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Wedding Flowers. Weddings. one of the most interesting and challenging segments of the florist business tradition plays a major role. Weddings. modern weddings are reflecting more individuality couples are generally older and have a specific idea of what they want. Wedding Info. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Wedding Flowers

  • Weddingsone of the most interesting and challenging segments of the florist businesstradition plays a major role

  • Weddingsmodern weddings are reflecting more individualitycouples are generally older and have a specific idea of what they want

  • Wedding InfoAverage Cost of a Wedding in the US$20,000- $25,000

    Average Cost of a Wedding in Seattle$25,951

  • Nation wideSeattle $1,636 $1,329

    ***Percentages vary by floral shop

    Average Cost of Wedding Flowers





    Floral Shop Income


    Floral Shop Income




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  • Compare and Contrast Formal & Informal Weddings2 Types of WeddingsFormalFancyOften held in religious buildings like churches, cathedrals, temples, etc.InformalLess fancyOften held outdoors**Determined by culture & personal preference

  • Bridal Consultationsfirst interview is usually the most importantat least three months prior to the wedding

  • Bridal Consultationsnormally handled by the head designer or the owner/manager of the shopan area is usually set aside for these meetings where interruptions will be minimal

  • Bridal Consultationsmay include looking at ribbon samplesphoto albums of sample wedding work

  • Bridal Consultationsflorist must learn as much about the wedding plans as possible

  • Bridal Consultationsflorist needs to determine:set a budget within which to work

  • Other stuff.Type of gowntype of wedding being plannedhow large is the wedding party

  • Other stuff.Formal or informalwhere will the service take placetime of day or eveningreligious ceremony

  • Other stuff.Where is the receptionhow large will the reception bewho is paying for the flowers

  • Bridal Consultationestablish the size and budget for the weddingwith this info the florist will be better able to make suggestions relative to flower choices and other decorations

  • Wedding order formused for planning floral decorationslists the majority of items needed for the wedding

  • Wedding order formhas space for notes on the style and types of flowers usedserves as a contract between the florist and the bride

  • Wedding order formthe form is signed by the bride and the floristthis helps prevent problems in the future

  • Wedding order forma copy is given to the bride to serve as her referenceitemized list of floral expenses

  • Wedding order formform may categorize expenses under two columnsone for the bride and one for the groom

  • Bouquetsbridal and attendantstyle is preference of brideseveral factors considered in selecting style of bouquets

  • Bouquetsflowers should compliment the gowntraditional gowns - traditional flowers such as roses and stephanotis

  • Bouquetssize of the bride and attendantspetite women should carry a small airy cascadenot a large, heavy cascading bouquet

  • Bouquetslarger women can carry larger, heavier bouquetsmost frequent styles ordered:arm bouquet

  • Bouquetscolonial nosegaycascading bouquetvariations of each are made by altering the flowers used, size, density of bouquet

  • Arm bouquetspresentation bouquetcarried across the forearmdesigned with natural stems remaining on the flowerskept fresh in a vase until wedding time

  • Arm bouquetsorchid tubes or water picks may also be usedremove tubes just before the weddingflowers are bound together with wire

  • Arm BouquetsArm bouquet Flowers tied together and cradled in the arm

  • Colonial Nosegayhandheld bouquets constructed in a circular shape with an attached handleusually a plastic bouquet holder is used with

  • Colonial bouquet A round bouquet based on the English nosegay.Created on oasis bouquet holder with no visible stems.

  • Colonial Nosegaysoaked oasis or floral foam is placed in the bouquet holdera piece of PVC pipe is used to hold the bouquet holder while designing

  • Cascade bouquetsheld at the waistcreated by extending the colonial bouquet into a flowing garland.

  • Cascade bouquetscascade may be any length from one foot to floor lengthcascade is extremely popular with brides

  • Cascade bouquetshand tied - each flower wired and taped separatelydesigned in same foam holders as colonial nosegays

  • Cascade bouquetswire and tape the long cascade and add to a foam bouquet holder

  • Cascade Bouquet Round central area with trailing line of flowers and foliage

  • Hand-tiedHand-tied Bouquet Natural looking gathering of flowers and foliage with the stems tied together

  • Bridesmaid BouquetsSmaller version of the Brides bouquetUsually for Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor

  • Corsages and Boutsnormally worn by ushers, best man, groomsmenparents, grandparentsservers at the receptionother close family members

  • Corsages and boutsorganist, minister, soloistminister - if they do not wear a roberoses and orchids are favorite for mothers and gmas

  • Corsages and boutsany flower can be chosenusually flowers used in bridal or bridesmaids bouquets

  • BoutonnieresFor the men in the weddingGroom, father of the groom, ushers, best man, groomsmen, grandfather, wedding official

  • CorsagesCould be pin on or wristletFor mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and other special women involved with the wedding

  • Ceremonial Decorationscheck to see if the church has a policy on the use of flowers and decorations

  • Ceremonial Decorationsa few large, bold arrangements are more effective than several small ones

  • Entry and Vestibuleguest book tablecut flower arrangementsgarlands framing doorways

  • Aisles and Pewsbows made of number 9 or 40 ribbonwhite is the most commonoften accented with flowers and foliage

  • Aisles and Pewsmay be used on every pewevery second or third pew

  • Candelabramay have flowers and foliage added may be used in altar area or in aisles

  • Altarfocus attention on the center of the altarshould be large enough to be seen by wedding guestslarge, bright flowers are most effective

  • Altarsingle arrangement in center of altartriangular or fan shaped

  • Reception Decorationsmany times arrangements used at the wedding are moved to the reception site

  • Receptionserving tablescake tablepunch tablefloating pool arrangement

  • Rehearsal dinnerdepends on the style of dinnerarrangements are kept low so guests can see

  • Wedding CakeCake is usually adorned with flowers

  • Table CenterpiecesTables at reception and dinner need a centerpieceThis includes any food tables when serving buffet

  • Entry Arch, Aisles, AltarReception and/or ceremony usually has an arch & decorated background where the bride and groom stand

  • Examples of Color Schemes

  • Deliveryflorist usually stays at the wedding site until the ceremony has begun. pins on corsages and hands out bouquets