7 sure fire ways to impress investors

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7 Sure Fire Ways to Impress Investors


To convince investors to fund your business and invest in your opportunity, you will need to address their chief concerns.

Looking for investors is the entrepreneur's version of a job interview.


The following topics cover some key areas that will help you impress potential investors.

By addressing these precise points, you will successfully pique the interest of investors.


Need help with your investor pitch?

1. Clearly Present Margins

An investors key goal is to make money- they are not investing simply because they believe in your vision. Presenting a clearly defined path of ROI will surely impress any potential investor.


Investors like to see longevity and a stable marketplace. You must be able to show the value of your business and how that value will continue to grow. 2. Show Growth Potential


3. Have a Clear Business Model

Investors are only interested if the business shows growth and scalability. Have a clear and replicable business model and a solid plan that shows exactly how you will achieve this growth.

4. Solve a Problem

A successful business solves a market problem/pain point. Regardless of target market size, it is imperative that you have a clearly defined problem and a product/service that solves it.

5. Differentiate From the Competition

Having proprietary ownership is the best way to have a competitive edge (e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights). If you don't, show ways you will build barriers to customer exit, so most customers become lifelong advocates.

6. Show Off Your Team

Investors want to know that the people running the show are passionate, talented, and the best at what they do. Show investors that youve got the best team for the job at hand.

7. Illustrate Customer Loyalty

Repeat customers are the foundation on which profitable businesses are built. Be prepared to show potential investors that you have a loyal fan base, as this directly correlates to revenue.

In summary, here are the seven sure fire ways to impress investors:Clearly present your marginsShow them growth potentialHave a clear business modelSolve a problemDifferentiate from the competitionShow off your teamIllustrate customer loyalty

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