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Sustaining the Vision for the ywcaChange for Everywoman Hope for everyone


the ywcaPeorias YWCA got its start in 1893 and today serves hundreds of families from four locations through our Comprehensive Emergency Services Programs.The Young Womens Christian Association is the nations oldest and largest womens membership movement, serving two million women, girls, and their families.

of peoriaFamilies are served through the ywca Peoria Comprehensive Services programs through a continuum program that starts at getting them off the street, works with them addressing their needs but at the same time getting to the root of the problem, giving them long-term stability


ywca Peoria is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

MISSION: To Eliminate Racism and Empower Women

Our Mission


the ywcaOur VisionWe are an active, vibrant, well-organized organization, fulfilling the needs of women in our community, eliminating sexism and racism and empowering women and families to make changes in their daily lives through economic empowerment, education and self-awareness, social empowerment and providing basic material needs. of peoria


a valuablepeoria resourcehas transitioned.

Our services are located throughout the community. We are committed to providing emergency, transitional and sustaining housing to families in the Peoria area. We are located in downtown Peoria, in the warehouse district near the ball diamond, in the near Northside valley, and on the west side of Peoria in the Wardcliffe neighborhood.


the ywca peoria comprehensive emergency services programCan you imagine having no where to sleep??? What if you had your 2 & 3 year old children with you???The face of homelessness is NOT the man you see standing on the corner asking for change. It is women, children & families! The average age of a homeless person in our area is 10!

Our programs offer an answer:


the ywca of peoria emergency and transitional housing siteThe ywca operates our homeless emergency shelter and the ywca Village transitional housing program on the 3rd, 5th. 6th & 7th floors of the Dream Center Peoria facility!


the ywcaThe ywca emergency housing shelter is housed in the Dream Center Peoria building, on the third floor.

of peoriaThe average age of a homeless person in our area is 10 YEARS OLD!


the ywcaThe ywca emergency housing shelter is housed in the Dream Center Peoria building, on the third floor.

of peoriaThe ywca YHouse emergency shelter is a vital component of the network of services provided to families who are homeless in the Peoria area.


the ywca of peoria transitional housing siteThe ywca Village transitional housing program has 13 family apartments. It also has 8 additional units which can house 24 single women. A person can live in transitional housing for up to 2 years.


the ywca

of peoriaThe ywca Peoria offers a continuum of services, beginning at ground level, just getting women, children & families to safety and off the streets. Our case managers then begin working to target the reason for their homelessness and placing them within one of our many programs that will guide them to self-sufficiency permanently.


the ywca

of peoriaCan you imagine working a 40 hour a week job, but still not being able to find safe, affordable housing??

Can you imagine looking for decent housing to raise your children and only finding housing out of your price range??


the ywcaWe offer an answer:

Woodbine Apartments offer affordable housing for low-income families provided by the ywca of peoria


the ywcaWoodbine Apartments has 13 units with one handicapped accessiblefacility is operating at capacity. of peoria


the ywca of peoriaWomen and their families need a safe and secure home in close proximity to employment opportunities and good schools

Glen Perry Permanent Supportive Housing


the ywcaAffordable Housing for women and children A new permanent housing complex in the near Northside for families graduating from our Village and other transitional housing programs. Six new duplexes located on Wayne and Glendale Streets in the North Valley. of peoriaWomen and their families need affordable housing with services.


the ywca of peoria GlenPerry site

The YWCA of Peoria has always provided housing for women since our inception in 1893!


the ywca permanent supportive housing units.The ywca renovated this four unit facility and is housing 4 single adult women who were homeless. The building is adjacent to our GlenPerry development on Morgan Street.


the ywcaCan you imagine not being able to take a shower or wash your clothes??

Can you imagine not having a phone number to give a prospective employer??

Can you imagine not having an address so you can receive important mail?? of peoria


the ywca of peoriaWe have an answer:Peoria Community Connections Center operated by the ywca Peoria offers alternatives to the Street for many homeless individuals and provides basic services.

826 SW Adams St.


the ywcaPeoria Community Connections Center ywca provides a connection to prevention services for those in needs in the Peoria area. Our facility is the first step in getting people off the streets, into emergency services and/or referrals to other appropriate agencies. of peoria826 SW Adams St. near the ball diamond in downtown Peoria


the ywca of peoriaPast, Present, Future

The ywca Peoria is 120 years old!

Our history and mission guide us into the future.


ywca Leader Luncheon & Legend Reception, we honor Women Leaders!

ywca of peoria recognizing legends


YWCA depends upon volunteers to tell our story of service and Mission.

ywca of peoria rich in history

Chairperson Myra Peitzmeier and volunteers at the Spring Home Builders ShowDay of Caring volunteers


ywca of peoria Community Support

Soup for the ShelterHeld at Rhythm Kitchen Music Caf & Contemporary Art Center


ywca of peoria rich in history

Ceramic mugs & bowls painted by Kids helping KidsA variety of sweets for an after dinner treat


ywca of peoria rich in history

For information regarding how you can become involved with the ywca Peoria, please visit our website:www.ywcapeoria.com


ywca Peoria is committed to change and to making a difference in our community.