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1st Responder News is the first newspaper to cover emergency service personnel on such an intimate basis. We give detailed coverage to the rescues, the events, the promotions, the problems, and the triumphs of each and every department in our coverage area. Many of our correspondents and photographers are firefighters and EMT’s themselves, ensuring that our news coverage will always have that “insider angle.” There is no better way to reach 45,000 first responders in each zone we cover with



    On January 22, 2013, FDNY crews were alerted to fire in a three frame at North 7th Street and Bedford Avenue. Firefighters arrived to find fire in the walls on the first floor,

    fire between the buildings as well as extending to exposure two.

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    New York City Fire Department


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  • PAGE 2 March, 2013 1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY

    Crews fight Manhattan fourth alarm in the bitter cold

    The FDNY battled a fouralarm fire in an apartment build-ing in Upper Manhattan as well astemperatures in the low teens onJanuary 23rd.

    At about 8:15 p.m., companieswere dispatched for a kitchen fireat 2440 Amsterdam Ave. at 181stStreet, just a couple of doors awayfrom the quarters of Engine 93 andLadder 45.

    A 10-75 (all hands) was trans-mitted for a working fire in a 100

    x 200 five story brick OMD. Asecond alarm was transmitted asheavy fire on the first and secondfloor on the B/C section of thebuilding.

    Flames continued up to thethird, fourth, and fifth floorsprompting a third alarm at 8:46and a fourth alarm at 9:23 p.m.

    Firefighters were able to stopthe progress of the fire before ittook hold of the cockloft.

    With wind chills below zero,several minor injuries to firefight-ers and civilians due to the icyconditions occurred, but no seri-ous injuries were reported.

    Units began to go back inservice at about 10:30 p.m.





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    On January 27th, FDNY crews were toned to East 135th Street and Walnut Avenue in the Bronxfor a fire in a two brick commercial building. They arrived at the paper recycling plant, need-ing a third alarm for the fire.

    Three alarms in the Bronx

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    FDNY Tower Ladder 22 works at a fourth alarm fire in Manhattan onJanuary 23rd.


  • 1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY March, 2013 PAgE 3

    At 11:18 a.m. on January 17th, Box 2-2 2040 at 136 LincolnAvenue was struck for a one story taxpayer 20 x 50. Crewsarrived to find fire in the basement of a dry cleaners with fireat the meters. The fire extended to exposure four, which wasa deli and 4a, a laundromat. Four handlines were stretchedand in operation. The fire was knocked down in approxi-mately 40 minutes. One firefighter suffered minor injuries withno injuries to civilians.



    Second alarm in Staten Island


    On February 7th at Bushwick and Flushing Avenues in Brooklyn, Engine 238 and Ladder 108worked a car fire. The vehicle sustained extensive damage, but no injuries were reported.

    Car fire in Brooklyn


    On February 7th, a fire broke out in a three brick at Irving Avenue and Stockholm Street. Crewsarrive to find a fire on the second floor and used one hose line to extinguish it.

    One alarm fire in Brooklyn

  • PAGE 4 March, 2013 1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY

    On February 6, 2013 shortly after midnight, an off duty NYPDofficer was involved in a motor vehicle accident at the inter-section of Nostrand Ave and Ave N in the Midwood section ofBrooklyn. Responding units included members of the FDNYand their EMS along with members of the Flatlands VolunteerAmbulance Corps. Members of the Flatlands Volunteer Am-bulance Corps treated the NYPD officer, who sustained non-life threatening injuries while FDNY EMS treated the civilianinvolved in the MVA. The Flatlands Volunteer AmbulanceCorps transported the injured NYPD officer to MaimonidesHospital Medical Center.



    Off duty NYPD officer injured in crash in Midwood


    On January 19, 2013 at approximately 12:30 a.m., FDNY crews were alerted to the Long IslandExpressway westbound at College Point Boulevard in Queens for an accident involving twocars and two trucks. Two patients were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

    Truck accident in Queens

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  • 1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY March, 2013 Page 5

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  • PAGE 6 March, 2013 1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY

    On January 27th, FDNY crews were called to Rust Street andMasbeth Avenue in Queens. They arrived to find a rail car fireand used one line and one tower ladder to extinguish the fire.



    Rail car fire in Queens

    On January 20, 2013 at approximately 1:00 p.m., the FDNYresponded to a reported scaffolding collapse in the rear of6161 Strickland Avenue in Mill Basin Brooklyn. FDNY E-323reported a large piece of scaffolding detached from a verylarge commercial building known as the Reds warehouse.The scaffolding was leaning against a utility pole with livewires. Con Ed was requested to respond. No injuries werereported in this incident.

    Scaffolding collapse in Mill Basin, Brooklyn



    On January 22, 2013, FDNY crews were alerted to fire in a three frame at North 7th Street andBedford Avenue. Firefighters arrived to find fire in the walls on the first floor, fire between thebuildings as well as extending to exposure two. There, they found fire on the second and thirdfloors as well as in the cockloft. Crews used five hose lines to extinguish the fire. A small col-lapse occurred on the top floor and two members were trapped for a short time. They were re-moved to a local hospital, luckily, only with minor injuries.

    Four alarms needed in Brooklyn

  • 1st Responder Newspaper - FDNY March, 2013 Page 7

    Fort Greene, Brooklyn is aneighborhood divided by Myrtleand Lafayette Avenues. Its nameis derived from a RevolutionaryWar era fort that was built andnamed after Nathaniel Greene. Thefort once stood in the area that isnow Fort Greene Park.

    Engine Company 210 is lo-cated at 160 Carlton Avenue and isanother ne example of architec-tural design, synonymous with thetimes.

    Well preserved homes andmany tree-lined streets make thisrehouse blend in completely. Ifnot for the red door, it would beeasy to miss.

    The inside was remodeled in2008 in more of a contemporarymotif, with the new house watchand a stainless steel kitchen, butnot so much as to rob it of its char-acter.

    The neighborhood is a desig-nated New York City Historic Dis-trict. It was also placed on theNational Registry of HistoricPlaces.

    The rst park in the borough,Fort Greene Park was rst namedWashington Park, before being re-named in 1897. It was establishedas Brooklyns rst park in 1847and sits on Dekalb Avenue. Theparks most famous feature, thePrison Ship Martyrs Monument, isa memorial to the more than11,000 prisoners of war who diedin captivity aboard British prisonships during the RevolutionaryWar.

    After being moved from a pre-vious site near the Brooklyn NavyYard in 1873, the remains of somewho died on those ships are in-terred in a crypt beneath its base.

    Fort Greene is also home to theBrooklyn Academy of Music, lo-cated on Lafayette Street since1908. The academy was estab-lished in 1861 and receives morethan 500,000 people from aroundthe world yearly for its broad arrayof cultural programs. It was alsoadded to the National Registry ofHistoric Places in 2006.

    Back in the 1830s, FortGreene was known as the hill andwas home to several large farms.

    When the ferry service linkingManhattan to Brooklyn wasopened in 1814, the neighbor-hoods population saw signicantgrowth. Farmers began sellingtheir land for development pur-poses and soon homes were rap-idly. One of the early homesbelonged to Poet Walt Whitman,who at the time was the editor ofthe Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper.

    As Fort Greenes growthspread, it became the home to nu-merous professionals living inbrick and brownstone row houses, www.mtpublishing.com 1-888-263-4702

    Authored by Larry Woodcock, the hard-bound book, A Photographic Journey through the