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<p>Topology and Geometry Basics</p> <p>Windows 8 / Runtime for developersby Alexandr Buganov, Engineering software departmentApril 2013</p> <p>www.amcbridge.com1Welcome to Windows 8Windows RTWindows 8Windows 8 ProWindows 8 Enterprise</p> <p>+ Window Phone 8Editions</p> <p>Devices</p> <p>Developers registration in UkraineSupported apps typeAnnual PriceIndividualCompanyWindows StoreFree / Paid400 UAH800 UAHWindows Phone 8Free only800 UAHLooking insideWindow 8 = Windows 7 + RT</p> <p>In short, WinRT is the Object Oriented Programming replacement for Win32Main RT API features: - Multiple languages support - Metadata (even for JS / C++) - Asynchrony - Its nativeIts native</p> <p>C++ Component Extensions (C++/CX)- Similar to C++/CLI- Its native code, C++/CLI is managed- You can mix C++ and RT typesWhat's a hat (^)?</p> <p>- Its syntactic sugar for a pointer to a vtable</p> <p>Using Platform::StringCreating WinRT components</p> <p>Type conversions between WinRT and C++ types</p> <p>Multiple languages support</p> <p>MetadataAsynchrony</p> <p>C#async / awaitAsynchrony</p> <p>C++Parallel Patterns Library Tasks</p> <p>AsynchronyJavascript</p> <p>C# Projects</p> <p>C++ Projects</p> <p>JS ProjectsWork with old codeC# assemblies - ?- No- Recompilation is requiredC++ DLL / LIB- Yes, but- New compiler options</p> <p>Windows Store App Support optionC++</p> <p>Consume Windows Runtime Extension optionC++Graphics APIXNA - ?</p> <p>OpenGL - ?DirectX - ?Only as native / unmanaged by C++/CX</p> <p>Window 8 vs. Windows PhoneThe set of Windows Runtime API not supported on Windows Phone 8The set of Windows Runtime API adopted for Windows Phone 8.MS added key APIs needed to build great apps for the phone. These are represented by area 3 in the diagram and total about 600 members.Resources</p> <p>Questions ?</p>