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<ul><li><p>8/9/2019 YPRL Events 2010 May-Jun</p><p> 1/2</p><p>WHITTLESEA MILL PARK LIBRARY Phone 9437 8189</p><p>WHITTLESEA MILL PARK LIBRARY CONTINUED Phone 9437 8189</p><p>NILLUMBIK DIAMOND VALLEY LIBRARY Phone 9434 3809</p><p>www.yprl.vic.gov.au www.yprl.vic.gov.au</p><p>Ridvan FestivalPresented by The Bahai Community</p><p>of Whittlesea</p><p>Saturday 1 May</p><p>1.30pm4.00pm</p><p>Ridvan (Paradise) is the most joyous timein the Bahai year. Come and celebrate</p><p>the festival. Music and refreshments.</p><p>Mill Park Library Writers ClubMonday 3 May &amp; 7 June</p><p>1.30pm3.00pm</p><p>Are you a budding author or just enjoy</p><p>writing? Do you want to share yourwriting? Then come along, bring</p><p>your writing and become part of ourwriters group.</p><p>How to Maintain your BicycleWednesday 5 May6.30pm8.00pm</p><p>Nicola Davis from Bike n Bean inSouth Morang will present a workshop</p><p>on caring for and maintainingyour bicycle.</p><p>NEW Card Making WorkshopsMonday 10 May &amp; 7 June12.30pm2.30pm</p><p>Join our free regular workshops. Makenew friends. Learn how to design and</p><p>create cards for any occasion.Bookings required.</p><p>History of Justice inWhittlesea ExhibitionMonday 17 May to Sunday 23 May</p><p>Celebrate Law Week by visiting Mill ParkLibrary and step back in time throughWhittleseas corridors of justice, or</p><p>perhaps injustice!</p><p>Trivia AfternoonMonday 17 May &amp; 21 June</p><p>(Third Monday of the Month)1.00pm2.30pm</p><p>Where was the Titanic built or where didPinnochio come from? Such questions</p><p>and more will be answered at our NEWregular trivia afternoon.</p><p>Register at thelibrary. You donthave to be an expert</p><p>and you may even win aprize. Brain food provided.</p><p>LAW WEEKMaking Your WillInformation Session</p><p>Wednesday 19 May</p><p>11.00am12.30pm</p><p>Learn about wills, the most important</p><p>document of your life. Hear advice onhow to choose an executor, making</p><p>changes, powers of attorney and costs.Presented by Robert Frajsman of the</p><p>Whittlesea Community Legal Service.Bookings required.</p><p>Guest Author Night FeaturingCarolyn AngelinMonday 24 May</p><p>6.30pm8.00pm</p><p>Carolyn Angelin will talk about her new</p><p>bookADHD to the Power of Three,which follows a mother and her familys</p><p>journey through raising triplets withADHD, chronicling their triumph over</p><p>adversity. Copies will be sold on thenight. Refreshments provided.</p><p>LIBRARY ANDINFORMATION WEEK</p><p>Mill Park Library ToursMonday 24 May to Friday 28 May(Closed Tuesday)</p><p>Daily Tour times</p><p>11.00am and 1.30pm</p><p>Discover Mill Park Library, the Eighth</p><p>Wonder of the Yarra Plenty RegionalLibrary world. Discover its many</p><p>technological advances as well asgood old-fashioned library services.</p><p>Find out what happens behind thescenes. Please register yourself and/</p><p>or your group at the library. Enjoy teaand coffee after the tour.</p><p>Living LibraryThursday 27 May6.30pm8.00pm</p><p>Borrow a living person for 20 minutesand learn something fascinating about</p><p>the people in our community. Bookingsrequired. See www.yprl.vic.gov.au</p><p>for a list of available books.</p><p>Nintendo Wii Session for AdultsFriday 28 May &amp; 25 June</p><p>11.00am12.00noon</p><p>Ever wanted to try the</p><p>Nintendo Wii but were tooafraid to have a go?