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This is a simple document, which explains complete installation and Configuration of OBIEE on 32 bit Windows XP SP3, 2Gb Ram, 40 GB hard drive (These are my Laptop specifications).

Softwares I feel needed for this installation is

1. Oracle 11g R1


1. Installing Oracle 11g R1:

Pre requisite: Install & Configure Microsoft Loop Back Adapter

Steps to Install Microsoft Loop Back Adapter:

First get into the control panel( Printers and Other Hardware

Select Add Hardware on the left of the screen

Click NEXT on Add New Hardware wizard will appears

Select Yes, I have already connected the hardware and click Next

Scroll down the list, Select Add a new hardware device and click Next

Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list and click Next

Select Network adapters from the list and click Next

Select Microsoft Loopback Adapter and click Next

Click Next

Click Finish to complete installation.

After Finishing Installation Microsoft Loop Back Adapter has to be configured.

Configuring the Loop Back Adapter:

Control Panel( Network and Internet Connections(Network Connections

We see Local area Connection2

Right click on Local Area Connection 2 and get into the properties

Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on Properties

In General tab, select Use the following IP address and give the following values

IP address(

Subnet mask(

And leave Default gateway empty

Select OK

Select Close and Restart your computer to effect changes

Now its time to Install Oracle database, run the setup file

Leave Default values for Base, Home Location and Global database Name (orcl)

Enter password and confirm it (my pwd: Database_1), click on Next

Make sure the zero requirements to be verified, click on Next

Click Next again on the next window

On the Summary window click on Install

Installation will be in progress, click on Unblock if any java message pop-ups

After completion of progress you will see database configuration window appears.

This will copy database files and creates a Database instance..and this will take awhile

Click on Password Management to unlock user/Schemas

Click on the (mark) to unlock the user, give New password and confirm it,

Click OK

Click OK

To complete Oracle Database installation, click on Exit

Click on Yes

Note: Oracle 11g Release2 is installed, just confirm it by logging into the sys User

To confirm the Oracle 11g R1 database installation:

Log into the SQL Plus Client

Start(All programs(Oracle Home(Application Development(Sql Plus

Log into the sys user as dba

Username: sys as sysdba

Password: Database_1

Note: Though you type, you wont see the characters. Just press the Enter key.

Logged into the sys user successfully

2. Installation of OBIEE


a) . Net framework 2.0 (It get installed in the process of installing OBIEE

b) Jdk 1.5.0 or higher

Run jdk setup, its a pretty straightforward, so detail screen shots are not attached.

OBIEE Installation follows:

Run setup file in the server folder

Oracle BI and Oracle BI data are installed in C (drive

Click on Next

Browse the path to the Jdk folder. Confirm the below password and click Next

Administrative password: oc4jadmin

Click Next

Select language and click Next

Click Next

Unblock java pop-ups, if firewall blocked any

Click Next

Click Next

Click Finish to complete the installation of OBIEE

After restart of computer, oc4j (oracle container for java) initializes.


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