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  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay



    Written by

    Daniel Herman

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  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    The radio is heard during what seems to be the climax duringan episode of Rin Tin Tin

    ACTOR #1 (O.S.)

    Its Rinnie! Its Rin Tin Tin!

    ACTOR #2There just no way it could be him.

    ACTOR #1Here Rinnie! Here boy!

    FADE IN:


    As the radio show continues, a montage of photographs aroundthe home during birthdays, a vacation, Christmases amongother activities, of a family of four. A husband, a wife, ayoung girl and a young boy around the ages of 7 and 9.

    After the montage ends we see the two children from thephotographs, RUTH and JACK are playing a game of Sorry withthe radio resting right beside them. The show continues toplay as the children see steam begin to rise from thekitchen. A recognizable scent fills the air. A smile lightsup their face

    ALICE, their mother is in the kitchen busily preparingdinner. Her dress and hairstyle almost emulate Clara Bow toperfection. She is in her early 30s and visibly exhaustedfrom preparing dinner. She begins taking out plates andsilverware and sets them around the kitchen table. She goesto take out a fourth plate but reluctantly changes her mind.She carefully serves each plate a piece of food withvegetables. She hurries into the living room

    ALICERuth, Jack, dinners ready! Go get

    washed up.JACK

    Cant we have ten more minutes?

    ALICETen more minutes? Do you have anyidea what time it is? Its ten toeight!


  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    And besides, an hour ago you twosounded so hungry you could haveeaten the food raw.

    RUTHWe want to wait for dad!

    ALICEHoney, weve talked about this, youknow how late your father works.Heaven knows what time hell gethome tonight. Now if you two donteat now, then itll it just bestraight off to bed with both ofyou. Now please go get washed up.

    The children reluctantly get up and begin to walk towards thekitchen. Jack shuts off the radio.

    Alice begins to clean up the board game left on the floorwhen she turns and notices a record resting next to the tablestand. She smiles and picks it up, keeping the title awayfrom the camera.

    ALICE (CONTD)Did I ever tell you your father waslate to our own wedding?

    The children turn around. Alice takes the record out of itssleeve and places it on top of the record player. She gentlyplaces the needle down and flips the switch. Whispering byPaul Whiteman begins to play.

    ALICE (CONTD)It got so late, We almost had tohave Grandpa Max fill in.

    The children walk back to Alice, laughing.

    ALICE (CONTD)We had our first dance together asa married couple to this song. Itfelt like we were on the top of theworld and no matter what happened,

    nothing could change it.RUTH

    I didnt know you and dad danced!

    ALICEWe had moves that could have madeFred Astaire quiver!



  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    She takes Jack by the hand and shows him how to dance. Sheshows Ruth a similar dance as the music begins to pick up.The children are now in hysterics laughing. The song ends andall three drop to the floor.

    The family hears the front door close. The children

    immediately jump up and run towards the door.

    Their father GEORGE walks into the living room. Hes roughlythe same age as his wife. Hes wearing a typical every daywork suit with a hat and coat. The children immediately leapat him. He walks towards Alice with both kids still attachedat the arms.

    GEORGEOkay, okay! Hold on a moment. SorryIm late dear.

    The children let go of his arms. He and Alice kiss. George

    takes off his hat and coat.

    JACKIts okay dad! Mom told us you wereso late once you almost missed yourwedding!

    Alice quickly silences Jack

    GEORGEOh she did? Turning my own childrenagainst me again I see?

    Alice laughs.

    GEORGE (CONTD)Alright, what smells so good rightnow?

    RUTHMom just finished cooking dinner!

    GEORGEShe did? Well why are we wastingtime here? Giddyap!

    George bends down to the childrens level. They jump backonto his arms laughing hysterically

    George drops the kids down onto their chairs. George sitsdown in his chair and notices his missing plate

    GEORGE (CONTD)Werent expecting a rare guest likeme tonight I see?


  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    GEORGEWhat? Didnt show up? What do youmean she didnt show up? Whathappened?


    Well after the bell rang, we waitedand waited. Finally the teacherdown the hall Mrs. Gresham found usand taught us with her class.

    ALICENo one knows what happened. Thepolice have been looking for herall day.


    Alice, isnt she the one who


    Alice quickly silences George

    ALICEYes it is.

    GEORGEWell, lets hope shes alright.