</p><p>Want to find out howmuch fun you can</p><p>really have withoutkids around? Jointhis beginners</p><p>group. Go on, havea go! Refreshments</p><p>definitely provided!</p><p>Taste of Technology</p><p>Get Connected Workshop No.1Friday 18 June</p><p>10.00am3.00pm</p><p>Nintendo Wii. Video gaming. Internet</p><p>basics. Emailing. What is thistechnology? Why not sign up for our</p><p>starter workshop and learn all about it.Bookings required.</p><p>Taste of TechnologyGet Connected Workshop No.2Monday 21 June10.00am3.00pm</p><p>Youtube. Editing and burning photosto CD. Email advance. What is this</p><p>technology? Why not sign up for ourworkshop and learn all about it. We</p><p>will help you keep up with technology.Bookings required.</p><p>Top 20 Great Comedies</p><p>Film Clip NightThursday 17 June</p><p>6.30pm8.00pm</p><p>Join us for a night of fun, laughter and</p><p>great debate about what you think arethe funniest movies ever made. View film</p><p>clips of the funniest scenes in comedymovie history. Refreshments provided.</p><p> Taste of Technology</p><p>Get Connected Workshop No.3Friday 25 June</p><p>10.00am3.00pm</p><p>Library technology tour. Downloadingaudio books. Putting yourself on the</p><p>Internet using WikiNorthia. What is thistechnology? Why not sign up for ourworkshop and learn all about it. We will</p><p>help you keep up with technology.</p><p>Return of the StormchaserWednesday 23 June</p><p>6.30pm8.00pm</p><p>Stormchaser John Allen returns to showyou why chasing storms is the thrill ofthe hunt. Find out what technology is</p><p>used, how do storms form and why are</p><p>tornadoes hard to predict. View actualstorm footage and photos.</p><p>Creative Writing GroupMonday 3 May &amp; Monday 7 June11.00am12.30pm</p><p>Have a passion for writing? Want toshare your experiences with others?</p><p>Diamond Valley Creative Writing Groupcould be for you. Both beginners and</p><p>more experienced writers welcome.</p><p>Flamenco RhythmWorkshopThursday 6 May</p><p>7.00pm8.00pm</p><p>Try out some</p><p>simple steppingand clapping</p><p>rhythms fromthis traditional</p><p>dance formof the Spanish</p><p>gypsies. Bookings</p><p>required.</p><p>Nostalgic Movie AfternoonSunday 23 May&amp; 20 June</p><p>2.00pm4.00pm</p><p>Join us as we</p><p>take a stroll downmemory lane with</p><p>an old-time movie.Light refreshmentsprovided.</p><p>Family History Fest ContinuesUsing Letters and DiariesWednesday 26 May</p><p>1.30pm2.30pm</p><p>Beryl OGorman explains the value</p><p>and importance of heirloom lettersand diaries. Bring your own examples.</p><p>Bookings required.</p><p>The Spiritual Path</p><p>Finding Your WayWednesday 9 June7.00pm8.00pm</p><p>Whether you are starting out on a spiritualpath, or well on your way, the range of</p><p>choices seem daunting.</p><p>Author Lucas Ardwolf Beith deliversdown-to-earth talk exploring what is aspiritual path, why you might want to</p><p>travel it and how. Bookings required.</p><p>Family History Fest ContinuesWriting a Life StoryWednesday 23 June1.30pm2.30pm</p><p>Remember the people in your familyhistory. How do you capture the special</p><p>memories, people and events from theirlife? Robynne Tongue from MyLife</p><p>Story will provide tips to get you started.Bookings required.