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How to get cheap ca Insurance


  • 1. How to Get Cheap CarInsurance l

2. Shop Around

  • Comparing as many as possible insurance companies is a great way to find discounts and minimize your car insurance costs.

3. Increase your deductible Amount

  • Deductible, or excess, is that part of a liability that is not covered by the insurer.
  • Switching from a $100 deductible to $1000 can reduce the collision portion of your premium by 30 %(

4. Security

  • A Safer car means less risk for the insurance company.
  • Installing Security devices, Garaging your car can help in lowering your insurance rates.

5. NO CLAIMS Bonuses

  • Start building these bonuses.
  • They can contribute a lot , offering as much as a 50% reduction on your premiums.

6. Stick with yearly policies

  • Choosing a yearly policy can extend your car insurance savings.

7. Check your Mileague

  • Those who drive less than 7500 miles a year can get huge discounts.

8. Saving on Medical Coverage

  • If your health insurance does cover you for car accidents then you may want to drop any medical payments.

9. Drop Collision Coverage on older cars

  • When the annual insurance premium reaches 10 % of your car's value then it is adviced to cancel your collision coverage

10. Group Discounts

  • Sometimes being affiliated with certain organizations(trade,credit unions, college sororities..) can extend your saving on your car insurance

11. Keep your Credit CLEAN

  • Many companies check your credit score when setting your policy rates.

12. Check the Internet

  • A growing number of companies offer online discounts (10-15%) for car insurance.

13. Bonus Tips

  • Don't modify or customise your car.
  • Reduce the number of drivers on your car insurance policy, especially teenagers, young drivers under 25 years of age.