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What will life be like in 2050?

A) How will the education system change by 2050?In 2050 it is likely to change the educational system from school to home. And today we see many people acquire necessary knowledge from the comfort of your home online. So that children and young people can attend virtual schools and universities and choose what they need to learn.

B) What will a smart grid make in human beings by 2050?The smart grid will permit us all of our appliances are linked directly to energy distribution systems, allowing for real-time pricing based on supply and demand.

C) How will mass media be in future?Mass media in the future will be directed by Internet and changing the way people use to organize their business or companies that may be small than today or individuals.

D) Will global warming have any importance to have a better life in future? Why?Global warming is really very important for the future because if we do not control this time can increase the level of the seas, accompanied by shortage of fresh water. This could bring armed conflicts between nations; so it is equally important to maintain daily measurements of climate behavior and we should take ecological awareness.

E) What will people know more about health?By 2050 the people know much more about the virus currently affecting humanity, and likewise know better treatments for diseases although these maybe endure until then, but doctors will know to treat patients on an individual basis and not widespread.How I imagine Colombia will be in 2050

When we stop to think about what will Colombia in 2050, first most of us ask whether there will still be the current war; then we ask if we will remain an underdeveloped nation, if we have achieved to eradicate poverty, if all people have access to an excellent education, if our cities are well organized, if our nation will live up to the latest technology and many more questions.

On the technology now we can see that most people already have access to mobile phones, computers, social networking; but if we compare our technological development with nations like Japan, Australia and the United States, they bring us a preview of twenty years. So I hope that in 2050 this difference has been trimmed and also possible to have a more scientific development.

The main capital cities of Colombia will have effective mass transport such as metro, metro-cable, best intercity roads and tunnels through the mountains. Many more people will access more frequently to airport services and maybe we have a major and significant number of electric cars rolling down our streets.

Currently one of the major problems Colombia is the management of health systems because users are not given proper attention to improvement of their ailments. But in 2050 we will have a health system with a better, more spontaneous and effective care, free vaccines for the entire population, further research in medical science seeking a better quality of life for all people born in our nation.

All Colombians can be optimistic about our future in 2050, the armed conflict will not last much longer and this will give us more opportunities to develop our nation in education, infrastructure, science and technology that allow us to live in peace for long; the same peace that we do not have had for sixty years, and new generations will not live the same difficulties that we have today.