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OCWC Global 2011 Presentation


  • 1. What Do Teachers Want?Reusing OCW in the High School Classroom
    , UMass Boston photo credit: Harry Brett
    Eileen McMahon, UMass Boston OCW, Senior Instructional Designer
    Cheryl Siegel, MIT OCW, Department Liaison
    Robbin Smith, Tufts OCW, OCW Editor/Curricular Content Specialist

2. What Do Teachers Want?Reusing OCW in the High School Classroom
Topics well cover:

  • Summer workshops with BPS Teachers

3. Our OCW collections 4. Workshops discoveries 5. Results from follow-up survey 6. Action Items for OCWC2
7. OCW for BPS Workshops Overview
Three day workshops were heldin July 2010at UMass Boston campus
Over 30 attendees
75% were teachers
30% of the teachers taught Science, Math or Technology subjects
25% Guidance counselors /administrators
95% of attendees had limited previous knowledge of subjects presented in the workshop
Workshop funding made possible by theBoston Foundation as part of a grant awarded to UMass Boston
8. MITOpenCourseWare
2,055Syllabi & reading lists
17,531 lecture notes
9,460 assignments
980 exams
705 projects
Many include:
Audio/video (~60)
Complete texts (~30)
9. Educators
MITOpenCourseWareEducator Use
10. MIT Highlights for High School

  • Launched Nov. 28, 2007

11. Organizes ~70 introductory courses 12. Maps ~2,600 resources to U.S. AP curriculum 13. Provides materials to inspire STEM study http://ocw.mit.edu/high-school
14. Tufts OpenCourseWare
Official launch June 2005
1 FT staff with support from Technology for Learning in the Health Sciences department
Focus on health sciences courses
Sustaining member of OCWC
Reflection of Tufts commitment to open access content, furthering Tufts mission of knowledge sharing as part of its non-profit objective and leadership in civic engagement for global active citizenship.
Copyright 2005 G. Kaurfman TUSVM. From Zoological Medicine homepage." Published in Tufts OpenCourseWare (2005-2011). http://ocw.tufts.edu/Course/60/Coursehome. (Retrieved 4/18/11). Reproduced with permission of the author and publisher. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license
15. Who Uses TuftsOCW and Why Statistics from our 2010 Pop-up Survey
16. Ranking Tufts OCW Statistics from our 2010 Pop-up Survey
Ratings to survey statements consistently > 4.0 (1, lowest - 5, highest)
Tufts OCW has/will increase my interest in learning about a particular topic
Tufts OCW has/will help me supplement my existing knowledge about a topic
Tufts OCW website has/will increase my awareness of Tufts' academic programs
I have/will have discussions with colleagues about specific materials or topics from the Tufts OCW website
I have/will recommend the Tufts OCW website to others
Copyright 2005 G. Kaufmann, TUSVM. From Zoological Medicine homepage."
Published in Tufts OpenCourseWare (2005-2011). http://ocw.tufts.edu/Course/5/Coursehome.
(Retrieved 4/18/11). Reproduced with permission of the author and publisher.
Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License
17. Consists of 42 graduate and undergraduate courses
Launched in 2007
About 12 courses added to the collection each year
Team consists of 1 staff member working quarter time and 3 work study students
78,659 unique visitors in 2010
UMass BostonOpenCourseWare
18. Topics Covered in Teacher Workshops:
General Intro. to OpenCourseWare - What it is and why it's useful
Creative Commons License - What it is why it's important to anyone who is developingcurriculum
Guided Tour of several OpenCourseWare collections
Strategies for integrating OCW into the high school classroom workshop and for advising students
Guidelines for reusing and remixing curriculum materials found online and for managing and sharing own original materials online
Managing OCW materials with Web 2.0 tools such as Zotero, & delicious
Creating Curriculum with Google Docs

