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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>2009 BICSI NY Whats New Whats it Do?Heck of a year!!5 Innovations from Siemon</p> <p>Z Max XLR8VersapodIntelligent patchingPlug and Play</p> <p>Z-MAX is the highest performing cat 6A cabling system in the world.Z-MAX is the worlds fastest and easiest cat 6A system to install. Outstanding universal designFlat / Angled outletUp to 48 port / U spaceIntegrated PCB patch cordRepeatable terminations</p> <p>Introducing Z-MAX !</p> <p>2</p> <p>Introducing The XLR8 Fiber Connectors and Termination KitSiemons Crimp style termination 10G SM and MMFits both SC and LC connectors No change over!Dust cap stays on!</p> <p>3Faster termination is achieved by performing both activation and crimp in a single, optimized stepAlso eliminates the need to manipulate connection between splice and crimp processes, maintaining integrity of spliceEstimated release date is mid-Q1</p> <p>Introducing MapIT G2MapIT tracks your Physical Layer connectionsIs the ONLY application and hardware combo that helps youSee ManageProtectyour Physical Layer From the desk top or the individual Panel!!</p> <p>TCP/IP NetworkMapIT Server</p> <p>4</p> <p>Re Inventing Plug &amp; Play New ModulesIntegrated cable managementEasier rapid deployment1 finger snap inNo on-site scrap / wasteSmall diameter RazorCore cableMore efficient use of pathways10Gb/s today40 and 100Gb/s readyHigh Performance / High Speed Deployment</p> <p>5Reduces on-site installation time by up to 75%No specific termination tooling, consumables or termination training requiredInstallations are completed with less riskMore predictable costsReduced variability due to termination variation and site cleanliness concernsAssembled in a controlled environment with consistent processes and factory testingSmaller diameter cable eliminates large bundles of poorly managed and abandoned cables freeing up valuable pathway space for greater capacity and improved airflow</p> <p>ConsiderationsHigher component costLengths must be calculated in advanceInsertion loss budgets must be verified</p> <p>Introducing VersaPOD !!</p> <p>Data Center SolutionFull usability of a 30 cabinetHigh density zero-U patching / equip mountingVersatile copper and fiber patching, cable management and accessibilityFrees up Horizontal Rack space</p> <p>6</p> <p>7</p>