Writing Habits From 15 Minutes a Day to Peer Writing Groups.

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Writing Habits

Writing HabitsFrom 15Minutes a Day to Peer WritingGroupsTake AwaysWrite every dayKnow your audience & movesMake linkagesCreate space

5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPWriting PromptsList all the types of documents you write in your professional lifeWhat is the most difficult part of writing for you?What writing practices have you found most successful?What about writing gives you pleasure?5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPEvery dayThere are two types of [dissertations]:

Perfect ones

Completed ones 15- minutes a dayReadUse tech tools Share

5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPAudience, Purpose & GenreWriters acquire and strategically deploy genre knowledge as they participate in their fields or professions knowledge-producing activities. Berkenkotter and Huckin 19955/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPAudience, Purpose & GenreLearn the Genre(s)Know the moves made in a textKnow how to make those movesAsk peers questionsAsk for examples

e.g., Journal ArticlesWrite for a journalWhats the conversation?What do you want to say?What are typical and atypical forms?5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPAcademic Moves

I hope in this book to describe intellectual writing as a fluid and social activity and to offer to you some strategies, some moves as a writer, for participating in it. Joseph Harris5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPLinkagesLink to Institute mission and priorities, not just disciplinary questions & conversationsAvoid bifurcation, when possible link teaching-research-service

5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPCreate SpaceSupport GroupsRegular talkWriting RetreatsEpisodic, a space to work, collective focus & energyWriting GroupsRegular draft exchange 5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPWriting Group ExperiencesIf you are or have been in a Support or Writing Group, what has been its best aspects?When you receive feedback on your writing, what do you appreciate most?5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWPWriting GroupsChallengesFeedback learning how to give feedback to peers Scheduling when, how often, where?Commitment giving time (e.g., reading, writing comments, meeting to discuss, revising)OpportunitiesAffinity GroupsDisciplineCohortLocationExigencyTechnology

5/22/2013David S. Martins - UWP


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