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<ol><li> 1. Website Strategies Webstrategies Pty. Ltd. PO Box 517 Buderim Queensland, 4556 www.websitestrategies.com.au Blog post archive. From: http://www.a1drivingschool.co.nz/news/a1-driving-school-why-you-need-an- advanced-defensive-driving-course/ Why You Need An Advanced Defensive Driving Course You're never too experienced to take an advanced defensive driving course. After all, has there ever been a wrong time to try and become a safer driver? A course in defensive driving, no matter your age or number of years on the road, will change the way you think about your driving. It could even save your life. The Worst Drivers In The World? Learner drivers are flocking to defensive driving courses, and that's obviously a good thing. Never mind that their main reason for doing so is a substantial reduction in the restricted licence period! Regardless of their motivation, learning to become a defensive driver can only benefit a young person, something quite apparent when you look at the statistics. For example, 15 to 19 year old drivers make up just 5% of licensed drivers, yet between 2009 and 2011 they accounted for 13% of all drivers involved in minor injury crashes, 13% of drivers in serious injury crashes and 11% of drivers involved in fatal road accidents. After reflecting on these figures, you might sit back and think that young drivers are responsible for everything wrong on our roads. However, the road toll is far </li><li> 2. Website Strategies too high across all age groups. Granted, the 2012 road toll of 307 was the second lowest in 60 years (thanks to better driver education in Auckland and nationwide) but that is still a shameful statistic for a country of our size. No wonder many international visitors consider New Zealand drivers to be among the worst in the world. Why You Would Benefit From An Advanced Defensive Driving Course Sure, you say. There are some bad drivers out there. But not me...I've been driving for years! Have you considered that years of driving might equate to years of bad habits on the road? Excessive speed. Reckless overtaking. Not driving to the conditions. Can you honestly say you're not guilty of doing any of these things? It's probably more by good luck than good management that you are not a statistic yourself. The longer you drive, it's easy to switch onto auto-pilot, and it becomes increasingly difficult to detect the bad habits that are creeping into your driving. A defensive driving course would make you aware of these bad habits, and teach you how to break them. You'll learn how to recognise hazards on the roads and how to avoid situations that cause accidents. Remember how easy it was to get your driver's licence? Compared to today's strict and graduated licensing procedure, it was nothing more than a spin around the block. Given that you had to do the bare minimum to get a licence back then, were you ever fully equipped to be a really safe driver? You might be an experienced motorist but you might have picked up some baggage on your journeys, in the shape of those dreaded bad habits that creep into your driving until that fateful day when...well, that doesn't bear thinking about. Your Luck Won't Last Forever What you should consider though, is an advanced defensive driving course. Even at this stage of your driving career, it can teach you the things you didn't need to learn back in the days of 'round-the-block' practical tests. It will give you a clear idea of the standards now expected of our learner drivers. And, it will change the way you drive. You can't rely on luck to stay alive on the roads. It's time you learnt the skills that our safest and most competent drivers possess. Visit website: http://www.a1drivingschool.co.nz/ </li></ol>