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<ul><li><p>RP922A PneumaticPotentiometer</p><p>Copyright 1983 Honeywell Inc. All Rights Reserved 77-5053</p><p>SPECIFICATION DATA</p><p>GENERALThe RP922A is a three-port pneumatic potentiometer. It is amultipurpose device used in control systems for the following:</p><p> Sum of two input pressures Average of two input pressures Adjustable flow restriction Adjustable pressure supply</p><p>FEATURES High efficiency integral filters for all ports High reliability, no internal moving parts Compact size High accuracy</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>RP922A PNEUMATIC POTENTIOMETER</p><p>77-5053</p><p>SPECIFICATIONSOperating Temperature:39 to 122F 4 to 50C)</p><p>Operating Pressure:0 to 20 psi (0 to 138 kPa)</p><p>Maximum Safe Air Pressure:30 psi (207 kPa)</p><p>Air Connection:5/32 in. (4 mm) push-on barb</p><p>Air Consumption: Sum of two input pressures: none Ratio of two input pressures: none Adjustable flow restriction: none Adjustable pressure supply application: 0.007 scfm</p><p>(0.00331/sec) at 14.5 psi (101 kPa)</p><p>Mounting:Snap-on device rail mounting or mounting on walls or panelswith screws.</p><p>Dimensions:See Figure 1.</p><p>Fig. 1. RP922A dimensions in inches (millimeters).</p><p>TYPICAL OPERATION1. Averaging-Ratio Relay, Summing Relay</p><p> A typical application uses the RP922A to provideaveraging-ratio pressure output. P1 and P3connect to pressure signals and P2 connects to acontroller input port. P2 is a functional output ofP1 and P3 (Fig. 2 and Table 1).</p><p> The RP922A sums the input velocity signals oftwo ducts with different areas to produce a totalflow signal (Fig. 3).</p><p>Fig. 2. Averaging-Ratio relay application.</p><p>Table 1. Ratio pressure at port 2.1</p><p>Ratio Output at P2 Scale Setting</p><p>9-1 9 P1 + P310</p><p>10</p><p>3-1 3 P1 + P34</p><p>25</p><p>2-1 2 P1 + P33</p><p>33</p><p>1-1 P1 + P32</p><p>50 (Averaging)</p><p>1-2 P1 + 2 P33</p><p>67</p><p>1-3 P1 + 3 P34</p><p>75</p><p>1-9 P1 + 9 P310</p><p>90</p><p>1 Idealized Response. Actual response is higher thanthe calculated response by about 5 percent of theP1, P3 difference.</p><p>2. Adjustable Flow Restriction A typical application uses the RP922A to function</p><p>as an adjustable airflow restriction. Thirty percentscale setting is equivalent to an 0.007-inchrestrictor, ninety percent scale setting isequivalent to an 0.005-inch restrictor (Fig. 4).</p><p>3. Adjustable Pressure Supply The RP922A provides an adjustable pressure</p><p>from 10 to 90 percent of the pressure at Port P1(Fig. 5 and Fig. 6).</p><p> The RP922A widens the effective proportionalband of a controller by reducing the sensor inputpressure by a fixed ratio (i.e., at a scale setting of50, controller pb is doubled) (Fig. 7 and Table 1).</p><p>2-7/8(73)</p><p>2-1/2(64)</p><p>2-7/16(62)</p><p>++</p><p>50 4030</p><p>20</p><p>1090</p><p>8070</p><p>60</p><p>++</p><p>+ +</p><p>C7865</p><p>12</p><p>3</p><p>MM</p><p>SENSORS</p><p>RP922</p><p>INPUT</p><p>CONTROLLER</p><p>1 2 3</p><p>C7859</p></li><li><p>RP922A PNEUMATIC POTENTIOMETER</p><p>3 77-5053</p><p>Fig. 3. Summing relay application.</p><p>Fig. 4. Adjustable flow restrictor application.</p><p>Fig. 5. Adjustable pressure supply application.</p><p>Fig. 6. Output pressure vs scale settings.</p><p>Fig. 7. Adjustable sensor input span application.</p><p>TO TOTAL CFMFLOW SIGNAL</p><p>VELOCITY SIGNAL 1</p><p>VELOCITY SIGNAL 2</p><p>1 2 3</p><p>C7860</p><p>TO CONTROLLED DEVICE</p><p>CONTROL SIGNAL</p><p>INPUT PRESSURE</p><p>1 2 3</p><p>C7861</p><p>DEAD ENDED PORT</p><p>CONTROL SIGNAL</p><p>INPUT PRESSURE</p><p>1 2 3</p><p>C7862</p><p>OU</p><p>TP</p><p>UT</p><p> PE</p><p>RC</p><p>EN</p><p>TA</p><p>GE</p><p> OF</p><p> INP</p><p>UT</p><p> PR</p><p>ES</p><p>SU</p><p>RE</p><p>SCALE SETTINGC7863</p><p>90</p><p>90 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90</p><p>70</p><p>50</p><p>30</p><p>10</p><p>TO CONTROLLER INPUT(BLOCKED PORT)</p><p>RP970A</p><p>RP922A</p><p>3</p><p>4 1 2</p><p>SENSOR</p><p>1 2 3</p><p>C7864</p><p>M</p><p>M</p></li><li><p>Honeywell Europe S.A.3 Avenue du BourgetB-1140 Brussels Belgium</p><p>Honeywell Asia Pacific Inc.Room 3213-3225Sun Hung Kai CentreNo. 30 Harbour RoadWanchaiHong Kong</p><p>Home and Building ControlHoneywell Limited-Honeywell Limite155 Gordon Baker RoadNorth York, OntarioM2H 2C9</p><p>Honeywell Latin American DivisionMiami Lakes Headquarters14505 Commerce Way Suite 500Miami Lakes FL 33016</p><p>Helping You Control Your World</p><p>77-5053 11-83</p><p>Home and Building ControlHoneywell Inc.Honeywell PlazaP.O. Box 524Minneapolis MN 55408-0524</p><p>Printed in U.S.A. on recycled papercontaining at least 10% post-consumer paper fibers</p><p>By using this Honeywell literature, you agree that Honeywell will have no liability for any damages arising out of your use or modification to, the literature. You will defend and indemnify Honeywell, its affiliates and subsidiaries, from and against any liability, cost, or damages, including attorneys fees, arising out of, or resulting from, any modification to the literature by you.</p></li></ul>


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