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    Big Companies Can Innovate!!!

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    The Future: Reflect on this.

    Do we need recruiters? Can an alghoritm replace a recruiter? Are we addicted to agencies? Are sourcers talented enough?

    Do recruiters care about data? Will a recruiter ever report to the board? Do we ignore illegal sourcing? Is LinkedIn the past or the future?

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    -75,000 Employees -120 Nationalities worldwide -130 Countries

    -Large. Innovative. Ambitious.

    About SAP

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    -Live in a world of NOW

    -Real time is behind time!!!

    -Data streams real time back to Mission Control

    SAP Big Data in Action

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    Good Recruitment is tough. Mediocre recruitment is easy!

    Matthew Jeffery

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    Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. By WHY I mean your purpose, cause or belief. WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?

    People dont buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

    -Simon Sinek, Start with Why

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    -Misinformed Brand Perception -A Cloud Brand? -Need to Simplify -B2B competing sexy brands on campus -Outdated Careers site -Broadcast Social Media -Reduce Agency & Job Board Dependency -Need for pipelining -ROI of Recruitment?

    We faced many challenges

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    Number 1 Cloud Company

    Our Vision

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    -New Talent -New Skill Sets -New Culture

    -From New Companies



    But this requires change

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    Are the Best Candidates Active?


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    -80% of the Talent Pool is Passive

    -So why do we spend so much time in the Active 20%?

    -Is the War for Talent a war in the active space only?

    The Talent Pool

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    Why do we leave so much recruitment to luck?

    -Right Person -Right Time -See Right Advert -Has time to Reply -Recruiter sees them

    Recruitment Lottery

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    Why put in extra work when active candidates are there and waiting? Do Hiring Managers care? Are Hiring Managers patient?

    But being lazy is so..easy

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    And to be a little more aggressive in our pursuit of excellence

    We needed fundamental transformation

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    Employment Branding to shape & educate

    Stage 1: Shape the Perception

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    -Responsive Design fully mobile enabled -Emphasis on Diversity -Emphasis on Video -Integrated Job Search -Bold, Visual with more approachable language -Tailored entry points for High School, Graduates & Professionals based on job area & location

    New Careers Site: Shop Window to the World

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    -Hired a video editor

    -Videos HAVE to be Authentic

    -Video sweet spot 60-90 secs

    -New YouTube Channel dedicated to Employee Videos

    -Over 50 new Employee Videos on Careers Site and across Social

    Let the voice of your Employee be Heard

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    -Great Places to Work Awards -Best Employee Awards -Glassdoor Ratings

    If you are a great place to work.prove it!!!

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    -Priortise & Limit Channels -We do: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blog, Instagram

    Social Media: Engagement not broadcast

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    Employment Brand Menu designed to demonstrate to the business what the team can deliver from free services to those that require business funding including:

    qDigital marketing

    qVideos in specific locations

    qCreation of micro websites

    qCreation of printed materials

    EB Menu: Freemium to Premium

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    One, if not THE, FASTEST growing Talent Community in the world!!

    Talent community members register core skills and receive job alerts that match skills

    Builds a Talent Community database that allows email marketing through market segmentation

    Communities REALLY do WORK

    600,000 members in a year

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    Track Job Board ROI Number of applies/Interviews/Hires per channel

    ROI on Social Media

    Careers Site effectiveness

    BIG DATA is Important

    Line of Sight Analytics

    Advanced Sourcing Analytics




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    Designing Collateral, Posters, SWAG, Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Creating desire

    In House Creatives

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    Graduate Recruitment New Style

    The Future of Recruitment

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    Is modern day Graduate Recruitment Elitist?


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    Or do we hire from the best universities what we can attract?

    Is a University Brand more attractive than a skillset?

    We asked: Do we hire THE best graduates?

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    Can an Algorithm replace a recruiter?

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    SAP Deep Thinking: WGLL

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    Real Time Feedback 2 stage Pass/Fail Assessment

    Embracing Social Media

    Democratising Graduate Recruitment

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    SAP Sales Academy - 75% of candidates said that the online tools boosted their motivation to progress to application - 88% said online tools were more engaging than other graduate applications - Over 1.2 million visitors to the site globally - Projected cost saving of 250,000 in year one (less recruiter screening time) - 100% said that the bootcamp increased their motivation to work at SAP, were happy they took part, and thought the experience provided a great insight into working at SAP .

    Measuring Success

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    Sourcing / Hunter

    Research/Map/Organagram/Business Intelligence

    Stage 2: PinPoint the Talent

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    Branding educates the wider talent pool

    Sourcing pin pints individual top talent

    We welded them together

    Sourcing & Branding: 2 Separate Functions?

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    Gamification meets Sourcing


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    League Tables Performance KPIs Hires per month Number of submittals to CFRs per month Number of candidate screens per month Submittal to interview ratio Time KPIs Time to source (from sourcing req open to 1st

    submittal) Time to source (from sourcing req open to 3rd or 4th


    Quality KPIs Survey to CFRs and Candidates screened by HM LinkedIn usage KPIs Days visited Searches Profile Views Inmails - acceptance rate

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    Sales Data: Quotas

    Performance Review Grades


    Quality of Hire

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    SAP Recruitment & E-Branding Awards 2015 ERE -Best Employment Brand -Most strategic use of technology

    Recruiter - Best Graduate Recruitment Strategy - Best Global/International Recruitment


    Brandon Hall - Best Recruitment Marketing &

    Employment Brand

    Asia Recruitment Awards Gold Best Graduate Recruitment Strategy Silver: Best Employment Brand Silver: Best Careers Site Silver: Best Diversity & Inclusion

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    Recruitment is CRITICAL to a business

    Why are we so undervalued as an profession?

    If we hire the Best Salespeople: Profits Grow

    If we hire the best developers: Our products win & we innovate

    Hire average or poor..

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    As you leave reflect again.YOU decide

    Do we need recruiters? Can an alghoritm replace a recruiter? Are we addicted to agencies? Are sourcers talented enough?

    Do recruiters care about data? Will a recruiter ever report to the board? Do we ignore illegal sourcing? Is LinkedIn the past or the future?

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    Lets Connect


    Matthew Jeffery

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