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August 14, 2015Happy Independence DayHappy 7th Anniversary of Global Learning in PakistanIts not just a coincidence but the fact that I came to Pakistan on August 14, 2008, with the hope and dream to develop Pakistan and then Africa with the similar humanitarian efforts and running replica projects in both countries as the distance between the two countries is merely 5722 km (Pakistan Tanzania). As moving to Pakistan was quite challenging for me and my kids who were 13 and 7 yrs old at that time. After arriving Pakistan we notice how unstable political situations were despite peaceful transition to a new government which was causing investors and development partners to walk away, stock market was nosedived, foreign exchange reserves were plummeted, inclination of unemployment rate vulnerable economy. In fact Pakistan ranked most exposed to poverty risks among 43 countries, most of the urban population lived in slum areas, development programs were slashed to non, natural disasters caused displaced communities. Overall the situation was such that we forgot the luxuries of USA and settled in the community faster than we could imagine.What is Pakistan and Why is it important to develop it1. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world Nelson MandelaEducation plays an important role in the development of the country, Pakistans education system is doing wonders now but diversity in syllabus is creating road blocks to the delivery of proper knowledge and latest technology, but with current global awareness on quality education and with the usage of updated technology tools is surely making a difference.2. Healthcare public or private has drastically change with the availability of professional expertise, commitment of the attendants, state of the art equipment, patients hygiene and dignity, emergency care services, advanced laboratories and specialized procedures.3. It has huge amounts of agricultural land and rivers which requires linking in appropriate manner to boost agriculture.4. It has natural resources like metallic and non metallic ores which needs to be exploited to create wealth for the country.5. Up scaling of IT services and investments in Engineering & Technology colleges can promote the country at global level to become technology hub.6. Small and medium size manufacturing industries need micro finance and tax breaks for few years to develop economy.7. It has natural beauty and ancient civilization to promote tourism and different cultures.8. It can serve as a passage between Middle East and Far East to facilitate international trade.9. It has opportunity for renewable energy as solar for Punjab, wind for Sind and Balochistan, Coal for all, Hydro for Gilgit and KPK. 10. It has ample human resources which are simply waiting to be developed and be part of global talent to serve the humanity and other professional careers.However with the help of sincere and committed community participation, civil and social institutions, proper governance, and developing partners we can achieve the above goals. Pakistan will grow into relatively stable economy and nation of peace and prosperity with good governance, tax reforms, new industries, renewable energy solutions, quality education/health care and global trade.Realistic Approach towards sustainable developmentWe had an opportunity to do a detail analysis and our working of 7 years in Pakistan and few months in Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) with different tribes, movements, religion, social elements, cultures, languages, youth, civil societies, local/provincial/federal government departments, National and international donors (NGO & INGOs), Corporate Social Responsibility Partners (Entrepreneur monetary and services donors), policy makers, think tanks, politicians, extremist groups, and many other necessary team of staff and volunteers from different professions have given us some leverage to try and take few steps towards the development strategy goals of these countries.As I mention in my earlier letter which is on social media called Life is worth living for others dated Oct 20th 2014, after completing 10 yrs of humanitarian services, I figure out that its not that simple to work in so many development areas without proper financial support, team of international experts, community and government support. It took a while but since Oct 2014 we were able to conquer few obstacles being international expertise, and local/government support system throughout the country. In order for us to function properly funding is the most important element and we decided to not only create awareness within humanitarian sector but also try and work with Corporate Social Responsibility partners not by requesting funds but exchanging services and products. This will also help us create a working model for CSR and Humanitarian services partnership to make a better world.

Trust Registered under the trust act of 1882 Islamabad: Global Learning TrustObjectives: Education/Health/Social Welfare/World Peace Initiative for Youth/Agriculture/ Environment Support Program/SME/Community Development/Gender Economic Empowerment.Partners/Requirements: Projects are uploaded separately on Linkedln.

1. Company Name: Royal Oak International Education SystemServices/Products: International Schools (Cambridge) and American High School System. Online International Certificates Professional Education Certificates. Higher National Certificates and Diplomas. National Vocational and Technical Diplomas. Partnership with University to Register by October 31st 2015 for BBA, BCS, BIT, B.Tech, B.Com, ACCA, Social/Health Sciences. Student Exchange Programs.Requirements/Partners: We are British Council IELTS partner American High School online Working on Partnership with London Institute Dr. Mike Partnership with Tech/VOc Partnership with PMU University. Phase 1 is partially ready pictures are given below and need more financial partners to develop the additional phase of 92 rooms and other facilities to bring it to International Standards. Need to build research center for health sciences (TB/HIV), Marine Sciences, Mining, and Agriculture. Need affiliation with global universities and institutes. Need International Internships and Scholarships.

2. Company Name: Royal Oak Medical Billing and Health ServicesServices/Products: Community Health Worker/Auxiliary Nurses Training. Paramedical and Health Sciences Diplomas, eventually in a year or so Nursing and Doctor of Medicine. Medical Billing, Coding, Insurance Claims, Referral Services, Account Maintenance and Reporting, Technical Services to International Health Practices. Set up of E-Health and Emergency Response Units (Trauma Center) Availability of Medical and Surgical Equipment and Supplies at the best price. To promote Medical Tourism in Africa (Tanzania and Kenya).Requirements/Partners: Need contracts for their jobs in Assisted living and senior facilities. Punjab Medical Faculty affiliation. Need health practices from USA/Canada clients, as we have billing executives, team leaders and management. Have the infrastructure, setting E-health units in Government Basic Health Unit NOC facilities but need digital equipment. List of equipment and medical supplies available for exports is attached. Need patients referral for medical tourism in Africa.

3. Company Name: Royal Oak Tours and Events ManagementServices and Products: To Promote International Seminars, Summits, Conferences, Work Shops, Trade and Business Delegations. National and International Tours, Cruises and Events Management.Requirements/Partners: Initiating first group of delegates for Innovation Summit in South Africa, then humanitarian sector conference in East Africa and Geneva. Trade Delegation to Azerbaijan. Need more invitations and conferences to stay connected to the global strategies and goals. Need sponsors and partners for world peace for youth and business conferences all around the world. As peace only comes with financial stability so its important to keep them as part of our strategic goals for better world.

4. Company Name: Royal Oak Recruiting and Immigration ConsultingServices and Products: To provide Human Resources in the areas of: Health Hospitality IT Solutions Skill Labor Finance Development Sector To provide Human Resource Training/Interview Techniques/Employability skills and resources for job placement. To work on exchange students program. To provide services for study permits and skilled labor visas. Requirements/Partners: Need Recruiting companies to forward us the job openings and partnership contracts from around the world, and issue some skilled labor quotas for Gulf and other countries. Need additional international experts to train them on HR modules to polish up their employability skills as we have over 50,000 applications database of trained individuals waiting to be processed for foreign jobs. Last 7 years we have trained many for employability skills but earlier didnt have promoters license to send the labor abroad. Now we have MOUs with companies who have no access to the global job markets. Need educational institutes affiliation for study permits and jobs for skilled labor visas. Need support/partner to setup recruiting company in Sudan as well to provide staff for International humanitarian projects considering there is a dire need for international recruiting company due to disasters and displaced communities of Africa.

5. Company Name: Royal Oak Blue Heaven FisheriesServices and Products: To export quality and inspected fish/seafood from the coastal belts of Pakistan. We would like to add processing of value added products like tuna can and sardine oil.Requirements/Partners: Need Importers of Seafood products as these are getting deliver to us at very low price due to our cause of giving 90% of the profits to either partners or the balance to the trust a