    JACKAfter school, mom let me go over toScotts house down the street.

    GEORGEOh thats nice

    JACKSince his father lost his job hewont be able to afford to livehere anymore.

    The sentence in particular strikes a nerve with George.


    Oh....Im sorry to hear thatRUTH

    How was your day daddy?

    GEORGEThanks for asking sweetie. Justanother busy boring day at theoffice.


  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    JACKScotts dad said you got him fired

    GEORGEDont you believe a word of whathis dad says!

    JACKYes sir. But why would his dad saythat?

    GEORGEYou know how hard times are nowson. Me and Scotts father workedin the same office writing for thepaper for years. Our boss couldonly afford to keep one of us. Mycolumn was just a little morepopular than his. The nerve of him

    trying to brain wash my own goddamn son.

    Alice quickly interrupts George

    ALICEThis is a perfect example of why wehave you two count your blessingseach night. Luckily for you, yourfather still has his job, but whoknows what will happen next?


    But what happens if he loses hisjob? Teacher told us...

    GEORGERuth we have no way of knowing whathappens but all I can promise youis this. No matter what happens, nomatter where we go, no matter howwe get there, we will always havethe most important necessity. Eachother. Dont ever let any friend orteacher tell you differently. Do

    you understand?RUTH

    Yes sir.

    JACKYes sir.


  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    GEORGEGood. Now, you two go get washed upfor bed. Me and your mother will bein to say good night soon.

    The children get up and leave the kitchen. Ruth walks back in

    and hugs George and Alice before leaving again.

    Alice begins to clean up the table.

    ALICEWell look at you Mr. Father of theyear! How long have you beenrehearsing that speech?

    GEORGEFar longer than you can everimagine.

    They both laugh. Silence quickly falls over the two.

    ALICEGeorge, I hate to bring this up,but you know how I feel about whenyou lose you temper in front of thechildren.

    GEORGELose my temper? How can youpossibly blame me for losing mytemper Alice? You heard all thelies Earl tried to spread to our

    son! If anything, Im not angryenough!

    ALICEBut that doesnt mean in the fewshort hours you see them every dayyou have to try to make our son asupset as you are.

    GEORGEI guess you have a point. Ill havea talk with him.

    ALICEThats all I ever wanted.

    RUTH (O.S.)Mom!

    ALICEIll go take care of it.


  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    Alice hurries out of the kitchen. George follows after her.He walks upstairs into Jacks room.

    GEORGEGot a minute son?

    JACKSure dad!

    George sits down on the bed

    GEORGEI want you to promise me to forgetall of the things I said earlierabout Scotts father.

    JACKWhat do you mean forget it?

    GEORGEI cant begin to imagine how itmust feel to be in his shoes rightnow. Nor do I ever want to. Peoplesay stupid things in the heat ofthe moment. We just have to forgiveand forget. You understand what Imean?

    JACKYes sir.


    Atta boy. Good night son.

    JACKNight dad.

    George leaves the room. He heads downstairs where Alice issitting on the living room couch listening to the radio andfolding clothing.

    ALICEI finally put Ruth to bed. How dideverything go upstairs with Jack?


    Everything went fine. No need toworry when you have Mr. Father ofthe year over here.

    ALICEHar har very funny mister.


  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    GEORGEWhat do you mean very funny?

    ALICEYoure trying to mock me but itwont work this time!

    GEORGEIt wont? I guess Ill just have totry harder then

    Alice smiles. A show on the radio begins. The Intro musicstarts to play

    ANNOUNCER (V.O.)The Craft Music Hall starring BingCrosby! Tonights special guests

    include Ethel Merman and RuthEtting! Now heres your host, Bing!

    Bing Crosby begins to sing

    ALICEOh I just love this show honey!

    GEORGEHow can I ever forget?

    They kiss

    ALICEI cant even imagine what I woulddo if I ever met him or EthelMerman in real life. I would killjust be her for a day.

    GEORGEI know what Id do if you wereEthel Merman.

    ALICEHey! Watch it buster

    GEORGEWatch what?

    ALICEWatch your mouth or youll besleeping on the floor tonight.


  • 8/2/2019 1930s Screenplay


    The song All Of Me by Ruth Etting begins to play. Georgesmiles. He jumps off the couch and takes Alice to the centerof the room. They d