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A Basic Features Comparison of the Two Big players in Mobile OS World


  • 1.Windows Phone 8 vs.Android Jelly BeanA Basic Features Comparison of the Two Bigplayers in Mobile OS World

2. A quick look at the other Mobile OS1. iOS: Until now, the most capable competitor. iPhones have held thecrown of the "best smartphone" for many years ( 3GS held and then 4S ),but with every passing year, it is facing stiffer competition.2. BlackBerry OS: 2-3 years ago, BlackBerry had a major share in thesmartphone segment. And with the ofce going people, it nearlydominated other phones. But the company has released glimpses of itsupcoming new mobile OS called BB10, and by the look of that, it can posesome serious competition to other OS. 3. Android Jelly Bean Features which make itbetter than Windows Phone 8?1. Redesigned Notication bar: The wholenotication bar has been changed. Former Androidusers, may be aware of swiping over the top bar tobring down a screen. The notication screen. That hasbeen re-designed. It is beautiful than ever.2. More languages supported for use on the keyboardnow. Apart from the usual group of languages,support has been added for typing in hindi, persian,arabic and many more languages. 4. Android Jelly Bean Features which make itbetter than Windows Phone 8?3. Google Now. Yes, this is Android(or Googles) answer to Apples SIRI.This killer app can do the same thingas Siri can do, plus many more. It cananalyze and understand your personallife (based on your searches and use ofother google sites ). This app is surelygoing to set eyes rolling of other OSusers (particularly, iOS). 5. Windows Phone 8 Features which make itbetter than Android Jelly Bean?1. Metro Look: With live tiles and clean icons stuff,Windows Phone are easy on the eye and easy tonavigate through. Windows Phone 8 scores with itssimpler and cleaner UI.2. Consumes Less Battery Power: Windows Phoneare known to have good battery life. Androidphones have the usual habit of letting somebackground apps to function and consume batterypower. However, how long you may use a windowsphone, it still gives you satisfactory battery left. 6. Windows Phone 8 Features which make itbetter than Android Jelly Bean?3. Expanding App Market. The Android clearly wins with over 600,000 appswhere as the Windows Phone have about 125,000 apps with a few 25,000being added every few weeks. But needless to say, Microsoft is tryingeverything it can to increase the app market. Windows Phone marketplacealready has all the important apps like Skype, Evernote, Whatsapp, Talk.toand some really exciting 3D games (with enviable graphics) like Need ForSpeed : Hot Pursuit, NFS : Shift, Asphalt.Developers are moving to or porting their existing apps for WindowsPhone really fast, and that is a great sign for Windows Phone 8. 7. Windows Phone 8 Features which make itbetter than Android Jelly Bean?4. Beautiful Integration of Social Media Sites, Gmail andLive Tiles Inbuilt: Windows Phone beautifully integrateswith all these sites. In fact it has native app forFacebook and many others, whereas in Android youhave to download apps. Just enter your Facebook orGmail details and updates appear straight on yourhome-screen. It makes your social life even moreinteresting. 8. Windows Phone 8 is looking well suited, to become the third major mobile ecosystem, after Apples iOS and Android in the world. 9. TechAhead is excited about this giant leap in mobile platforms andis ready to deliver its benets to clients. We understand that everyapplication needs a fresh perspective bolstered by a customizedapproach towards its development. Our company possesses anenthusiastic team of expert mobile application developmentprogrammers and designers who create impressive and popular Windows Phone 8 Apps.Write to us at for a FREE 30-minute no obligation consultation with our mobile app experts($200 Value). You can also reach us on Website - Facebook - - -


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