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  1. 1. IO inspiring business quotes g-'V7
  2. 2. Stay positive no matter what.Plans may go unexpected but having a positive mind will enable A more stable back up 3,: plans in your mind. ~~ . , V
  3. 3. You can't do proper business if you hate the people around you.You need to work well with people to get what you want in business ~4/'
  4. 4. The more you know about business as a whole,the more advantages you have in your hands f .ii.I h pi , A .u . , fl .JV, ', ifw ! ."-2":.v '1 -I.I , ill IL_ g E . .V
  5. 5. t'f__, _.Careful planning will win manyresus: lAxv Q;_.,, ,.' . r _ . ..i
  6. 6. Love what youdo or you will i hate what you;leave behind inI /your life. L;
  7. 7. Nothing is more valuable than a ethicalbusiness DONI yv
  8. 8. Find the right business strategy and apply itDONI W
  9. 9. Plan,develop strategies,gain knowledge and bring those business goals to life DONI W
  10. 10. A lazy person can never do business successfullyI ]>I|uv