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<ol><li> 1. 4 Stroke Petrol Engine </li><li> 2. Engine displacement </li><li> 3. The 4 Stroke engine cycle consist of these: 1) Intake 180degree 2) Compression 180 degree 3) Power/ Combustion 180 degree 4) Exhaust 180 degree Total engine revolution 720 degree </li><li> 4. The Intake Stroke consist of the piston travelling down. Intake valves are open to allow Air/Fuel mixture to come into the combustion chamber. Intake </li><li> 5. It is an electrical device that fits into the cylinder head and ignites air fuel mixtures. Spark plugs </li><li> 6. Inlet valve open Piston down INTAKE STROKE </li><li> 7. Inlet valve open Piston down INTAKE STROKE Fuel in </li><li> 8. Compression stroke consist of the piston travelling back up. Both intake and exhaust valves are closed Air fuel mixture is now being compressed Compression </li><li> 9. COMPRESSION STROKE Piston up </li><li> 10. Inlet valve closed COMPRESSION STROKE Piston up </li><li> 11. The piston is now at the TDC Spark plug ignites, creating a spark that ignites the compressed air fuel mixture. Explosion is created and the piston is forced back down. Hence the Power stroke Both valves are still closed </li><li> 12. Inlet valve closed Exhaust valve closed </li><li> 13. Inlet valve closed </li><li> 14. Exhaust stroke the piston is travelling up Exhaust valve is open Intake valve is Closed Exhaust gases being pushed out by piston Exhaust </li><li> 15. Inlet valve closed Exhaust valve open Piston up Exhaust gases out </li><li> 16. Inlet valve open INTAKE STROKE Exhaust valve closed </li><li> 17. Basic Components of Four-Stroke Engines Intake Valve Valve Cover Intake Port Head Coolant Engine Block Oil Pan Oil Sump Crankshaft Camshaft Exhaust Valve Spark Plug Exhaust Port Piston Connecting Rod Rod Bearings </li></ol>