what is rme all about at charleston academy ?

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What is RME all about at Charleston Academy ?. I hope youre not just thinking God!. O OK, Ill allow God. To some extent RME is about God or rather, the human belief that there is a POWER out there in the universe that created all life and cares about humans. This is a Spiritual Quest. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • What is RME all about at Charleston Academy?I hope youre not just thinking God!

  • OOK, Ill allow God.. To some extent RME is about God or rather, the human belief that there is a POWER out there in the universe that created all life and cares about humans. This is a Spiritual Quest. It may surprise you to know that over 90% of people in the world believe in a higher power.

    Do you?

  • Religion is always in the news

  • RME explores the questions that people are always askingHow can we be a family? Where is the love?When will we make poverty history?Arent all religions the same?

  • RME is a Humanities subjectHistory studies the human past. Geography studies the human environment.RME studies human beliefs, ideas and behaviour.

  • Why do we study RME? Because we can.Raise toleranceReduce bigotry and prejudiceDevelop thinking skillsHave a deeper understanding of others beliefs

  • RME is about people. What people believe affects how they live and behave. If you believe that animals should be treated with kindness, then youll be kind to animals and may even be a vegetarian or belong to a group which works against cruelty to animals. Beliefs

  • Beliefs Native AmericansIf you believe that the earth is sacred (special and holy) then you wont drop your crisp packet on the ground.

    Native Americans believed humans only live on this planet - we do not own it. They believed that humans, animals, mountains, rivers and air were all connected and a part of each other.

  • Chief Sitting Bull

  • Beliefs Judaism Jews believe that people have a tendency to do bad things and that they need to repent (turn their back on the bad things) and ask for Gods forgiveness.

    Jews also think that without rules people would live in chaos. Because of this, Jews live by the Ten Commandments and have an extra 613 rules for every day things, like what to eat and wear.

  • A Jewish boy becoming Bar Mitzvah

  • Beliefs Christianity Christians believe that all humans are born sinful and that we are cut off from God when we commit wrongful acts. Christians also believe that Jesus was sent by God to take the punishment for us so that we would never be cut off from God again. Christians follow Jesus teachings which told people to help, love and forgive others. Not as easy as it sounds!

  • Beliefs Buddhism Buddhists believe that much of the suffering in this world is caused because of greed, ignorance and stupidity.

    Buddhists train their minds to understand suffering and why people behave the way they do. Through acceptance of the world and freedom from wanting things, they become enlightened.

  • RELIGIOUS DIVERSITYAll religions share a common root, which is limitless compassion. They emphasise human improvement, love, respect for others and compassion for the suffering of others. In so far as love is essential in every religion, we could say that love is a universal religion. But the various techniques and methods for developing love differ widely between the traditions. I dont think there could ever be just one single philosophy or one single religion, since there are so many different types of people with a range of tendencies and inclinations. It is quite fitting that there are differences in between religions and the fact that there are so many different descriptions of the religious path shows how rich religion is.HH XIV DALAI LAMA

  • The subject that goes where no other subject has gone before!In RME we study some of the worlds great religions that have shaped our world.

    In RME we study the concept of Humanism, which argues against the idea of God.

    In RME we encourage pupils to develop their own beliefs and ideas about the world.

  • RME is worthwhile because:In RME you learn the concepts of TOLERANCE and UNDERSTANDING.In RME you learn to interact with other people without fear or prejudice. In RME you learn to think critically and develop your own opinions and beliefs.In RME we examine moral issues such as the Death Penalty and Euthanasia.In RME we ask the BIG questions!!

  • In S1 we study:

    What is Belief?Creation Myths Judaism - In S2 we study: Christianity and the ReformationGreat Scots (faith in action)Introduction to Buddhism

  • In S3 we study:

    Morality in the Modern WorldThe Death Penalty

    In S4 we study:Euthanasia

  • INT2/Higher RMPS S5/6


    Morality in the Modern World

    Science and Belief