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Beta Report of SAP Blue Print Progress & ImplementationSAP Business All-in-One Manufacturing Solution

For EMI Transmissions Ltd. (EMI)11th Febuary 2011

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l


ContentsAs-Is Process Document : MATERIALS MANAGEMENT -------------3 As-Is Process Document : SALES & DISTRIBUTION-------------------16 As-Is Process Document : FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING-----------------36 As-Is Process Document : PRODUCTION PLANNING-----------------73 To-Be Process Document : SALES & DISTRIBUTION-----------------88 To-Be Process Document : FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING -------------139 To-Be Process Document : MATERIALS MANAGEMENT-------------211 To-Be Process Document : PRODUCTION PLANNING---------------263

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l



Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l


PREFACE Purpose of this Document The purpose of this document is to record the business process requirements of EMI Transmission Ltd. and outline the requirement mapping in SAP. Intended Audience The intended audience for the Materials Management AS-IS Document are the employees of IIL and other people authorized by IIL who are in any way related to Business Processes involved in Materials Management. Abbreviations and Acronyms The following abbreviations and acronyms have been used in this document: Abbreviation/Acronym SO PR PO GRN Goods Issue Production Payment Description Sales Order Purchase Requisition Purchase Order Goods Receipt Issue of goods to Production Manufacturing of Materials Vendor Payment

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l



Description The expectations are that the Organisation Structure for Materials Management Module ensures that the system is easy to use and operate and accurately generate relevant reports. Purchasing Organization: 1 The Purchasing Organization is responsible for procuring materials or services and for negotiating general conditions with vendors.

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l


It shall support all companies for following activities . 2 Purchase of raw/packing & engg. Materials for own manufacturing and subcontracting . 3 Purchase is at corporate office only. Plant: The Manufacturing Facility or a Location that Stocks, Manages, and Valuates Inventory. A plant is a place where either material is produced or goods and services are provided. The plant is an operating area or branch within a company. The plant is embedded in the organizational structure as follows: 1 The plant is assigned to a single company code. A company code EMI has only one plant. 2 Several storage locations in which material stocks are managed can belong to a plant. 3 A plant has its own material master data. The plant plays an important role in the following areas: y Material valuation: When the valuation level is plant, the material prices are defined for each plant. Each plant can have its own account determination. y Inventory Management: The material stocks are managed within a plant (goods receipt and issue). y MRP: Material requirements are planned for each Project. Each project has its own MRP data. y Production - Manufacturing of FG Materials.

Existing Structure Company Code: # Company 1 EMI Transmission Ltd. Manufacturing Plants: # 1 Plants EMI Transmission Ltd Location Nasik Plant Code

Location Thane

Company Code

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l


Storage Locations: 1. Raw material 2. Forging 3. Stainless Steel 4. Aluminium 5. Nuts & Bolts

Purchasing Organizations: Sr. No. Purchasing 1 Purchasing from HO only Purchasing Groups: Purchasing Group Description Ms.Rajesh Doshi Raw Matl Mr.Dube Raw Matl Consumables Mr.P P Shah Consumables Mr.Mayur

Purchasing Organization Central Purchase

Telephone No.

Fax No.

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l


2. Material Master DataDescription Master records that have information for various transactions and activities in relation to materials are termed as the Material master. The Material Master should contain data relevant for various functions. The information in Material Master Record should include Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, MRP, QM & Storage data for the material. It should also consider the various organizational levels for which the data is maintained. Existing Process Currently Materials are mainly grouped into 1. Raw Materials 2. Consumable Materials 3. Capital Materials 4. Packing Materials 5. Subcontractring Materials. 6. Finished Materials. There are no coding system for EMI for any Material Type.

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l



Vendor Master Data

Description Vendors are the business partners who will be supporting the supply of material or services. All the vendors who supply the material / services will be maintained in the system. Business transactions are posted to various accounts and managed using the specifications in vendor masters. The master record would have to control how business transactions are recorded and processed by the system and monitor or schedule payments to vendors. Existing Process Vendors are defined centrally at group level and they are classified as 1. Raw Material Vendors 2. Packing Materials Vendors 3. Import Material Vendors 4. Subcontracting Material Vendors. 5. Consumable Material Vendors.

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l


4. Raw Material Procurement ProcessDescription Various activities for purchasing processes are as follows: 1. Material Requirement prepared by Plant Peoples (Indent) and send to HO (Thane). 2. HO people prepare Purchse Order as per Indent,Finalise Vendor & then send PO to Vendor. 3. Vendor sends Material as per PO to Plant (Nasik). 4. Store People at Plant receives Goods with GRN Slip. 5. Also store peoples issue material as per requirement for production. Approval procedure for Purchase Order.Prepared & checked by User and then authorised by Mr Shah. Existing Process Procurement of Raw Material and Packing Material: Materials Requirement Generation: Depends on Sales Order plan material planning will be generated by Purchase Department. Based on this, monthly and then weekly plan will be generated. The plan will be sent to Factory and other department. Based on the Stock availability and BOM, factory and purchase manager will prepare the requirement. For sales orders other than planning, separate Indent will be prepared by the factory depends on the stock availability. Along with these two, some manual purchase requisitions also generating. Purchase Order: Prepare Purchase Order with Material, destination, Qty, Rate and packing specifications, billing address, our tax details, purity, and info terms as per required specifications. Po will be approved by Purchase Manager. Approved PO will be sent by FAX, Mail, and courier to Vendor. Material Inward: Security will enter data into the Gate Entry Register, once documents are found OK. In some cases, sample will be checked before Gate Entry also. Sample Material will be sent to QC dept for approval. Stores will verify documents and physical quantity. GP entry will be created. Transport copy will sent to excise department, and if the material is excisable, excise entries will be created. If there is any shortages or rejection, that will be intimated to purchase department by issuing a shortage slip from store. Excise Credit will be taken forDocument #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l


complete material. Credit memo will be prepared for the amount excluding Cenvat. Shortage material will be issued to production. In Certain cases, for non excisable material, material is received against Challan also. Check the Excise Invoice and Enter the Excise Details, take the Modvat to RG 23 A II or C II. Factory will send the GP along with transporter copy, weight slip and Bill to HO. Bill passing and Payment at HO: Maintain in Manual GP Register, Security for all documents and stamping and mentioning GP No., Invoice amount and GP date on bill for passing purpose. Approval of bills by purchase manager. After approval will be sent b ack to his assistant. Accounts will feed the bills in the manual ledger and will send it to Head for final approval. In case of technical and imports, purchase officer will approve and send it to MD/ Chairman. Payment to vendor Packing procurement: 1. Requirement from Factory . 2. Identifying & short listing potential vendors. 3. Placing orders. 4. Follow up & confirmation of deliveries. 5. Receiving GP's from Factory. 6. Excise entry in RG23C part-II 7. Approval of bills by Purchase Manager. 8. Posting of bills in purchase Ledger manually. 9. Payment to Vendor. Cash Purchases are there against bill without material code like hardware, consumables, spares, and Office supplies.

Document #: SAPA1/EMI/11/02/2011/V1.0 Delphi Computech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. l Confidential l


5. Imported Procurement ProcessDescription Various requirements for purchasing processes are a


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