10 tips to improve your warehouse productivity

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  • Improve your warehouse productivityOur top ten tips

  • You might not need to move to a bigger warehouse, you might just be using space poorly.

    You should review your floor plan constantly to ensure optimal efficiency.

    TIP # 1TIP # 1Optimise your floor plan

  • Two-tier, mezzanine, floor to ceiling, rolling shelves, mobile shelves: there are many options available.

    The best shelving options gives you the chance to expand easily.

    TIP # 2TIP # 2 Shelving options

  • Place the highest selling items in the easiest spot to access.

    Put products that sell together near one another.

    TIP # 3TIP # 3Product placement

    Size 34

    Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18

    Size 36 Size 37 Size 38 Size 39 Size 40 Size 41

    Size 34 Size 36 Size 37 Size 38 Size 39 Size 40 Size 41

    Size 34 Size 36 Size 37 Size 38 Size 39 Size 40 Size 41

  • Installing voice recognition technology can help improve how quickly your workers interact with your warehouse infrastructure.

    Voice command technology provides huge benefits where workers have to use both hands, or handle dangerous materials.

    TIP # 4TIP # 4Voice commands

  • Youd be surprised how much good lighting affects both the mood of workers and their productivity.

    TIP # 5TIP # 5Lighting

    As your floor layout changes, so too should your lighting configuration.

  • Optimise routes for runners by fulfilling multiple small orders at once or by group and then sorting into separate orders at the verification stage.

    TIP # 6TIP # 6Pick process systems

  • It helps pickers know exactly where products are. Some warehouses have installed several label printing kiosks so runners can print them anywhere.

    TIP # 7TIP # 7Label everything









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  • Balancing replenishment with picking ensures staff groups are not waiting on one another.

    TIP # 8TIP # 8Replenish

    Determine the optimal trigger points for replenishment of stock and do cycle counts once every few months, not just a count at the end of the year.


  • Warehouse management systems can be anything from handwritten notes to Excel spreadsheets to tailored IT systems.

    TIP # 9TIP # 9Software and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

    Software options exist for any number of things, such as inventory management, labour management, scheduling equipment maintenance, shipping, cross

    docking, barcode reading etc. Software often makes business sense in theory, but continually assess ROI.

  • Appoint fire wardens

    Adhere to regulations

    Always assess risks

    Keeping the warehouse clean and safe not only protects staff, it protects your business.

    TIP # 10TIP # 10Safety and cleanliness

    Cleaning up can also uncover lost or missing orders.

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