8 Steps to the Perfect Blog for your Small Business

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2. One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website and improve your Google page rank is by adding a blog to your businesss website. The great thing about blogs is that they are easy for you to self-manage, and with a few quick tips, you can begin posting right away. The checklist below is designed to help you achieve maximum success with your new business blog. 3. Research Keywords: As a business owner you already know who your primary target audience is, and since you have a website, you may have already performed a bit of keyword research. While the keyword research you have already conducted is beneficial for your blog, you now want to research a secondary set of keywords that are less relevant to your businessand more relevant to your target audience as a whole. Keep in mind that keywords change in popularity on a regular basis. For this reason, aim to identify a mix of keywords that are trending at the momentas well as several that trend on an ongoing basis. Either work from a keywords list that you generate monthly, or select them once you identify the topic you are going to blog about. 4. Resist the Urge to Blog Only About Your Products or Services : While the first thought that comes to mind may be to create blog posts related to your products or services, but the goal of your blog is to engage with your readersand posting only sales heavy content wont help you to achieve this goal. Instead focus most of you blog posts on topics that your target audience is interested in, which will keep them coming back to your blog on a consistent basisas well as bring more organic traffic to your blog and website. 5. Create a Captivating Headline The title or headline of your blog should paint a clear picture of what the post is about, while enticing your reader to want to learn more. Below are a few examples: - The 5 Best Ways To XYZ - Tips And Tricks For XYZ - The Latest Trends in XYZ 6. Write In an Engaging Manner All of your blog posts should be written in an engaging manner. Depending on the nature of your business, you may opt to have a professional feel to your blog or you may opt for a more laid back approach. Whichever you select, write in a conversational manner and ensure that your posts answer the questions your customers want to know. 7. Keep It Short And Sweet While there is no correct word count for a blog, it is important to keep in mind that if your post is too long, readers are likely to move on. If you have a longer topic to blog aboutturn it into a series of shorter posts. The best advice to follow when it comes to the length of your blog is that quality is always better than quantity. 8. Make It Look Good While the content you write about is essential your blog post must look visually appealing too. Here are some tips to help you get heading in the right direction. Break up the posts with subheadings Write only 2-3 sentences per paragraph Use only 1-2 colors Add images, videos, charts, or graphs Utilize lists and bullet points *Just make sure that you have the copyright to any images you post on your blog. 9. Be Consistent Once you get a reader hooked on your blog, you need to keep their attention by posting on a regular basis. While your blog is new, aim for 4-5 posts per week so that you quickly build a nice selection of previous posts for your visitors to read and browse. Once you have 20 to 25 posts, you can slow down to 1 to 3 times per week. Keep in mind that you can write all of your blog posts at once, upload them to your blogand schedule the day and time that they will go live. 10. Share and Promote One of the many great things about adding a blog to your business website is that it is a free way to organically increase backlinks and index your website. Both of these factors will ensure that you begin to see a steady increase in the amount of traffic to your website, in a relatively short amount of time. 11. To capitalize on your blog you will want to promote your posts. You can do this by adding links to your blog posts in your relevant email marketing campaigns, and sharing them on social media. The checklist above is an excellent place to start if you are new to the world of blogging. With consistency, your new business blog will quickly begin to generate new traffic to your website.