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A New Dimension in Fatigue PreventionFrom The Fatigue ProfessorWide Workers In Dangerous EnvironmentsAwakeAlert, Wide Awake, Keenly Engaged

Wide AwakeAn Effective Fatigue Prevention Program for less than the cost of 45 minutes sick leave.

2Fatigue is a Major Problem in Australian Workplaces. It: Leads to death on the roadsLeads to low productivity and poor work performanceIs recognised as a major contributor to workplace injury and deathOccurs in over 30% of employees.Makes workers twice as likely to suffer presenteeism or absenteeismResearch shows that 10% of surveyed fatigued workers estimate a loss of 4 hrs per week productive time.

May require more than one slide3Create a Highly Productive, Low Risk WorkforceWide Awake is a Fatigue Prevention Program that delivers substantial safety and productivity improvements, for less than the cost of a single 45 min bout of sick leave per employee.

The Wide Awake Program DeliversWide Awake is MORE THAN a Fatigue Prevention program, delivered directly to your employees without taking them off the job.No more disruptions and roster nightmares as you try to get your teams into seminar situations. Wide Awake is delivered to your team, right where they are.

The Wide Awake Program DeliversThe program clearly outlines the causes of fatigue, gives the employee a deep understanding of how fatigue manifests and teaches them how to easily and readily recognise the approaching signs of fatigue.Wide Awake gives the employee the tools, tips and strategies to stop fatigue in its tracks and maintain a high level of alertness.

Wide Awake Additional BenefitsThe program can be shared, by the employee, with family to increase support and adherence.Caters to all learning stylesEmpowers employees to recognise fatigue in co-workers and to be able to support them with corrective action.

Wide Awake Additional BenefitsGreatly enhances employee health, thus reducing the risk of sick days.Delivered to your employees where they are. No Downtime required.Contributes to a significant boost in workplace culture and reduces the incidence of presenteeism.

Any WorkplaceTransportMiningConstructionRailEmergency ServicesWarehousingManufacturingOffice Environments and More

9Wide Awake - A Thumbnail SketchOn the 1st of each month, the employee receives a CD in the mail. This CD contains easy to listen to information, in short 5-8 minute bites of a total duration up to 60 minutes.The CD Content can be listened to in a car, or transferred to smart phone or mp3 player.The CD can be shared with family creating a greater opportunity for at-home support.

May require more than one slide10Wide Awake - A Thumbnail SketchOn the 10th and again the 20th of each month the employee receives a 4 page color A4 Newsletter in the post.The Newsletter can be shared with partners and family.Written in a light and informative manner, brightly presented, the Newsletters are very attractive and do get read.

Online Assessment Available

May require more than one slide11Wide Awake CD Cover

Online Assessment AvailableMay require more than one slide12Wide Awake - A Thumbnail SketchThe Articles, Stories, Tips and Product reviews in the Newsletters are an educational progression from the CD content.By the End of the month, the employee has a strong understanding of this area of Fatigue Prevention.We do not seek payment for reviewing products in newsletters. All products presented and reviewed are presented because we believe them to be useful and helpful.

Online Assessment Available

May require more than one slide13Wide Awake Program SummaryMonth 1 Introduction to Fatigue, Hydration, Water Consumption, Flexible Thinking. The program addresses the critical role hydration plays.

Month 2 Attitude, Outlook, Mindset and Personal Responsibility. A look at how these all contribute to fatigue, mood, energy levels and personal productivity.

Online Assessment Available

May require more than one slide14Wide Awake Program SummaryMonth 3 Oxygenation of the Body, Keeping the Blood Healthy to optimize Oxygen Transport and the relationship of all this to fatigue and illness. Nutrition for Health and Vitality.

Month 4 Sleep, Rest, Recovery, Shift Work and Self Management. Mastering these to avoid the pitfalls of sleep deficit. Changing Fatigue Creating Habits.

Online Assessment Available

May require more than one slide15Wide Awake Program SummaryMonth 5 Exercise, Personal Fitness, Fitness for Work, Body Management and Care, Optimizing energy through optimizing personal fitness.

Month 6 The Mind Body Connection, Understanding Stress, Reducing Stress, Creating Balance and Managing Ones life, including the challenges of Shiftwork and FIFO.

Online Assessment Available

May require more than one slide16InvestmentDepending on the Number of Employees, the program costs approximately $12 per employee per month ex GST, delivered.

Significant Large Volume Discounts are available.

May require more than one slide17Your Next StepContact the Fatigue Professor by email now to deliver Wide Awake to your team or call 03 9005 7553.

It is time to Wake up and STOP Fatigue in its Tracks to create a safer, more productive workplace.

May require more than one slide18Put Your Workers Back in the Drivers SeatFrom The Fatigue ProfessorWide Workers In Dangerous EnvironmentsAwakeAlert, Wide Awake, Keenly Engaged