Why sleep is such a winner

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2. You body is designed to function like a well-oiled machine
3. Like a machine,it needs to be cared for.
4. Your body's natural restorative mechanism is SLEEP
5. The importanceof SLEEP is beyond question
6. It is our body's time to relax and recuperate
7. from all the daily STRESS one encounters
8. Adults require7-8 hours of sleep on average
9. Childrenneed MORE
10. While sleeping,growth hormones are secreted
11. reducing the riskof developing heart disease
12. and other illnesses
13. Experts also recommendnapping every day
14. with the sole purposeof rejuvenating one's energy
15. and stayinghealthy and vibrant
16. All you need is 20 minutes of your time
17. Without doubt,SLEEP is a WINNER!
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