</p><p>NILLUMBIK ELTHAM LIBRARY Phone 9439 9266</p><p>Programs with BookingsBookings can now be processed online using</p><p>EventBrite. Visit www.yprl.vic.gov.au/Calendar/</p><p>and click on the bookings required link for your</p><p>chosen event. You can print tickets and have a</p><p>reminder email sent to you prior to the event.</p><p>No email address? Contact a library</p><p>branch for bookings.</p><p>Eltham Library is undergoing renovationsthroughout May and June. We apologisefor any inconvenience. Please refer toour website for updates.</p><p>Nationa</p><p>Simulta</p><p>StorytimWednesd</p><p>Diamond Valle</p><p>11.00am11.3</p><p>Lalor Library11.00am11.3</p><p>Rosanna Libra11.00am12.0</p><p>Watsonia Libr11.00am11.3</p><p>Discover why litCome along to on Wednesday</p><p>a simultaneousDogs Cant Ju</p><p>Whatley and Roby Bruce What</p><p>Librarians and the story to chi</p><p>across Australifriendly little wh</p><p>School</p><p>Holiday</p><p>Program</p><p>Magic </p><p>Your LiSaturday </p><p>Sunday 1It could be a ra</p><p>magically appeear, or an amaz</p><p>exactly what mat the libraries t</p><p>Pick up a flye</p><p>or see www.y</p><p>0825_YPRL_MayJune2010_FA.indd 1-3</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 YPRL Events 2010 May-Jun</p><p> 2/2</p><p>NEW French StorytimeTuesday 4 May &amp; 1June(First Tuesday of the Month)</p><p>11.15am12.00noon</p><p>Stories, songs and rhymes in French(and explained in English) for pre-schoolchildren. Early language learning in a</p><p>happy atmosphere.</p><p>The Conscious Cook</p><p>Giselle WilkinsonTuesday 4 May2.00pm3.00pm</p><p>Hear Giselle Wilkinson talk about her</p><p>cookbook The Conscious Cook, whichalso reveals how your choice of foodcan help your health and wellbeing while</p><p>helping the health and sustainability ofthe planet.</p><p>Teen Readers and WritersThursday 6 May &amp; 3 June4.00pm5.00pm</p><p>Are you at high school and like to read orwrite? Book club, discussions and review</p><p>sessions the focus depends on you.</p><p>Wii Competition for KidsTuesday 11 May5.00pm6.00pm</p><p>Play tennis, baseball and other Wii</p><p>sports. Enjoy pizza and soft drink whileyou watch and play. Bring your friends.</p><p>LIBRARY ANDINFORMATION WEEK</p><p>Lucky Dip of ReadingTuesday 25 May4.00pm5.00pm</p><p>Try your luck in the librarys LuckyDip of Reading! Who knows what</p><p>youll discover? For primary schoolage children.</p><p>Living LibraryThursday 27 May2.00pm4.30pm</p><p>Borrow a living person for 20 minutesand learn something fascinating about</p><p>the people in our community. Bookingsrequired. See www.yprl.vic.gov.au</p><p>for a list of available books.</p><p>Focus On Water Bug DiscoveryTuesday 1 June2.00pm3.00pm</p><p>See live water bugs in the library!</p><p>Discover the variety of small creaturesthat live in our local rivers and creeks,and their vital role in the survival of</p><p>native species.</p><p>French Language CafTuesday 15 June</p><p>4.30pm5.30pm</p><p>Are you a French speaker, or learningFrench? Come and enjoy pleasantconversation and good coffee. A native</p><p>French speaker will help learners.</p><p>Just4Kids</p><p>WinterTuesday 22 June4.00pm5.00pm</p><p>Winter starts on Tuesday 1 June.Celebrate the season with a winter craft</p><p>activity, puzzles and stories. For primaryschool age children.</p><p>Individual PC helpFridays throughout May &amp; June</p><p>Need help navigating the Net, onlineforms, Vista or Windows 7? Book an</p><p>individual session with our trainer, andcome out smiling! Bookings required.