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This is the case study of a fantastic project with 1884 Dock St Kitchen, of which has had huge success


  • Inventing the timeless


  • Inventing the timeless

    A collaboration between Den Group Architecture + Interior Design and eskimosoup

  • Den Group Architecture

    + Interior Design are

    a multidisciplined

    architectural interior

    design agency creating

    amazing spaces where you eat, drink,

    sleep, work, learn, play, shop, live,

    and enjoy a bit of pampering. We

    meet with you to discuss your brief,

    research your competitors and create

    a concept that fits your brand. Then,

    once the details have been worked out

    and the package approved, we get to

    work turning those dreams into reality.

    By combining our skills with the talents

    of eskimosoup we took a vision of the

    next generation of dining and built it

    from scratch. The harmonisation of Den

    Groups magnificent interior design and lighting with eskimosoups top-notch

    branding and communications saw a

    derelict building and shapeless product

    grow into a phenomenal triumph, far

    exceeding all expectations and receiving

    waves of media coverage before it had

    even opened its doors to the public.

  • The design was about achieving the

    right balance between celebrating the

    past and reinventing the future, from the

    bespoke furniture with Victorian influences and complementary wall panelling with a

    gothic black twist, to transforming original

    craftsmanship tile designs into customised,

    laser cut, powder coated steel panels to adorn

    the front of the bars and theatre-style kitchen,

    not to mention the contemporary lighting

    design scheme, featuring key pieces from the

    Tom Dixon, Foscarini, and Flos collections. We

    wanted to bring something really special to

    the Marina, it was all about being as creative

    as possible and setting the standard for future

    developments in the area.

    Emma Fearn, Director, Den Group

  • Everything you can imagine is real.Pablo Picasso

    eskimosoup specialise in turning big ideas into huge

    results. Whether creating a project from scratch or

    transforming an existing product so that it achieves

    optimum efficiency, our team of multitalented marketing professionals use the tools best suited to

    the job and a strategy created specially for you. We

    drive business your way and get people talking about

    your success.

    I personally had never experienced such a universally

    successful project. Having worked on the strategy

    and marketing plan from day one, I had no doubt that

    the end result would be something extraordinary, but

    together along the way we did so much more than

    that, we created something legendary.

    Rich Quelch, Account Director, eskimosoup

  • A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. John Keats

  • Den Group began work on 1884 Dock

    Street Kitchen in January 2011, back

    when it was the derelict Baltic Wharf

    Public House, with no electricity,

    no lighting, but plenty of rubble to


  • During a site survey we uncovered a

    piece of history: containers of invoices

    and newspapers dating back to 1884,

    the year of construction. Immediately we

    knew that the whole design would revolve

    around this amazing find.

  • Den Group designed 1884 from

    concept to completion, ensuring that

    the whole package was followed to

    a tee by the project contractors and

    meeting all of the regulations set

    out by Hull City Councils Planning

    and Conservation departments,

    Building Control, Licensing, and

    Environmental Health, as well as the

    acoustic challenges that presented


  • 1884 Dock Street Kitchen was an amazing project for

    Den Group. The visitor leaves with a lasting impression

    from the creative work of our interior designers, Emma

    Fearn and Sam Quelch, but I would like to think that

    some will realise the detail and determination that Mark

    Ashton and I employed in order to preserve the intricate

    historical architecture of a dilapidated listed building

    in a conservation area. We were determined to retain

    as many of the original features as possible, which

    had to be redesigned to suit modern materials and

    workmanship, but we wanted to celebrate one of Hulls

    most beautiful buildings and the outcome was definitely worth it.

    Lee Collingwood, Architect, Den Group

  • Working on a mixed-use development always has its trials

    and tribulations, one being the acoustics of such a grand

    building in a conservation area. We were challenged from

    the start with not only the noise impact on nearby buildings,

    but the apartments above the restaurant almost destroyed

    our vision of exposing the fantastic original ceiling beams.

    The authorities insisted on having suspended ceilings in the

    restaurant to omit sound transfer, but we were able to design

    an acoustic floor in the apartments that meant the ceiling beams could be retained.

    Mark Ashton, Architectural Technologist, Den Group

  • The lighting design was one area that we were

    extremely passionate about, as a restaurant on this

    scale had to have the right ambience. We knew that the

    feature lighting we designed would make a dramatic

    statement and the key pieces chosen would be the

    juxtaposition required between the past and the future,

    fulfilling the concept that we had wanted from the inception of the project. The grand statement chandelier

    positions were key to the layout, which meant that we

    had to design the ventilation ducting around the lighting

    plan. It was tough to convince the contractors at the

    time but they all agree that the lighting design takes

    your breath away.

    Sam Quelch, Director, Den Group

  • There is no sincerer love than the love of food.George Bernard Shaw

    In the very early days, when eskimosoup first came on board, the goal was a restaurant that would

    equal those of London, Paris and New York, serving

    incredible food and offering an experience that the

    people of Hull deserve. Working closely with the

    creative experts at Den Group, and with celebrated

    Head Chef James Allcock set to offer seasonal menus

    using the finest ingredients and traditional family recipes, the end product was clear from the start, and

    our strategy reflected this.

    Before wed even begun, we knew exactly what

    needed to be achieved. Our objectives were defined yet flexible, the sales targets were given strict but realistic timeframes, and the marketing action plan

    accounted for all possible contingencies. This is why

    1884 Dock Street Kitchen proved such a success story:

    we knew where we needed to be and how to get there,

    but werent afraid to adapt along the way.

    John Gilbert, Managing Director, eskimosoup

  • Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.Orson Welles

  • Phill Postill knew exactly how 1884 Dock

    Street Kitchens branding should look. It

    had to be bold yet chic, distinguished whilst

    welcoming, and eye-catching in a simplistic

    way that still embodied the luxury offered by

    Den Groups interior designs. So he went to

    work with an idea, and very soon delivered the

    perfect solution. This was used for all visual

    elements, from the impressive signage that

    watches over the vessels on Hull Marina, to

    the business cards that James uses when

    networking with prospective clients.

    By using textual design thats both smooth

    and durable, white on black, the customer

    gets a feel for the ambience before they even

    walk through the doors: tasteful, relaxed,

    sumptuous, and blending the contemporary

    with the timeless.

    Phill Postill, Creative Director, eskimosoup

  • The power of social media is it forces necessary change.Erik Qualman

    One of the achievements of which eskimosoup are

    particularly proud is the enormous reaction from

    the public through social media, months before Den

    Group had installed their designs. By using strong,

    visual and engaging content, the Facebook page grew

    daily, with fans posting comments, liking updates and

    excitedly asking questions about Hulls upcoming

    sensation. Meanwhile, the Twitter account received

    mentions and retweets at an ever-increasing rate, with

    many respected members of the business community

    clearly displaying their anticipation.

  • It was unbelievable. We all knew

    that people would come on board,

    but the amount of positive activity

    around the restaurant, much of it

    almost as passionate as that of the

    team implementing its creation, shows

    how much Hull was crying out for this

    exciting development.

    Rich Quelch, Account Director,


  • If you have an opportunity to use your voice, you should use it. Samuel L. Jackson

    Though benefiting from perpetual word of mouth and excellent support from the regional press, 1884 Dock Street Kitchen

    required its own voice in order to whet the taste buds of the

    masses. To accompany Phill Postills sleek and stylish visual

    branding, an elegant method of comm


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