2007 Project Prioritization Process

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2007 Project Prioritization Process. Troy Anderson Program Management Office. Agenda New for 2007 Prioritization Prioritization Guidelines Prioritization Process Schedule Required Documents. Project Prioritization Process. Project Prioritization Process. New for 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 2007 Project Prioritization ProcessTroy AndersonProgram Management Office

    May 2006

    Project Prioritization ProcessAgendaNew for 2007 PrioritizationPrioritization GuidelinesPrioritization Process ScheduleRequired Documents

    May 2006

    Project Prioritization ProcessNew for 2007Guiding Principles for Project PrioritizationERCOT Project SummariesDivisional Project Priority Lists (PPLs)Joint ownership of Divisional PPLs between Market Subcommittees and Divisional Project Organizations (DPOs) MOCOPSAdam Martinez RORMSAdam Martinez SOWMS / ROSGerry AbadMarket Subcommittees and DPOs will recommend the placement of the cutline in the Divisional PPL Increased focus on resource capability2007 Prioritization folder on ERCOT.com (in progress) www.ERCOT.com / Quick Links / View Project Status

    May 2006

    Prioritization Guidelines

    May 2006

    Prioritization Process ScheduleTACPRSWMSRMSROSCOPSFinance & Audit CommitteeBoard of Directors5/15 Prioritization Overview6/19 Status Update7/17 Recommendation to BoD7/18 2007 Budget Review5/23 Prioritize Project ListERCOT5/5 Post project lists and document templates for market5/12 Complete ERCOT project summaries5/24 Complete required documents for new projects6/15 Distribute Subcommittee project lists to PRS6/29 Distribute TAC materials5/10 Prioritization Overview6/14 Prioritize Project List5/11 Prioritization Overview6/15 Prioritize Project List5/17 Prioritize Project List5/9 Initial Planning Meeting5/18 Prioritization Overview6/22 Prioritization Meeting5/4 Prioritization Overview6/1 Process Update7/6 Approve 2007 Priority List

    May 2006

    Required DocumentsDocuments Required for Placement on Divisional PPLMarket PRR / SCR / etc. Impact Analysis Cost / Benefit AnalysisERCOT Project Request Time & Cost Estimate Cost / Benefit AnalysisJoint Market / ERCOT DeliverableDivisional PPL with 2007 priorities, ranks, budgets and a proposed cutline

    May 2006