</p><p>Steven Conte</p><p>The Zookeepers WarThursday 6 May7.00pm8.00pm</p><p>Prime Ministers Literary Award 2008winnerSteven Conte talks about the</p><p>novelThe Zookeepers War, his newwork to be published later this year, and</p><p>novel writing. Bookings required.</p><p>Memories of Our CommunityHeroes and HeroinesTuesday 11 May</p><p>10.30am12.00noon</p><p>Who are the people who have inspiredyou? Come and explore past memorieswith our reminiscences group. Bring</p><p>along memorabilia or photographsto share.</p><p>Writers@WatsoniaWorkshoppingThursday 20 May6.30pm8.30pm</p><p>Share your work with fellow writers andget feedback. Please email your writing</p><p>pieces to lsiejka@yprl.vic.gov.auaweek before the session. Newmembers welcome.</p><p>LIBRARY ANDINFORMATION WEEK</p><p>Living Library LaunchMonday 24 May</p><p>6.30pm8.00pm</p><p>Join us for the launch of our new</p><p>Living Library where books comealive! Borrow an interesting high-</p><p>profile living book for half an hour,and discover how this innovative newprogram contributes to the community.</p><p>Personal Developmentand SpiritualityThursday 3 June</p><p>7.00pm8.00pm</p><p>Wayne Gosshall</p><p>runs workshopsand seminars</p><p>on tarotreading,</p><p>meditation,magick andchannelling. In</p><p>this talk he willfocus on spiritual development, how it</p><p>differs from personal development, andhow to get started. Bookings required.</p><p>Get Connected</p><p>Google Me!Friday 4 June, 11 June, 18 June &amp;25 June</p><p>9.30am11.00am</p><p>Explore the wonders of Gmail, iGoogle,Picasa and Google Earth throughout</p><p>June, with our savvy staff guide.Bookings required.</p><p>Memories of our CommunityThe Golden Years of RadioTuesday 8 June10.30am12.00noon</p><p>We remember the days of sitting aroundthe radio, captivated by our favourite</p><p>radio announcer. Bring your memoriesand your old radio if you have it.</p><p>Jane Austen: An Abundanceof TalentThursday 10 June7.00pm8.30pm</p><p>Members from the Jane Austen Societywill discuss the life and works of this</p><p>talented writer. Bring your favouriteAusten novels and be ready for a lively</p><p>discussion. Bookings required.</p><p>Writers@WatsoniaShort Stories and Micro-FictionThursday 17 June6.30pm8.30pm</p><p>We will discuss ideas about short storywriting, and explore our ideas in various</p><p>exercises led by teacher and writerKay Arthur.The Writers@Watsonia are</p><p>a lively group of writers, who welcomenew members.</p><p>REFUGEE WEEK</p><p>Amnesty InternationalTuesday 22 June7.00pm8.00pm</p><p>We spend time considering the rights</p><p>of refugees and their experiencesseeking safety. Presented byAmnestyInternational. Bookings required.</p><p>BANYULE IVANHOE LIBRARY Phone 9497 5780 BANYULE WATSONIA LIBRARY Phone 9435 2397</p><p>WHITTL</p><p>New Online TechnologiesFacebookTuesday 4 May12.00noon1.00pm</p><p>Explore the new social networkingphenomena of Facebook. Connect</p><p>with your friends and family online.Bookings required.</p><p>Scrabble NightThursday 13 May &amp; 10 June6.30pm9.00pm</p><p>Family, friendly fun with the</p><p>Greensborough Scrabble Club. Suitablefor beginners and the more experienced.Light refreshments.</p><p>Creative Writing WorkshopThursday 20 May7.00pm8.00pm</p><p>Hear author Wayne J Cosshall speak onprint-on-demand publishing and e-book</p><p>publishing. Anyone with an interest increative writing is encouraged to attend.</p><p>Bookings required.</p><p>LIBRARY ANDINFORMATION WEEK</p><p>Living LibraryWednesday 26 May6.30pm8.00pm</p><p>Borrow a living person for 20 minutesand learn something fascinating about</p><p>the people in our community. Bookingsrequired. See www.yprl.vic.gov.au</p><p>for a list of available books.</p><p>Books Seek Readers</p><p>Rosanna Railway StationFriday 28 May</p><p>7.00am9.00am</p><p>Select a free book to read onyour journey! Read and release.Track the books adventure on</p><p>Bookcrossing.com.</p><p>The Saturday StoryExtended EditionSaturday 29 May11.30am12.30pm</p><p>Access the whole alphabet withstories, songs and craft. VIP access to</p><p>a secret area and refreshments!</p><p>An Evening with Karen TayleurThursday 27 May</p><p>7.00pm8.00pm</p><p>Hear Karen Tayleur talk about her books</p><p>Chasing BoysandHostage, The DavidMortimer Baxterseries and two books</p><p>in the popularAll Starsnetball series.</p><p>Bedtime Storytime</p><p>Ahoy Pirates! Thursday 10 June</p><p>7.00pm7.45pm</p><p>Dress up as a pirate or</p><p>wear your PJs and bea Pyjama Pirate for this</p><p>special storytime. Make a pirate hat.Then, we search for treasure</p><p>Flamenco Rhythm WorkshopThursday 17 June2.00pm3.00pm</p><p>Try out some simple stepping andclapping rhythms from this traditional</p><p>dance form of the Spanish gypsies.Bookings required.</p><p>BANYULE ROSANNA LIBRARY Phone 9459 6171</p><p>FortnightlWednesda</p><p>Wednesda11.00am1</p><p>Join this grocharities. D</p><p>needles we</p><p>Weekly SEvery Thur</p><p>1.00pm3.</p><p>The convers</p><p>our Weeklyplay games</p><p>Teen NighFriday 7 M5.00pm7.</p><p>Join our teeor one of ou</p><p>year olds.</p><p>ESL ConvEvery Satu</p><p>11.30am1</p><p>Come alonghave a cup conversatio</p><p>Italian StoMonday 1710.00am1</p><p>Join Nonnarhymes, sto</p><p>Polish NEMonday 3 2.00pm3.</p><p>Select from</p><p>including DVbooks. Enjo</p><p>A Place to Hang Out?Every Tuesday</p><p>3.30pm5.00pm</p><p>Looking for somewhere to hang out with</p><p>your friends after school? Table tennis,pool table, music and video games.</p><p>Snacks provided. Ages 1218.</p><p>Mothers Day StorytimeSaturday 8 May</p><p>10.30am11.30am</p><p>This storytime is ideal for those busy</p><p>mums who are unable to make ourweekly sessions. Enjoy some stories with</p><p>your children. Stay and help your childmake a special gift just for you.</p><p>LAW WEEKWills and Powers of AttorneyIn Partnership with Whittlesea</p><p>Community Legal Service</p><p>Thursday 20 May10.30am11.30am</p><p>Learn about wills, the most importantdocument of your life. Hear advice on</p><p>how to choose an executor, makingchanges, powers of attorney and costs.</p><p>Presented by Robert Frajsman of theWhittlesea Community Legal Service.Bookings required.</p><p>LIBRARY ANDINFORMATION WEEK</p><p>Henna Body Painting andTemporary TattoosTuesday 25 May</p><p>11.00am12.00noon</p><p>A henna body art specialist will</p><p>demonstrate exotic body art designsand patterns to use on various parts</p><p>of the body. Come along and get atemporary tattoo. Bookings required.</p><p>AustraliasThursday 210.00am1</p><p>Join us for tTea and heCancer Codonation yo</p><p>morning teaavailable to</p><p>Shrinky DThursday 3</p><p>3.30pm4.</p><p>Join us for t</p><p>a magic piepicture, the</p><p>your eyes a</p><p>WHITTLESEA THOMASTOWN LIBRARY Phone 9464 1864</p><p>WHITTL</p><p>0825_YPRL_MayJune2010_FA.indd 4-6</p></li></ul>