19. Workshop Observations

, UMass Boston photo credit: Harry Brett
20. What parts of OCW that you saw today would you most likely use in your classroom?
21. What additional materials or support would you need to use OCW in your teaching?
22. Workshop Findings
Presented with OCWC collections teachers were not sure how they would reuse OCW materials
Creating curriculum with OCWC materials is not easy for teachers
Most teachers are not familiar with the tools necessary to reuse OCW materials
Teachers need more resources to guide and support their use of OCW
23. 16
24. Follow-up Data from Workshop Participants
Surveyed nine months after attending the workshop, 75% of teachers who responded said that they made use of OpenCourseWare materials in their classrooms
Google docs ranked as the top new tool they were introduced to in the summer workshops
On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being easy to reuse and 5 being difficult) they gave OCWC materials a 3
25. Opportunities for OCWC
Organize more workshops to train teachers how to reuse and remix OCW materials
Create OCWC content in a modular way so its easier to remix
Develop tools for remixing curriculum
Sponsor more research on how teachers remix OCWCmaterials
Develop mobile applications for reusing and remixing OCWC materials
26. Opportunities for OCWC (cont.)
Create curriculum development center for OCWCthat might contain:

  • Showcase of curriculum that has reused and remixed from OCWC materials

27. Showcase best practices for using OCWC 28. Provide links to OCWC recommended tools for remixing curriculum 29. Create OCWC YouTube channel for all videos created by consortium forum for educators who are reusing materials 30. Create Teacher Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 31. Sample lesson plans 19
32. Opportunities for OCWC (cont.)

  • Organize Flickr OCWC group where CC images appropriate for teaching and learning can be found

33. Create teacher handouts with ideas and examples 34. Discussion forum for teachers reusing OCWC materials 35. Provide teachers with direct contact with OCWC publishers 36. Create teacher polls to provide feedback about their use of collection 37. A publishers section that displays poll results20
38. 21
39. Appendix
40. Boston Public Schools (BPS) Profile
134 schools in the system
Annual budget $821 million
57,050 students
74% students low-income
Diversity of ethnic backgrounds in student body
41% - Hispanic 13% - White 36% - Black 9% - Asian
41. MITOpenCourseWareQuotes
Viewing your courses has made me
a better teacher and I expect to
be sending some of my students
to MIT in part because of your
Just wanted to say "thank you"
for the wonderful content! I teach
chemistry and physics at the HS level. I review my
content knowledge as well as some wonderful demo
ideas. MIT OpenCourseWare is awesome!!!!
42. MITOpenCourseWare: A Global Audience

  • 1-1.5 million visits per month

43. 17.5 million visits in 2010 44. Translations 45. Chinese (707) 46. Spanish (99) 47. Portuguese (95) 48. Thai (37) 49. Persian (49)16.8%
Self learners
50. Visitors to Tufts OCW / courses visited Statistics from 2010 Google Analytics
Visits grew 23.17% from 2009 to 2010
Visitors came from 218 countries/territories and 20,159 cities
Top 10 course homepages visited
Basic Human Pathology, Parts I and II; Pathophysiology of Infectious Diseases; Blender 3D Design; Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Medicine I; Cardiovascular Pathophysiology - Human Growth and Development; Microbiology; Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology;Zoological Medicine
51. Tufts OCW Faculty Contributor Comments
the final product is wonderful and I am proud to have my name associated with it.
OCW has provided us two wonderful assets: (1) as bridge to many other campuses, scholars, and internet users around the world: and (2) the chance to work with the OCW staff whose professionalism and end-product have made our courses even better than they already were.
Im glad I did it and would do it againthe main reason I support it is that it takes knowledge out of the marketplace and makes it freely accessible to allthis is as it should be .
52. Tufts OCW User Comments
Tufts OCW impacted my learning by making available other non-traditional sources of information at my fingertips.
I think that this is a good way to share the resources of a nonprofit institution. Tufts cares about the people of the world, and shows its social responsibility to the world through projects such as this ...
Im a South African medical student whos struggling with an epidemiology assignment and this information you made available helped me tremendously.
53. Ranked Top Components of OCWC
Downloadable Tools