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Is 1 Day Car Insurance Possible? 1 day car insurance is a type of auto insurance policy that covers a car for only a day. It is best suited in certain pressing but short-lived situations. Read to find more information.


  • 1. 1 Day Car Insurance

2. Is 1 Day Car Insurance Possible? 3. 1 day car insurance is a type of auto insurance policy that covers a car for only a day. 4. It is best suited in certain pressing but short-lived situations. 5. For example, you may have just cleared your imported car and have to drive it home, your destination might take around five or six hours to arrive. 6. In such a situation, taking 1 day insurance is prudent because it buys you time to drive to your destination while at the same time making plans for a longer term insurance policy. 7. Another situation where a1 day carinsurancecover might be helpful is if you have a car that does not have an insurance policy or it has expired, but you want to use the car for a short time, 1 day car insurance may be the cover you will need in such a situation. 8. One Day Car Insurance May Cover 9.

  • Damage to property in case an accident happens.


  • Accident recovery while at the same time covering the costs of repairs thereof.


  • In case of damage caused by fire, theft or vandalism, 1 day insurance will smartly cover the damages.


  • Liability is covered in case the driver injures another person or in case of death.


  • Liability is also covered in case of damage to other peoples property.

14. For those who dont drive frequently, 1 day car insurance is ideal to save money since you only pay for the insurance cover when you need to drive, and that is not too often. 15. Insurance companies often control who can get 1 day car insurance. 16. Elderly and young drivers have a higher risk factor. 17. Drivers with a record of driving under the influence of alcohol or any such substance are also considered high risk and are, therefore, denied 1 day insurance. 18. Others find it easy to get 1 day insurance on account of age. 19. This includes people in the 21-75 age brackets. 20. Discipline also plays a big part; those with less than six penalty points during the last three years or if you have a five year consecutive unsuspended license and less than a claim in the last three years can qualify for the cover. 21. To Get Temporary Insurance Cover 22. Have with you all information and documentation pertaining to your vehicle and driving history. 23. You may also be required to give some personal information as requisite for being granted 1 day insurance. 24. Search online for companies that you may be interested in and request their 1 day insurance policy quotes. 25. You can get an affordable quote from a local insurance company. 26. A quote from a local company can also have the advantage of being custom made. 27. After extensive consultation and research, choose an insurer who best suits your needs. 28. You can then pay the premium, which can easily be done online through a credit or debit card. 29. After making the payment, dont forget to get proof of insurance. 30. This card is a must have before you start to drive. 31. In case of an accident or contact with authority, the insurance card can act as proof that you have1 day car insurancecover. 32. 1 Day Car Insurance