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Your Marketing Voice “ How to Manage Your Social Media”. Social Media Profiles. Facebook Create a Facebook Page Twitter LinkedIn Stumble Upon Digg Buzz Herd. Facebook Personal Page. Facebook Business Page. Twitter Page. LinkedIn Page. 3 Easy Management Sites. Hootsuite - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Your Marketing Voice How to Manage Your Social Media

Your Marketing Voice

How to Manage Your Social Media1Social Media Profiles Facebook Create a Facebook Page Twitter LinkedInStumble UponDiggBuzz Herd

2Facebook Personal Page

3Facebook Business Page

4Twitter Page

5LinkedIn Page

63 Easy Management SitesHootsuite




Hootsuite Hootsuite is a FREE service where you can setup all your social media profiles and schedule your posts to go out weeks in advance! your posts to go out weeks in advance!

8TweetAdderThis allows you to have a automated system for Twitter. You can find people by Keywords, Location, and Profile Data. You can setup auto-responders and follow 50 people a day!

9TwellowThis is Twitters Yellow pages where you can target who you are looking for. Search by city & state, or industry. This is a easier way of finding people to follow on Twitter.

105 Keys to Social Media Success:1) Building a Online CommunityHelp by connecting people that would be a good power partner, client, customer ETC.Sharing events you attend or status updatesCommenting and Liking peoples postEngaging in conversation with potential power partners or ideal clientsSee how you can help them before asking for help (Givers Gain)

2) Educational Content80/20 rule 80% Educational Content, 20% SellingDaily Tips that can help people in their daily life, business and personal

3) Make Your Page InteractiveHave referrals contest, the person who sends you the most referrals get a ___________Create discussions on your page where you can get peoples feedback and answers questions they have.

4) Share Your SecretsTell people new cool things you have learnedShare with people some of your business secrets, this shows them that you know what you are talking about, and also will gain trust in what you do.Give credit to people that have helped you on your journey

5) ASKING For BusinessAsking for referrals of people you are looking for, who you want to work with or industries you want to connect withAsk people who they know and if they would be willing to introduce you

11How Much Time Does Social Media Take?What efforts you put into social media, are the results you will see.If you commit 20 minutes a day to add 10 people to Facebook, 50 people to Twitter a day you will see a return.Social Media can be a very efficient tool to use to increase your business.

12Still Overwhelmed?If you need help managing your social media please contact Amber Montel with Your Marketing Voice to get help today!Email: cewamontel@yahoo.comPhone: 720-338-6996Website: