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WWW.HILLCITYBRIDE.COM6 TIPS FOR YOUR WEDDING FLOWERSFlowers add so much to your wedding pops of color and fragrant scents all help to set the tone of your day. Floral designer Amy Thornburg of The Arrangement Company offers 6 tips to consider with your wedding flowers. 1. Think outside the color box.When choosing the palette for your wedding, dont feel compelled to have it all match. Coordinate, yes, but matching isnt a necessity. Multicolor combinations and contrasting colors can be a pleasant alternative to a monochromatic or two-tone approach. The Perfect Palette www.theperfectpalette.com is a great resource to help you visualize different combinations. 2. Choose seasonal flowers. Many brides desire a peony wedding in November, but for peonies, youare best to stick with April and May. Global growers and worldwide shipping provide peonies throughout the year, however the cost increases significantly. There are many other flowers that are similarly affected, but rejoice because there are always flowers in season. Keep an open mind, and make your choices practically. 3. Hydrate your blooms. During pre-wedding photography keep in mind how long your bouquets are out of water. You dont want to walk down the aisle with bouquets that have been tossed around and dehydrated for two hours prior. While you want the bouquets in your photos, consciously limit their time out of water, or perhaps the flower shots can be reserved for after the ceremony. 4. Be aware of your budget. Not everyone has had to buy flowers in quantity like they do for their wedding. This can cause quite the sticker shock during planning. Be sure to enter each consultation with a figure in mind so your designer knows where to begin and how far they can go. A little research on wedding costs can prevent the surprise that can come with the quote and can save you time while easing your mind. 5. Choose linens thoughtfully. Linens are an important piece of your table dcor. The right choice can enhance and compliment the centerpiece, while the wrong choice can make the flowers appear washed out or dull. If colored linens are not an option, a simple change from white to off-white can make all the difference. 6. Bring in the professionals. The most well executed event has more than likely had numerous behind the scenes challenges. Vases break, layouts change or linens can be the wrong size. In such times, experienced professionals are able to respond appropriately. They have the resources to resolve potential disasters, taking upon themselves the stress that you do not need in the days leading up to your wedding.