What's Wrong with Elitist UX?

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Presented at Design by Fire 2012 in San Francisco.


<ul><li>1.Whats Wrong With Elitist UX?Andrew Heaton</li></ul> <p>2. Hi, Im Andrew Im a Designer 3. Purposely IrregularBig Design, Small ScreenZen, Punk Rock and Ruthlessness in Experience DesignConceptual Design for Mobile Devices Andrew HeatonAndrew Heaton (and a writer). 4. If Im curt with you its because time is a factor. I think fast, I talkfast and I need you guys to act fastif you wanna get out of this. 5. I want to talk about Experience Design. 6. We All Say We Fight For the Users 7. We All Say We Fight For the Users 8. Stop treating them like idiots.Become elitist in your e!orts and stop worryingabout what they may or may not do. 9. WTF? 10. Elite. Elitism. Elitist. Eel Pie.You keep using that word. I do notthink it means what you think it means. 11. When I was a kid, This was my cool. 12. This was the Top 40 13. Because I called bullshit on crap music,I was labelled a snob and an elitist. 14. What is Elitism? What denes an Elitist? 15. One who despises people or thingsregarded as inferior, especially becauseofsocialor intellectual pretension. 16. One who despises people or thingsregarded as inferior, especially becauseofsocialor intellectual pretension.or specically: an Asshole. 17. Elitismis the belief that some individuals formanelite a select group with a certain intrinsicquality,specialized training, experience, and other distinctiveattributes are those whose views on a matter are tobe taken the most seriously or carry the most weight. 18. Elitist UX is simply an insightful and skilled designer creating for an elevated class of user. 19. Elitist UX is simply an insightful and skilled designer creating for an elevated class of user. 20. Is Elitist UX Exclusionary? 21. Are These Your Users? 22. What About Him?You Should Be So Lucky. 23. We are assholes about personas. 24. Elitist UX focuses on Use, not the User. 25. Tricky Question:Do you want every person with $5 to be your customer? 26. Would I rather design for a million passive usersor 250,000 active ones? 27. So it is exclusionary? 28. So it is exclusionary?Maybe. 29. Better Question:Is there aclass divide based on technology usage? 30. Digital is not a technology issue. Digital is a cultural issue. 31. And culture is changing. 32. And culture is changing... Rapidly. 33. UX Gurus tell us we shoulddesign for the lowest common denominator. 34. Fuck That Shit. 35. We are trained to not expect anything from our users.We are told to believe expecting things from users is bad. 36. Dont make them think? We better be past this by now.Mindless users mean useless design. 37. If design solves problems,we know users are already engaged in that problem. They are already thinking. 38. If its not signicant enough to solve their problem, blame your designs, not the user. 39. Many will gasp.Walk it o!, princess... Theres enough mediocrity in the world. 40. We should not be too comfortable. 41. We do not design to make things simpler.We design to make peoples lives better. 42. When we think of elitist design, we are not thinking of excluding users from solving their problems. We are proposing new methods to performactions only possible with current methods ofdevelopment and display. 43. No one used a gesture until it became culturally relevant though technology to do so. 44. D Ct DESIGN CONTENT BCP DvMBRAND CONCEPT PRODUCT DEVELOP MARKETINGTHIS IS EXPERIENCE. 45. Dont be scared of leading.We do it by default most of the time. 46. Dont Be Afraid of Visions 47. Older cultures chewed leaves and ate plantsto invoke visions and transcend their daily life to see a future state.We tend to drink co!ee, craft beers and single malt, but we need to get back in the habit of seeing the future. 48. The future state is a tangible thing...and we, as designers, will be the ones to nd it. 49. Thanks. 50. Be Good. 51. @tigerstripe </p>