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  • 1/25/2008


    10,000 Class 10M 45 45 degree elbow150 Class 150 90 90 degree elbow3000 Class 3M 150 150 Class45 degree elbow 45 10M 10,000 Class6000 Class 6M 3M 3000 Class90 degree elbow 90 6M 6000 Class9000 Class 9M 9M 9000 Class

    A A

    A105 Hot Dip Galvanized A105HDG A105 Carbon SteelA105N Hot Dipped Galvanized A105NHDG A105HDG A105 Hot Dipped GalvanizedAdapter ADPT A105A Carbon Steel AnnealedAmoco Pipe Plug w/groove AMOCO PL A105N Carbon Steel NormalizedAnnealed ANN A105NHDG A105 Normalized Hot Dipped GalvanizedASME Spec Defines Dimensions* B16.11 ADPT Adapter

    B AMOCO PL Amoco Pipe Plug w/grooveBevel Both Ends BBE ANN AnnealedBevel End Nipple Outlet BE NOL BBevel x Plain BXP B/B Brass to BrassBevel x Threaded BXT B/S Brass to SteelBlank BL B/S UN Brass to Steel Seat UnionBranch Tee BRTEE B16.11 ASME Spec Defines Dimensions*Brass to Brass B/B BBE Bevel Both EndsBrass to Steel B/S BE NOL Bevel End Nipple OutletBrass to Steel Seat Union B/S UN BL BlankBraze-on Outlet BOL BOL Braze-on OutletBritish Standard Parallel Pipe BSPP BOSS Welding BossBritish Standard Pipe Thread BST BRTEE Branch TeeBritish Standard Taper Pipe BSPT BSPP British Standard Parallel PipeButtweld BW BSPT British Standard Taper Pipe

    C BST British Standard Pipe ThreadCap CAP BXP Bevel x PlainCarbon Steel A105 BXT Bevel x ThreadedCarbon Steel Annealed A105HT CCarbon Steel Normalized A105N CAP CapClass 200 Socketweld CL200 SW CL200 SW Class 200 SocketweldConcentric Swage Nipple CSWG COUP Couplet - SocketweldCountersunk Plug CSPL CPLG CouplingCouplet CPLT CPLT CoupletCouplet - Male SW x NPT FCPLT CR CrossCouplet - Socketweld COUP CSPL Countersunk PlugCoupling CPLG CSWG Concentric Swage NippleCross CR D, E

    D, E DIEUN Dielectric UnionDielectric Union DIEUN DIEUNTL Dielectric Union Tail PieceDielectric Union Tail Piece DIEUNTL ECRED Eccentric ReducerDouble Extra Heavy XXH ESWG Eccentric Swage NippleEccentric Reducer ECRED EOL Elbow OutletEccentric Swage Nipple ESWG F, GElbow Outlet EOL FL FlatExtra Heavy XH FLBU Flush Bushing

    F, G FRG ForgingFemale Socketweld FS FS Female SocketweldFemale Socketweld OD Tube FSODT FSODT Female Socketweld OD TubeFemale Threaded FT FT Female ThreadedFemale Union Elbow FUNEL FUNEL Female Union ElbowFemale Union Tee FUNTEE FUNST TEE NPT x Union Seat TeeFlat FL FUNTEE Female Union TeeFlush Bushing FLBU G GalvanizedForging FRG H, IGalvanized G HBRUN Handlebar Union

    H, I HFCP Half CouplingHalf Coupling HFCP HX HexagonHandlebar Union HBRUN HXBU Hex BushingHex Bull Plug HXBULL PL HXBULL PL Hex Bull PlugHex Bushing HXBU HXCSPL Hex Countersunk PlugHex Countersunk Plug HXCSPL HXPL Hex Head Plug

    Arranged in Abbreviation Alphabetical Order Arranged in Alphabetical Order

    Penn Machine

    Standard Abbreviations


  • 1/25/2008


    Arranged in Abbreviation Alphabetical Order Arranged in Alphabetical Order

    Penn Machine

    Standard Abbreviations

    Hex Head Plug HXPL ID Inside DiameterHexagon HX IOL Insert Welding OutletInsert INS INS InsertInsert Welding Outlet IOL J, K, LInside Diameter ID KLM Tube Types K, L or M

    J, K, L LAT LateralLateral LAT LCKNUT LocknutLateral Outlet LOL LNHXPL Long Neck Hex Pipe PlugLocknut LCKNUT LOL Lateral OutletLong Neck Hex Pipe Plug LNHXPL M

