colleague may repeat this sentiment to someone else, and it wont end well for you. Keep your opinion of your boss to yourself.

I hate my company. Badmouthing your job or employer is poor form. Dont ever post anything online that could come back to bite you.

I shouldnt be telling you this, butIf you know you shouldnt be telling the other person something, dont!.

Would you want what youre about to say broadcast on every online news site in the world? No? Keep your reputation intact dont say it!.