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<p>JOB DESCRIPTION</p> <p>COMMUNICATION, EVENT CUM ADMIN OFFICER</p> <p>Background:</p> <p>The Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMWG) was established as a forum for microfinance practitioners to share knowledge, skills and ideas in order to overcome the key challenges of the sector. As the peak industry body, the VMWG contributes to strengthening the voice of the sector in the policy-making sphere. MFWG founded in 2004 as an informal organization under the NGO Resource Centre VUFO. In September 2011, the MFWG officially became a Center under the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VINASME).</p> <p>Vision: To provide the poor in Vietnam with supportandaccess to professional, sustainableand socially responsible financial services</p> <p>Mission: The national microfinance network that promotesand enables the sustainable developmentofmicrofinance sector in Vietnam.</p> <p>We are currently seeking qualified and highly motivated candidate for the position of Communication, Event cum Admin Officer to work in our office, based in Hanoi:</p> <p>Main duties and responsibilities:</p> <p>Job Description</p> <p>Main Duties</p> <p>Frequency/expected outcomes</p> <p>I. Event and communication management</p> <p>1. Prepare event proposal/plan according to annual business plan and as requested by the Managing Director.</p> <p>2. Research and develop event agenda under the guidance of Managing Director</p> <p>3. Prepare Event documents, including invitation letters, public announcement, learning materials, relevant policy papers etc.</p> <p>4. Coordinating event logistic including booking venue, booking accommodation, arrange refreshment, printing materials etc.</p> <p>5. Monitoring members participation, responses and feedback</p> <p>6. Provide event minutes and report and documentation</p> <p>7. Propose and monitor follow up activities post event </p> <p>8. Propose and implement communication strategy to publicize impact of events with support from part time staff </p> <p>Events include network and partners meeting, seminar, workshop and conferences etc. that usually happen monthly.</p> <p>Making sure event run smoothly according to plan and provide timely reports and follow up</p> <p>II. Administration</p> <p>1. Prepare letters, documents, and correspondence.</p> <p>2. Monitor and record incoming/outgoing official communication.</p> <p>3. Manage domestic/ international travel arrangements for staff and consultants and process required travel authorizations.</p> <p>4. Provide office logistic support.</p> <p>5. Coordinate distribution of internal and external mails and faxes.</p> <p>6. Manage network hotline and welcome guests to the office.</p> <p>7. Keep track of office supplies and stationary and prepare purchases.</p> <p>8. Support procurement of office supply and equipment.</p> <p>9. Manage staffs timesheet and track staff leave records.</p> <p>10. Filing of office documents.</p> <p>11. Responsible for regular back-up of office files.</p> <p>12. Responsible for planning, arranging, and organizing for MFWG meetings, monthly board meetings, negotiations, etc. </p> <p>13. Assist the board/members with all aspects of operations management on a day-to-day basis.</p> <p>14. Manage application from interns/ volunteers.</p> <p>15. Other tasks agreed with the supervisors.</p> <p>Daily and monthly works</p> <p>III. Develop and maintain relationship</p> <p>1. Participate in meetings/workshops as required.</p> <p>2. Take meeting minutes of meetings/workshops (as required).</p> <p>3. Maintain communication with other networks and reporting such as The MIX; BPWN, etc.</p> <p>Daily and monthly works</p> <p>IV. Other tasks if needed.</p> <p>QUALIFICATIONS</p> <p>Education</p> <p> University degree in public administration, business, finance, economics or other related field.</p> <p>Experience</p> <p> Experience in project assistance or related (preferred)</p> <p> Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint,) </p> <p>Language</p> <p> Adequate in English (both oral and written)</p> <p>Skills</p> <p> Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines.</p> <p> Result oriented</p> <p> Able to execute instructions independently</p> <p> Willingness to learn </p> <p>All application please send to: trungdh@microfinance.vn</p>


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