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  • Zodiac Sign Language: A Celestial Guide revealing the Sign Language of the Zodiac

    So many women lose out on becoming closer and more compatible with their man because they rely so heavily on verbal expressions of affection. Often times its what men dont say and instead what they do that shows you how they really feel. Knowing what to look for is what Zodiac Sign Language is about.

    Each Zodiac Sign has its own form of Sign Language or way of operating that either hides or expresses their true feelings.

    These signs are more reliable than words in many cases. For instance, a man can repeat or say something that hurts your feelings to protect his own feelings or ego. Later that same man may go home and unconsciously feel anxiety which stems from a loneliness they dont want to face.

    Giving that scenario, you may hear a man say he is comfortable being a bachelor and never wishes to settle down. Two months later you find them connected at the hip with someone. That someone was able to cut through the verbal garbage and really identify with the under lying wishes and desires he had.

    You dont want to be the one who misses out on truly understanding the man of your dreams. You want to be the one who figures him out and captures his heart. Dont let the next female have him!

    Read about the different Zodiac signs below to find out what Sign Language each one uses to express their deepest emotions. Also find out what signs to overlook when trying to figure out if hes not into you.

    Signs that he is annoyed by you.

    An Aries will show you he is annoyed by you pretty openly. He is easily annoyed and will fly off the handle with put downs and insults. Luckily Aries men are also easily diffused.

  • With these men you dont have too many nonverbal signs to look for. This may be a good or bad thing depending on how well you handle verbal confrontation. Otherwise his non-verbal signs would include shutting you out from his plans as he focuses more and more on his own goals. If you arent getting invited to go places with him then you know he is annoyed. Try winning him back by showing an interest in his goals.

    A Taurus will show you he is annoyed by trying to control your behavior. He will make it so you do everything the way he likes it. Of course this will eventually make you frustrated. The best course of action here is to stay out of his way and let him do what needs to be done. In other words take the back seat for a while. Once he is done brooding youll notice that he lets up on being in complete control.

    A Geminis non-verbal signs may be the only way you will notice that they are annoyed with you. Watch their eyes. If they narrow then you will know they are upset. Also look at their hands to see if they become shaky or clinched. They may also do little things that they know will bother you to get a rise out of you. These non-verbal actions might bewilder you but you can rest assure they are intended to outwit and annoy you back. The best way to disarm them is to talk about what you notice. Gemini men are willing to talk things out.

    A Cancer will show you he is annoyed by becoming withdrawn and silent around you. They will still stay in close contact, for instance not leaving the house, because subconsciously they want you to notice that they are emotionally upset. They will also talk about you behind your back because they tend to gossip and complain to family and friends. So if you are feeling left out of the circle of trust, its probably because he mentioned something to someone in your circle and it spread. The best way to work this out is to tell him you know he is upset and then apologize for whatever. Then ignore him. Eventually he will want your attention back. Make it easy on him when he does resurface.

  • A Leo shows that he is annoyed by you when he stops performing. He will seem less enthusiastic around you. He will also stop giving you attention. You will immediately notice the drastic change in his normal behaviors. When you ask him a question, he will look at something other than you, and answer you with short rapid responses. Luckily a Leo will change his tune once you make him the center of attention or complement him on something he does well.

    A Virgo will show you he is annoyed by picking up the pace of what he is doing. For example if he stops for gas he will rush out his credit card, type in the numbers quickly, and yank out the gas hose and quickly stuff it into the tank hole. Then he might even check his watch to see what time it is. So if you see him rushing even more than normal, he is most likely annoyed with you. The best way to handle this is to give him some space. Dont try to talk about it, just let him sort it out on his own. He is quite capable of forgiving you in due time.

    A Libra will generally not show you that he is annoyed in any way. They really despise confrontation. If they are annoyed they will most likely disappear or become very quite. If you find that you arent able to reach your Libra they may be getting attention from somewhere else. Generally these men have an array of women they can choose from. Even if you ask him whats wrong he will say that everything is fine. If you push him too far he will eventually admit that he is annoyed. Winning back a Libras attention requires that you say something interesting and provoking. Luckily when they are annoyed they are easily changed back to happy.

    A Scorpio will most likely not show you that he is annoyed by you. These men wont let you see their emotions because it exposes a weakness. To them showing a weakness is an open invitation to your using it against them in the future. Instead a Scorpio will let you think all is okay but will secretly indulge in some type of revenge. If you get less and less of his

  • time plus he is becoming selfish with his affections, he is probably also doing something that he knows you wont like behind your back. The best way to deal with this is to demand his attention. Tell him that your devotion towards the relationship is worth his affection and honesty.

    Unlike other signs, a Sagittarius really doesnt give you any non-verbal clues that they are annoyed by you. They will tell you straight up and to your face what it is that annoys them. You simply need to say youre sorry and move on.

    A Capricorn will show you that he is annoyed by cutting his eyes at you or giving you a look of disgust. They will also ignore you and dive into work even harder. They also fidget and straighten their clothes when near you. When a Capricorn male is annoyed it gives him a great deal of anxiety. He doesnt want to be affected by more negativity. He is stressed out enough on his own. The best way to handle this is to change all your conversations with him into something positive to cancel out whatever negativity he is feeling towards you.

    An Aquarius man will show you he is annoyed by rubbing his eyes or sitting with his knees up on a chair or sofa. They do this because they actually feel sad when they are annoyed. They feel some sort of injustice over the low level of peace they are being forced to deal with. Its best to comfort them in this situation and tell them youll mellow out.

    A Pisces man will show you he is annoyed by avoiding you all together. If you live together he will just tune you out with music or the television. He might also sleep more to avoid you. These guys really need their space more than any other sign. When they are annoyed it emotionally drains them. Then they need time to reflect on or more likely time to suppress the way they are feeling. The best thing to do is let him know that you can tell he is annoyed and that youll be there for him when he is ready to hang out. But dont hold your breath. It could take a day or two.

  • Signs that he is at peace with himself.

    If a man is not at peace with himself, you may misinterpret his bad moods as having something to do with you personally. Understanding that its not you and giving him the tools to find that peace will insure a stronger bond between the two of you.

    An Aries will show you that he is experiencing unrest when he becomes pushy with you and other people. They have a fiery drive and tend to take on too many projects at once. They also expect you and others to get on board with their ideas and help. When that isnt happening they can become restless, boastful, and bossy. On the other hand, when they are at peace, they are able to follow through on their projects with enthusiasm and creativity. At this time the Aries man is ready for love. He is on top of his game and feels open to all possibilities. Helping him get to this point would mean encouraging him to follow through on all the projects holding him back.

    A Taurus will show you that he is experiencing unrest when he becomes unbearably stubborn. You may find yourself at your wits ends trying to deal with his lack of cooperation. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with you. He is probably putting in a lot of effort at work and getting no results. When he gets home he cant relax at all. On the other hand when he is at peace he will be able to hear out your ideas. He will also spend a little extra money on you. This is a good time to bring up any plans you would like to make with him. Getting him to this point may be out of your control because its his external circumstances that he cant control. The best thing to do is to try to give him some non-expensive comforts, like a massage or home cooked meal. Also let him do things his way for a while. This lets some of the pressure off.

    A Gemini will display erratic behavior when they arent at peace. They will seem to change moods faster than you can keep up with. They will jump from one idea to the other

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