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  • 1. A Clean,Well-LightedPlace0131321 Halle0131327 Fei

2. ErnestHemingway1899-1961 Oneof themost influential American writersof thetwentieth century. American author and journalist. Hiswide-ranging travelsare reflected in hiswork. 3. CharactersTheTheyoungyoungwaiterwaiterTheTheyoungyoungwaiterwaiterTheThedeafdeafoldoldmanmanTheThedeafdeafoldoldmanmanTheTheoldoldwaiterwaiterTheTheoldoldwaiterwaiter 4. Content 5. It wasvery lateandeveryonehad left thecafeexcept an old man who sat intheshadow theleavesof thetreemadeagainst theelectriclight. In theday timethestreet wasdusty, but at nightthedew settled thedust andtheold man liked to sit latebecausehewasdeaf and nowat night it wasquiet and hefelt thedifference.Part1Part1 6. Thetwo waitersinsidethecafeknew that theold manwasalittledrunk, andwhilehewasagood clientthey knew that if hebecametoo drunk hewould leavewithout paying, so theykept watch on him.Part1Part1 7. Part1Part1"Last week hetried to commitsuicide," onewaiter said."Why?""Hewasin despair.""What about?""Nothing.""How do you know it wasnothing?""Hehasplenty of money." 8. They sat together at atablethat wascloseagainst thewall near thedoor of thecafeand looked at theterracewherethetableswereallempty except wheretheoldman sat in theshadow of theleavesof thetreethat movedslightly in thewind.Part1Part1 9. A girl and asoldier went by inthestreet. Thestreet light shoneon thebrassnumber on hiscollar. Thegirl woreno headcovering and hurried besidehim."Theguard will pick him up,"onewaiter said."What doesit matter if hegetswhat hesafter?""Hehad better get off thestreetnow. Theguard will get him.They went by fiveminutesago.Part1Part1 10. Part2Part2 Theold man sitting in theshadow rapped on hissaucerwith hisglass. Theyoungerwaiter went over to him.What do you want?Theold man looked at him.Another brandy, hesaid.Youll bedrunk, thewaitersaid. Theold man looked athim. Thewaiter went away. 11. Part2Part2Hell stay all night, hesaidto hiscolleague. Im sleepynow. I never get into bedbeforethreeoclock. Heshouldhavekilled himself last week.Thewaiter took thebrandybottleand another saucer fromthecounter insidethecafeandmarched out to theold manstable. Heput down thesaucerand poured theglassfull ofbrandy. 12. Part2Part2You should havekilledyourself last week, hesaid tothedeaf man. Theold manmotioned with hisfinger. Alittlemore, hesaid. Thewaiterpoured on into theglassso thatthebrandy slopped over andran down thestem into thetopsaucer of thepile.Thank you,theold man said. Thewaitertook thebottleback insidethecafe. Hesat down at thetablewith hiscolleagueagain. 13. Hesdrunk now, hesaid.Hesdrunk every night.What did hewant to killhimself for?How should I know.How did hedo it?Hehung himself with arope.Part3Part3 14. Part3Part3"Who cut him down?""Hisniece.""Why did they do it?""Fear for hissoul.""How much money hashegot?""Hesgot plenty.""Hemust beeighty yearsold.""Anyway I should say hewaseighty." 15. Part4Part4I wish hewould go home. I neverget to bed beforethreeoclock.What kind of hour isthat to go tobed?Hestaysup becausehelikesit.Heslonely. Im not lonely. Ihaveawifewaiting in bed for me.Hehad awifeoncetoo.A wifewould beno good to himnow.You cant tell. Hemight bebetterwith awife. 16. Part4Part4Hisniecelooksafter him.I know. You said shecut himdown.I wouldnt want to bethat old.An old man isanasty thing.Not always. Thisold man isclean. Hedrinkswithout spilling.Even now, drunk. Look at him.I dont want to look at him. Iwish hewould go home. Hehasno regard for thosewho mustwork. 17. Part5Part5Theold man looked from hisglassacrossthesquare, thenover at thewaiters."Another brandy," hesaid,pointing to hisglass. Thewaiter who wasin ahurrycameover."Finished," hesaid, speakingwith that omission of syntaxstupid peopleemploy whentalking to drunken peopleorforeigners. "No moretonight.Closenow." 