2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

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  • 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

  • ProductionThe Game has been developed by EA Canada and published by EA sports which are both subsidiaries of Electronic Arts.The game features the same game engine that runs through the FIFA series and they have managed to adapt it to fit the conditions of the World Cup, e.g. Player fatigue at matches being played at higher altitudes.

  • MarketingThe trailerCoca-Cola began releasing codes on their products in conjunction with the game to unlock celebrations and different kits.Also launched a free online service with Coca-Cola to bring the latest action from the real tournament just hours after the games have finished. This content will be available on the consoles.

  • DistributionThe game is available through many different means, e.g. Retail stores, online shops, App Store etcHowever, the game is only available by download through iTunes for the iPhone/ iPod Touch but EA did release downloadable demos on XBOX Live and the PlayStation Network.The game is for sale at 49.99 but many online retailers offer 10% off.

  • ConsumptionThe game was released on the 30th of April 2010 on a variety of formats; PS3, XBOX360, Nintendo Wii, PSP and iPhone.Aimed at all age groups, but particularly teenagers.The game has the usual features of todays market online capabilities and also live updated squads which offers a higher level of competitiveness either against your friends or strangers.