10.00am 12.00pm 10.00am ody, mind spirit healing with ... mind spirit 20friday, 28 october 2016...

Download 10.00am 12.00pm 10.00am ody, Mind  Spirit Healing with ...  MIND SPIRIT 20Friday, 28 October 2016 10.00am-12.00pm Transcendental Meditation (TM) Yasmin Kowalski Transcendental Meditation was introduced to the west by Maharishi Mahesh

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  • Friday, 28 October 2016


    Transcendental Meditation (TM)

    Yasmin Kowalski

    Transcendental Meditation was

    introduced to the west by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1958 and since

    that time over 6 million people have learned the technique all around the


    TM is a simple and natural technique that is easy to learn, effortless to practise and does not involve any change in lifestyle or belief system. It is a powerful

    tool for stress management- for not only releasing

    stress but for responding more calmly in stressful

    situations. The relaxation one enjoys during TM is far deeper than that seen with

    other meditation or relaxation techniques.

    Friday, 21 October 2016


    Sounds of Light - Healing with Sound

    Peter Holton

    Peter will share his understanding and gifts

    in the area of sound healing, utilising sound as a vibrational tool to

    assist health and healing on multiple levels. The benefits of therapeutic sound for body, mind

    and soul are immense and its potentials are only just beginning to be realised in the modern world. As part of this event Peter will offer a unique sound healing

    journey for the participants incorporating sitar, singing bowls and voice.

    about Peter

    In 2004 Peter studied a sound and colour

    healing course which made him aware of

    his innate sound healing gifts, and

    since then has been running regular

    healing and meditation groups. He is trained in a number of

    modalities ranging from Polarity Therapy to Foot Reflexology and incorporates these into his individual sound healing sessions. Peter is also a practiced visual

    artist and musician.

    about Yasmin

    Yasmin Kowalski has been practising Transcendental

    Meditation for 18 years. She completed her Teacher

    Training Course in Europe in 2009 and has been running

    courses in South Africa, India and Australia and now runs the

    Adelaide Transcendental Meditation Centre on Greenhill Road.

    Body, Mind & Spirit

    at The Summit

    Community Centre

    2016 TALKS

    2 September | Raw in the Hills

    9 September | Palmistry

    16 September | Iridology and Natural Health

    23 September | Salad Greens and Kitchen Herbs

    30 September | Equine Assisted Coaching - How Horses

    Heal People

    7 October | Gut Health

    14 October | Fighting to Find Peace

    21 October | Sounds of Light - Healing with Sound

    28 October | Transcendental Meditation

    (08) 8390 0457 ahc.sa.gov.au

    your journey

    to emotional,

    spiritual, and

    physical well-



  • Friday, 30 September 2016


    Equine Assisted Coaching -

    How Horses Heal People

    Sharyna Sharman

    Equine Assisted Coaching is a very powerful and effective

    tool for bringing about positive transformation and growth. It

    is a very personalised and intuitive process and no two sessions are ever the same. People who have suffered

    trauma, have a disability or have unresolved emotional issues can gain great benefit and healing; it is also of benefit to children. There is no riding involved and no prior experience with horses is

    necessary. This is a relatively new form of therapy and Sharynas passion and

    dedication for its potential to bring healing to people is

    obvious from first meeting her.

    about Sharyna

    Sharyna has studied extensively to become a facilitator of this

    extraordinary work and, amongst other qualifications, has achieved Equine

    Facilitated Learning Levels 1 and 2; is an avid horse lover and has a background in training and working with a large

    range of horses, specialising in rehabilitating horses.

    The wisdom and wonderful sense of relaxation horses bring to those in their presence is

    unparalleled in its ability to heal and open the heart. - Sharyna Sharman

    Friday, 7 October 2016


    Gut Health

    Louise Macartney

    Friday, 14 October 2016


    Fighting to Find Peace

    Colin Grover

    Louise will share her own personal

    journey and an abundance of

    research linking digestive issues to a

    multitude of dis-eases including allergies, asthma, autism, auto-immune

    disorders, depression, diabetes, digestive issues. hormonal imbalances, infertility and learning difficulties.

    about Louise ... Louise is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a 30 year back ground in Nursing and Midwifery.

