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2009 BICSI NY Whats New Whats it Do?Heck of a year!!5 Innovations from Siemon

Z Max XLR8VersapodIntelligent patchingPlug and Play

Z-MAX is the highest performing cat 6A cabling system in the world.Z-MAX is the worlds fastest and easiest cat 6A system to install. Outstanding universal designFlat / Angled outletUp to 48 port / U spaceIntegrated PCB patch cordRepeatable terminations

Introducing Z-MAX !


Introducing The XLR8 Fiber Connectors and Termination KitSiemons Crimp style termination 10G SM and MMFits both SC and LC connectors No change over!Dust cap stays on!

3Faster termination is achieved by performing both activation and crimp in a single, optimized stepAlso eliminates the need to manipulate connection between splice and crimp processes, maintaining integrity of spliceEstimated release date is mid-Q1

Introducing MapIT G2MapIT tracks your Physical Layer connectionsIs the ONLY application and hardware combo that helps youSee ManageProtectyour Physical Layer From the desk top or the individual Panel!!

TCP/IP NetworkMapIT Server


Re Inventing Plug & Play New ModulesIntegrated cable managementEasier rapid deployment1 finger snap inNo on-site scrap / wasteSmall diameter RazorCore cableMore efficient use of pathways10Gb/s today40 and 100Gb/s readyHigh Performance / High Speed Deployment

5Reduces on-site installation time by up to 75%No specific termination tooling, consumables or termination training requiredInstallations are completed with less riskMore predictable costsReduced variability due to termination variation and site cleanliness concernsAssembled in a controlled environment with consistent processes and factory testingSmaller diameter cable eliminates large bundles of poorly managed and abandoned cables freeing up valuable pathway space for greater capacity and improved airflow

ConsiderationsHigher component costLengths must be calculated in advanceInsertion loss budgets must be verified

Introducing VersaPOD !!

Data Center SolutionFull usability of a 30 cabinetHigh density zero-U patching / equip mountingVersatile copper and fiber patching, cable management and accessibilityFrees up Horizontal Rack space