    M MS Male SocketweldMale Part Threaded MTD MT Male ThreadedMale Socketweld MS MTD Male Part ThreadedMale Threaded MT MUNEL Male Union ElbowMale Union Elbow MUNEL MXF Male x FemaleMale x Female MXF N

    N NNINS Newport News InsertNational Pipe Thread NPT NPT National Pipe ThreadNewport News Insert NNINS N NormalizedNormalized N NT Normalized & TemperedNormalized & Tempered NT ONPT x Union Seat Tee FUNST TEE OD Outside Diameter

    O OR UNTD Union TD Piece w/ O-Ring GrooveO Ring ORNG OR UNTL Union Tail Piece Flat for O-RingO Ring Union ORNGUN ORFPL Orifice PlateOrfice Plate Tabbed ORFPLTABD ORFPLTABD Orfice Plate TabbedOrifice Plate ORFPL ORNG O RingOrifice Union - Tabbed Plate ORUN TABD ORNGUN O Ring UnionOrifice Union - Untabbed ORUN ORUN Orifice Union - UntabbedOutside Diameter OD ORUN TABD Orifice Union - Tabbed Plate

    P, Q P, Q

    Pickeled PKL PBE Plain Both EndsPlain x Bevel PXB PE NOL Plain End Nipple OutletPlain End Nipple Outlet PE NOL PKL PickeledPlain Both Ends PBE PXB Plain x BevelPlain x Threaded PXT PXT Plain x ThreadedQuenched & Tempered QT QT Quenched & Tempered

    R R

    Radiographic Plug RADGPH PL RADGPH PL Radiographic PlugRaised Face RF RD RoundReducer Coupling RED RDBULL PL Round Head Bull PlugRound RD RDPL Round Head PlugRound Head Bull Plug RDBULL PL RED Reducer Coupling

    S RF Raised FaceSchedule 10 S10 SSchedule 100 S100 S10 Schedule 10Schedule 120 S120 S100 Schedule 100Schedule 140 S140 S120 Schedule 120Schedule 160 S160 S140 Schedule 140Schedule 20 S20 S160 Schedule 160Schedule 30 S30 S20 Schedule 20Schedule 40 S40 S30 Schedule 30Schedule 5 S5 S40 Schedule 40Schedule 60 S60 S5 Schedule 5Schedule 80 S80 S60 Schedule 60Seamless Nipple SNPL S80 Schedule 80Socketweld SW SNPL Seamless NippleSocketweld Outlet SOL SOL Socketweld OutletSocketweld x Threaded SXT SP SpecialSpecial SP SQ SquareSquare SQ SQCSPL Square Countersunk PlugSquare Countersunk Plug SQCSPL SQPL Square Head PlugSquare Head Plug SQPL ST45 Street 45 ElbowStandard STD STD StandardStreet 45 Elbow ST45 STEE Street TeeStreet Tee STTEE STEL Street Elbow


  • 1/25/2008


    Arranged in Abbreviation Alphabetical Order Arranged in Alphabetical Order

    Penn Machine

    Standard Abbreviations

    Street Elbow STEL SW SocketweldT SXT Socketweld x Threaded

    Tee TEE TThreaded TD TBE Thread Both EndsThreaded Outlet TOL TD ThreadedThreaded x Bevel TXB TD NOL Thread End Nipple OutletThread One End TOE TEE TeeThreaded x Socketweld TXS TOL Threaded OutletThread Both Ends TBE TXB Threaded x BevelThread End Nipple Outlet TD NOL TOE Thread One EndTube Types K, L or M KLM TXS Threaded x Socketweld

    U, V U, V

    UNF Thread UNFTD UN UnionUnion UN UNFTD UNF ThreadUnion Nut UNNUT UNNUT Union NutUnion Tail Piece UNTL UNTD Union Thread Piece (Seat)Union Tail Piece Flat for O-Ring OR UNTL UNTL Union Tail Piece Union TD Piece w/ O-Ring Groove OR UNTD VCPLG Vessel CouplingUnion Thread Piece (Seat) UNTD W, X, Y, ZVessel Coupling VCPLG WLDSP Welding Spud

    W, X, Y, Z WNPL Welded NippleWelding Outlet WOL WOL Welding OutletWelded Nipple WNPL WOL Buttweld OutletWelding Boss BOSS XH Extra HeavyWelding Spud WLDSP XXH Double Extra Heavy



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