where can you find traditional and stylish handloom sarees in bengal?

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Where Can You Find Traditional and Stylish Handloom Sarees in Bengal?

Want to have a gorgeous yet subtle look at the party? The handloom sarees can help you most effectively. There are several types of handloom sarees manufactured in India. Here, you will find a brief discussion on some of the regions popular for manufacturing handloom sarees.

Shantiniketan: The region is well known for kantha sareesThese sarees are basically known for floral motifs.You can find several patterns on themThey come with a very old embroidery. You can also find animals, birds and natural elements printed on them.

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It is the arsenal of dhonekali sarees. These Sarees are known for their designs of nature. Generally, there are check patterns in the bottom of them. They come with traditional looks. They are best for daily wear.


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Malda has been popular for years for Tussar Silk Sarees. The fabrics of the sarees are developed from wild silk.Various textures are used in them.They are porous and ideal for summer wear.They are also available in various colours and embroideries.

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Baluchari saree is manufactured here.It is one of the oldest styles of sarees.It has exquisite pallu and edges. It is made of silk yarn.It is suitable for daily wear.

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FuliaFulia is well known for its tant saree.It is one of the most popular handloom sarees in Fulia. They are light and airy and perfect for summer. They generally have a wide border. You can also find a heavily decorated pallu in them.The motif used in them are paisley and floral.

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