18. "Another," said theold man."No. Finished." Thewaiter wipedtheedgeof thetablewith atoweland shook hishead.Theold man stood up, slowlycounted thesaucers, took aleathercoin pursefrom hispocket andpaid for thedrinks, leaving half apesetatip.Thewaiter watched him godown thestreet, avery old manwalking unsteadily but withdignity.Part5Part5 19. Part6Part6Why didnt you let him stay anddrink? theunhurried waiter asked.They wereputting up theshutters.It isnot half-past two.I want to go hometo bed.What isan hour?Moreto methan to him.An hour isthesame.You talk likean old man yourself.Hecan buy abottleand drink athome.Itsnot thesame. 20. Part6Part6No, it isnot, agreed thewaiterwith awife. Hedid not wish to beunjust. Hewasonly in ahurry.And you?You haveno fear ofgoing homebeforeyour usualhour?Areyou trying to insult me?No, hombre, only to makeajoke.No, thewaiter who wasin ahurry said, rising from pullingdown themetal shutters. I haveconfidence. I am all confidence. 21. Part7Part7"You haveyouth, confidence, and ajob," theolder waiter said."Youhaveeverything.""And what do you lack?""Everything but work.""You haveeverything I have.""No. I havenever had confidenceand I am not young.""Comeon. Stop talking nonsenseand lock up. 22. Part7Part7"I am of thosewho liketo stay lateat thecafe," theolder waiter said."With all thosewho do not want togo to bed. With all thosewho needalight for thenight.""I want to go homeand into bed.""Weareof two different kinds," theolder waiter said. Hewasnowdressed to go home. "It isnot onlyaquestion of youth and confidencealthough thosethingsareverybeautiful. Each night I am reluctantto closeup becausetheremay besomeonewho needsthecafe." 23. Part7Part7"Hombre, therearebodegasopen all night long.""You do not understand. Thisisaclean and pleasant cafe. Itiswell lighted. Thelight isvery good and also, now, thereareshadowsof theleaves.""Good night," said theyoungerwaiter."Good night," theother said. 24. Part8Part8 Turning off theelectric light hecontinued theconversationwith himself, It wasthelight ofcoursebut it isnecessary thattheplacebeclean and pleasant.You do not want music.Certainly you do not wantmusic. Nor can you standbeforeabar with dignityalthough that isall that isprovided for thesehours. 25. What did hefear?It wasnot afear or dread, It wasanothingthat heknew too well. It wasall anothing and aman wasanothing too. It wasonly thatand light wasall it needed andacertain cleannessand order.Somelived in it and never feltit but heknew it all wasnada ypues nada y nada y pues nada.Part8Part8 26. Our nada who art in nada,nada bethy name.thy kingdom nada,thy will benada in nadaasit isin nada.Giveusthisnada our dailynada,and nada usour nada,aswenada our nadasand nada usnot into nadabut deliver usfrom nada; puesnada.Part8Part8The LordsPrayerThe LordsPrayer 27. Hail nothing full of nothing,nothing iswith thee. Hesmiled and stood beforeabar with ashining steampressurecoffeemachine.Part8Part8 28. Part9Part9"Whatsyours?" asked thebarman."Nada.""Otro lo co mas," said thebarmanand turned away."A littlecup," said thewaiter.Thebarman poured it for him."Thelight isvery bright andpleasant but thebar isunpolished, thewaiter said. 29. Part9Part9Thebarman looked at him but didnot answer. It wastoo lateatnight for conversation."You want another co pita?" thebarman asked."No, thank you," said thewaiterand went out. Hedisliked barsand bodegas. A clean, well-lighted cafewasavery differentthing. Now, without thinkingfurther, hewould go hometo hisroom. Hewould liein thebed andfinally, with daylight, hewouldgo to sleep. After all, hesaid tohimself, itsprobably onlyinsomnia. Many must haveit. 30. Conclusion


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