will wearable technology mean wearable web design?

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How will wearable gadgets like Google Glass influence web design?



2. Its a great possibility that, in the near future, gadgets will no longer be handheld. Theyre going to be worn. 3. The more wearable tech are produced and bought, the more companies and clients adjust to the new gadgets- and you play a great role in designing what they perceive. 4. There have been lot of things that changed since mobile browsing was introduced. But what will be the changes to web design when wearables invade the market? 5. Designs will surely be responsive Websites will surely look ahead and try to plan to convert their designs to fit the wearable tech screen. 6. More instant information The main point of wearing a gadget with you is for you to access information without even reaching for your pocket. 7. What does this mean for web design? Content should be offered faster than normal. Web design should not slow the users access to information. 8. Interactivity will increase Voice controls and interactivity will surely be developed in the future. Websites will become more dynamic and reactive to basic navigation movements. 9. More minimal design Wearable tech have smaller screen spaces. You have to adhere with minimalism to successfully create a better website. 10. Font size will grow bigger 11. Conclusion We can never tell when wearable tech will dominate the market. But, being a proactive web designer, you need to think ahead of this trend so that when it arrives, you wont go through the trouble of adjusting. 12. Wanna learn more? Check out our Webinar!