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<p>ft</p> <p>DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY</p> <p>JYATIRWD J. N. BHASIN</p> <p>Edited by Shrrsdn&amp;r</p> <p>b</p> <p>r,RA}IJAhIPUBLICATIONS16,AnsariRoad,DaryaGanj, New Delhi - | | }Cf,l2 (TNDIA)</p> <p>CONTENTS'Pqc Section Ii</p> <p>h</p> <p>Terminoloty qffiqrn va</p> <p>9*110</p> <p>II h Section l. I 2. F l. , t 4.B</p> <p>Abbreviationsd+inrt rfinPt Classifications Notes fffi ExPlanatorY rq?q Svnonvms</p> <p>lll-196</p> <p>l' ,. u.t'</p> <p>Sectton III PlanetaryCombinations Section IV SomeUseful Tablos gcftft tftFmt</p> <p>lg7-222</p> <p>FF 223-?/'3</p> <p>F</p> <p>SECTION I</p> <p>Terminology</p> <p>qrRrnfqm {lda</p> <p>pp</p> <p>ICITON</p> <p>I TBRMII{OIOGY</p> <p>uA</p> <p>p'</p> <p>+i Abila z qaE, Ycar. +iq'{ yearly prognostication. Abdaphata.' slbE$nf ' qtt, tqqc-{Going off course. Aberration Planet going off course' Aberration,Planetary; l.6-afqur aTFFsr&lt; Black magic. Abhiclura.' Abhiiin Muhurta.' qfqfirc n6i Most auspiciousmoment' Abhijit: 4fqfqd. A constellation supposedto exist between Uttarashaiha and Sravana. This constellation is outside the purview ofthe twenty sevenconstellationstaken into account for in calculating Vimsottari Dasa. But it is taken into account certain other astrological calculating Ashtottari Dasa, and also in calculations. Abhijit,KailMtitwrtc..qfufqefir{/tF(whenSunisatMidheaven Noon-time. AbhijitRasi..qfufq-c</p>