09. transportation freeways & urban roads capability statement

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Transportation - Freeways & UrbanRoads Capability Statement


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    freewaysand urbanroads

  • Company profile ................................................................1

    ToTally inTegraTed soluTions ......................................2

    1. Transport .......................................................................3

    2. freeways & urban roads .............................................42.1 Relevant Project Experience .............................................................5

    2.2 Developer Funded Works ..................................................................18

    TaBLEof ConTEnTs

    | freeways and urban roads CapabiliTy sTaTemenT |

  • | freeways and urban roads CapabiliTy sTaTemenT p. 1 |

    1. aviaTion




    Kuala Lumpur



    Ho Chi Minh

    Da Nang ManilaBangkok

    Hong Kong

    New Delhi


    DubaiAbu DhabiQatar









    Lahore Hanoi


    Urban / Land development >

    Leisure and recreation >

    Town Planning >

    Commercial / retail / Industrial >

    Multi-storey Buildings >

    Esd and sustainability >


    Hydrogeology >

    Water Quality >

    Contaminated soil >

    Waste Management >

    alternative Waste Treatment >

    Environmental Planning >


    Freeways >

    aviation >

    Heavy and Light rail >

    Public Transport >

    Ports and maritime >

    our service offering includes conceptualization, feasibility, master planning, total project management, investigation and reporting, stakeholder consultation, planning and environmental approvals, Esd rating and energy audits, EEs, detailed design, documentation, construction quality assurance, commissioning and asset management.

    These core services are available throughout australia, asia, Middle East, United Kingdom and the Us.

    Established in Australia in 1955 and now operating in fourteen countries across four continents, Meinhardt is recognised as a leading global provider of planning, engineering, management, sustainability and technology consulting services.

    We focus is the following key market sectors:


  • | freeways and urban roads CapabiliTy sTaTemenT p. 2 |

    1. aviaTionToTaLLYinTegraTed soLUTIons

    Meinhardt is one of the few australian truly multi-disciplinary consulting firms operating on a global basis.

    our team operates within a highly integrated environment developed in response to the often complex interfacing requirements between internally disciplines and externally.

    This integration provides demonstrable benefit to our clients who appreciate our design solutions are fully coordinated and holistic and program milestones are driven internally.

    as a multi-disciplinary practice we provide a total solutions and a collegiate team approach to all aspects of a project.

    The Meinhardt Group maintains a centralised knowledge and technology base providing ready access to specialist skills and knowledge, key personnel and communication across disciplines and geographical areas.

    our systems and structure enable us to readily undertake complex national and international projects within a multiple project office platform.

    our philosophy is simple: our clients needs are paramount. Yet determining those needs is rarely a simple task. In order to exceed your expectations, we take the time to understand our clients perspective and relevant drivers. The outcome must be a flexible solution providing value add opportunities beyond delivering on key project objectives.

    Further information regarding our people, services, projects and a host of other relevant information can be found at our website: www.meinhardtgroup.com.

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    Specific areas in which Meinhardt offers Transportation Engineering services to private and government bodies are:

    Freeways >

    aviation >

    Heavy and Light rail >

    Public Transport >

    Tunneling >

    Environmental impact >


    Preconstruction services and >preliminary design

    Freeway road geometry and >drainage design

    Bridges, barriers, noise walls and >complex structures

    Project governance and financing >


    Terminal planning and detailed >engineering design

    runway, taxiway and apron >geometry and services

    aircraft hangars and maintenance >facilities

    Project management and >construction quality control

    Heavy and Light Rail

    Station upgrades, fit out DDA >access

    Tunnelling and design of subway >systems

    Track, sidings, stabling and wash >down facilities

    Inter-modal freight connectivity >

    Public Transport

    Planning, route selection and >feasibility

    Concept and detailed engineering >design

    Inter-modal connectivity and dda >access

    Local area traffic management >

    Tunneling Concept design and value >engineering studies

    Multi-disciplinary engineering >design

    soft ground & rock tunneling >

    Ventilation systems >

    Environmental Impact

    Environmental effects statement >

    Contaminated land assessment >

    EMP (water quality, Flora, fauna & >cultural heritage)

    due diligence, auditing and >strategic advice

    Meinhardt takes pride in delivering a commercial approach to project implementation, to add value and build upon your key objectives. our services and exposure spans across a number of regions and market sectors, which enables us to bring the latest new technologies and ideas to your project.

    Meinhardt is not a listed company. We value our brand. We are flexible, driven by relationships and tailor our service offering to best address your business needs.

    1. TransporT

  • | freeways and urban roads CapabiliTy sTaTemenT p. 4 |

    2. freewaysand urbanroads

    Meinhardt provides expert services in:

    Preliminary design and >preconstruction services

    Freeways and urban road design >

    Bridges and complex structural >design

    Hydrology and hydraulic design >

    soft ground and rock tunneling >

    Traffic control and ITS systems >

    road lighting and electrical design >

    specialist pavement design >

    Project management >

    site investigation and service >relocations

    Town and land use planning >

    Environmental science >

    Water quality >

    Flora and fauna >

    Cultural heritage >

    Contract administration >

    Construction supervision >

    Financial review and assessment >

    Meinhardt has the capability and balance sheet to participate in major project alliances, PPP, d&C and other procurement alternatives in addition to the delivery of conventional consulting services.

    Whether participating in a major freeway alliance or resolving access requirements for the creation of an exciting new residential community, Meinhardt delivers simple and effective solutions within often complex environments.

    Freeway networks remain a cornerstone of our integrated transport systems and play a major role driving our economy through the movement of people and freight.

    designing modern freeway networks requires a delicate balance between the often competing demands of safety, accessibility, pricing, and efficiency within the complex framework of economics, social behaviour, cultural heritage and the environment.

    To build and maintain a network which best serves the needs of business and our community we rely on accurate strategic planning, environmental and planning controls, best practice detailed designs, the use of new technologies, state of the art construction techniques and procurement methods which promote value adding opportunity.

  • | freeways and urban roads CapabiliTy sTaTemenT p. 5 |

    2.1 rELEVanTproJeCT EXPErIEnCE | freeways& urbanroads |

    The Pedestrian Bridge is the climax of the Curtain Wall, and the whole gateway experience. Carefully sited at the point where the motorist first sees the City of Melbourne spread out on the horizon, it is developed as a curtain that lifts to frame that glittering first view to the city. similarly on leaving, it frames a view of the extended grasslands the beginning of the great australian landscape.

    This innovative project was the winner of the 2006 asI (australian steel Institute) Creative Innovations steel design award for the Bridge and soundwalls.

    Melbourne, Australia

    Cragieburn Bypass

    The Craigieburn bridge and sound walls are located on the new 23km Craigieburn Bypass which links the Hume Highway with the Melbourne ring road, north of Melbourne, Victoria.

    Vicroads engaged Taylor and Cullity Lethlean along with Meinhardt at the tender development stage to provide an exciting group of elements along the freeway. These features set this road apart but also provide function in protecting neighbouring properties from road generated noise.

    The three elements developed for the Craigieburn Bypass are orchestrated as a cohesive project with the freeway itself and its bridges and earthworks. The Curtain Wall is designed to be a travelling companion for a significant part of the journey. Its height set by noise control parameters, it is a fluid form; dynamic and experiential. Composed a ribbon of fabricat


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