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World cup infographic 2014
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ince the last World Cup in 2010, social media’s presence in the world of sports has grown exponentially. Since 2010, Facebook has more than doubled its monthly active users, which now total over 1.2 billion, while Twitter has grown nearly 5x during that same span to over 255 million monthly active users. While both platforms continue to grow year-over-year, there are new opportunities every day for marketers to reach their audience and this year’s World Cup presents an optimal platform to do just that. In this infographic, you’ll find everything you need to enhance your social strategy around this year’s games. From FIFA’s official partners and their fan bases to the top players and teams on social media, we’ve got all of the bases (or should we say goal posts?) covered. The 2014 World Cup is the largest sporting event of the year; with teams from over 20 countries participating in the games, there will always be a social audience during the month of matches. Think of our infographic as a guide to that audience that can serve as a point of reference to enhance your planned campaigns and help capitalize on real-time moments throughout the World Cup.


  • TOP (socially) Twitter FollowersFacebook Fans 43 games 11games Broadcast windows will start 30 minutes before kickoff. There will also be a 90-minute wrap-up show each night during the tournament. US TV NETWORKS BROADCASTING GAMES* In 2010 during the nal match, tweets reaching a high of 3200+ tweets per second and tweets from 172 different countries in 27 different languages setting a record Millions of people around the globe will be tuning in to watch the sporting event of the year, FIFA World Cup 2014, and social channels will provide fans and players a virtual seat at this year's most anticipated event. For advertisers, this is is the largest stage of the year to interact with an engaged audience. Social marketers: here is your guide. 3,063,427 74,493 3,185,231 3,282,285 14,852,597 16,851,328 83,275,945 5,597,441 157,696 141,962 2,441,106 180,957 1,100,211 2,503,990 SpainGermanyPortugal Brazil Colombia UrguayArgentina Switzerland Ita ly Greece England Belgium Chile USA Netherlands FranceUkraineRussia Mexico Croatia Population Facebook 47.3m 20m 42.3% 3.4m 2m 58.5% 41m 24m 58% 8m 3.4m 42.5% 56 m 28 m 34.2% 11.14 m 5.6 m 50% 17.5 m10.6 m 60.6% 313.9 m 180 m 42.3% 16.4m 9 m 54.9% 45.6m 3.2m 7% 143.5m8.6m 6%120.8m54m 44.7% 4.3m 1.8m 41.9% 65.7m 30m 65.7% 60.9 m 26 m42.7.3% 11.3 m 4.6 m40.7% 50% 81.9m 28m 10.53m 5.2m 49.4% 198.7.3m 92m 46.3% 47.7m 22 m46.1% OF POPULATION ON FACEBOOK 19.9 million Wayne Rooney 20 million 8.8 million Followers Likes N eym arJnior 10.8 m illion 23.3m illion Follow ers Likes C ristiano Ronaldo 84 m illion26.6 m illion Follow ers Likes Andres Iniesta 8.7 million Followers Likes Robin van Persie 5.1 million 9.2 million Followers Likes Mesut Ozil 19.8 million 5.83 million Followers Likes Xabi Alonso 7.29 million Followers Gerard Piqu 15 million 3.23 million Followers Likes LionelM essi 1.1 m illion 57.8 m illion Follow ers Likes M ario Balotelli 7.1 m illion 2.19 m illion Follow ers Likes 21 M 29 M 50 M Total Fans FemaleMale SOCCER fans on 684,819 1,358,300 Germany 467,00 2,759,592 Spain 587,693 1,355,075 Brazil 1,416,983 Japan 487,2571,426,342 Mexico 6,341,225 1,489,970 2,300,854 TOP 6 (socially) #WorldCup #Brazil2014 #Brasil2014 #FIFA #WorldCup2014 #WorldCup14 #WC2014 #FIFAWorldCup #WorldsCup #WorldCupBrazil TOP 10 RELATED HASHTAGS USA *Source: and Facebook: Twitter: @SHIFTplatform *Count as of June 9, 2014 *Count as of June 9, 2014 *Count as of June 9, 2014 *Source: *Source: Google & Facebook, May 2014 *Source: Twitter, May 2014 * * * * *