10 Inspiring Quotes for Entrepreneurs, from Entrepreneurs

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10INSPIRING QUOTESFORENTREPRENEURS,FROMENTREPRENEURSFIROZ PATELExecutive Vice President of PayzaDAVE MCCLUREA startup is a company thatis confused about three things:(1.) What its product is. (2.) Whoits customers are. (3.) How tomake money.Its not about ideas. Its aboutmaking ideas happen.SCOTT BELSKYIf you just work on stuff thatyou like and youre passionateabout, you dont have to have amaster plan with how thingswill play out.MARK ZUCKERBERGTheres lots of bad reasons tostart a company. But theres onlyone good, legitimate reason, and Ithink you know what it is: its tochange the world.PHIL LIBBIN"When everything seems to begoing against you, remember thatthe airplane takes off against thewind, not with it."HENRY FORDIm convinced that about half ofwhat separates the successfulentrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pureperseverance.STEVE JOBSTiming, perseverance, and tenyears of trying will eventuallymake you look like an overnightsuccess.BIZ STONE"Your most unhappy customersare your greatest source oflearning."BILL GATESIf youre not embarrassed bythe first version of your product,youve launched too late.REID HOFFMANThe secret to successful hiring isthis: look for the people who want tochange the world.MARC BENIOFFFor more inspiring quotes fromentrepreneurs, check outEntrepreneur.comhttp://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240047