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  • *Who We Are* *What We Do* *Why You Should Use CMP Repair* *What Can You Expect*
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  • We are a leader in Corrugated Metal Pipe Repair. Part of the Urelift, Starlift family of companies. Working with BNSF, Union Pacific, and various city managers and county commissioners. The only poly urethane injection process used in CMP Repair.
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  • Problem : Deterioration of CMP: Abrasion and Erosion pH and Resistivity of the soil and water Flow Line Corrosion effects: Structural deterioration of flow line Structural backfill displaced Side support is lost Sink holes develop at surface Catastrophic failure
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  • Asset with corroded bottom, losing flow and soil stability
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  • CMP Repair relines the flow line invert with a corrosion resistant material
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  • The corrosion resistant material is attached using corrosion resistant structural screws
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  • Laying overlapping sheets upstream.
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  • High density poly urethane is injected to: *Fill voids created by erosion *Stabilize soil *Bonds existing pipe to new corrosion free insert *Displaces water *Forces flow to return to host pipe.
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  • Original flow returns and life of pipe is extended 15-20 years
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  • BEFOREAFTER Harris County Flood Control Katy, TX
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  • BEFORE AFTER Union Pacific Railroad Fayetteville, TX
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  • BEFOREAFTER City of Bastrop Bastrop, TX
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  • BEFORE AFTER Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR Oklahoma USA
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  • Why You Should Use CMP Repair
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  • * No Loss of Revenue Stream or Track Time *Worldwide affiliation : Uretek Worldwide *Nationwide references: BNSF, Union Pacific, City of Ft. Worth, Harris Co. Flood Control *Only high density poly urethane bonding process *Quickest method to repair CMP and extend life of asset.
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  • *The most economical solution to CMP Repair *No Loss of revenue during repair. *Quick and clean method of repair *Less collateral damage during repair *extended life of host pipe.
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  • Contact: CMP Repair 15525 Coe Loop Magnolia, TX 77335 281-356-2084 (O) Cmprepair.com