    She is a longstanding advocate for toxin free, sustainable living

    and instinctive, holistic parenting. Having travelled extensively her

    passion for wellness also combines with an entrenched fascination of cultural diversity. A turning point for Louise

    was in 2006 when three of her friends were diagnosed with cancer. Experiencing health issues within her own family and not finding the answers in modern medicine Louise

    then chose to embrace natural philosophies of healing. In 2010 Louise left her nursing career to work as a wellness

    coach - to inspire and empower families to make informed decisions and to get back into the driver's seat of their health. . Louise is a highly sought after public speaker

    and facilitates a variety of wellness seminars throughout Australia and overseas. She teaches simple, sustainable and

    affordable solutions to maintaining and regaining well being.

    Colin will talk about his

    personal journey to finding a sense of peace and spirit in

    his life. In his words:-

    How do I find peace when my business is war? How do I reconcile with any God when

    my job is ultimately to kill people? Is it just a matter of perception? Maybe the way

    you look at something or someone changes

    everything. Some would say that my job is actually saving lives, freeing people from

    oppression by attacking the bullies in this world. But then who decides which opinion is right?

    Who will ultimately judge who I am and what I have done?

    We all strive for answers. I have questioned a lot of things as I have gone through life, both good and bad, continually fighting to find one key thing ..... peace.

    about Colin ...

    Colin was born and raised in the UK. After enjoying school, he started life as a soccer player before joining the British Army. Whilst serving Queen and country, he spent 3 years studying the art of positive thinking and

    travelling the globe. His last job before leaving the British Army was on an operation in Iraq. He transferred to the Australian Army 8 years ago and has since completed 2 tours of Afghanistan. He has lived in Adelaide with his

    family for 6 years. Please forgive him but he now supports the Crows!

  • Friday, 9 September 2016



    Trevor Curnow

    about Trevor Trevor has been working with palmistry, tarot and other metaphysical skills

    for over 20 years. He lives and works in the Adelaide Hills, and can

    often be found doing readings in the main street of Hahndorf.

    Aside from the retina of the eye, there are more

    nerve endings on the palms of the hand and

    the soles of the feet than other parts of the body, and a huge part

    of the brain is dedicated to these


    Trevor will share with us his considerable knowledge and experience working with this fascinating modality.

    My personal belief is based on the right brain, left

    brain idea. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left

    side. The left side of the brain has most of the externals in it (language, logic etc.), while the right side has more of the inner/intuitive parts. Because of this, I read the right hand as the place to look to find

    how a person presents themselves to the world, and the left hand shows whats going on inside.

    - Trevor Curnow

    Friday, 16 September 2016


    Iridology and Natural Health

    Sue Lohmeyer

    Eyes have long been referred to as the "Windows of the Soul" but few people are

    aware of just how true this observation is. Accurate

    analysis of iris structure and pigmentation provides insight

    into not only the physical health and wellness of a

    person but also personality traits and psychological health. It also gives insight into the strength or weakness

    of various organs in the body. Through iridology information about a persons past, present, and potential future health conditions can be obtained by assessing the

    various body systems.

    Sue will share her journey with Iridology and other natural health treatments.

    about Sue

    Sue has a Diploma in Herbal Medicine. She has practiced Herbal

    Medicine and Bach Flower Remedies for over 15 years and has been very successful in dealing with a wide range of common illnesses

    and unusual conditions.

    The natural use of plants as medicine is as relevant in

    todays society as it has ever been. By treating the cause of health problems there are positive long term outcomes

    without unnecessary side effects. - Sue Lohmeyer

    Friday, 23 September 2016


    Global Village

    Salad Greens and Kitchen Herbs

    Judith and Sven Zhele

    Local producers, Judith and Sven Zhele, travelled from



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