what does the music remind you?. remarriage group /collective wedding traditional weddings

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  • What does the music remind you?

  • RemarriageGroup /collective weddingTraditional weddings

  • Discussion:Have you ever been to a wedding party?

    Who was getting married?

    What are you most interested in during the wedding?

  • in church"To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part". Weddings, ;;,,

  • a) a friend of the groom who helps him during the wedding ceremonyb) a party to celebrate the marriage ceremony of two peoplec) a door or gate you go through to enter a placed) a woman who is about to get married or has just got marriede) an important social or religious occasions f) a man who is about to get married or has just got married

    6 wedding reception3 best man4 ceremony1 bride2 bridegroom Match the words to their definition: 5 entrance3 56214

  • bride bridegroombridesmaid best man

  • entrancecrownwedding receptioncandiesinvitation

  • Indonesian weddingReading

  • 1.I go without an invitation.2.I attend the reception after the ceremony.3.I put money into the box at the entrance of the reception.What to do:cancanought to

  • 1.You to go to the ceremony without asking first. 2.You contribute a lot of money. 3.You drink alcohol at the wedding reception.4.Indonesian women cover their heads. What not to do:oughtntdont have tocantdont have to

  • Greek wedding

  • Greek WeddingsThe has to in marriage.The should help on the heads of the couple.A long silk ribbon that links the crowns is a symbol of .The guests can , which can last through the night.Guests can on the floor and put money to the brides dress for .groom ask the brides father for his daughters handbest manput crownsa happy and long life for the coupleattend a wedding receptionthrow dishesgood luck after the wedding ceremony during the wedding ceremony before the wedding ceremony

  • Indonesian families only invite people they have know for a long time.The reception is before the wedding .Guests usually give money as a present.In Greek culture, the bridegroom has to ask for the brides hand in marriage.The bride and bridegrooms wedding crowns are made of gold. A piece of ribbon links the wedding crowns together.FTFFTTListen to the tape and decide:

  • 1 even if

    2 receive an invitation accept the invitation

    3 because it is only for close family 4 at the entrance to

    (adj): close friendEg: Ill help you ~ you dont ask me.Eg: He his parents letter,but he didnt the money in it. receivedaccept

  • Discuss our school rules in groups, by using the modals: have to / not have to, can/cant , should/ shouldnt.For example:Presenter: Can you tell us our school rules?A: Yes you cant dye your hair colorful.B: .C: .

  • 5 contribute (oneself) to sth. n:contribution make contribution to sth/sb


    He contributed himself to doing research.He made great contribution to the country.

  • 1help put crowns made of flowers

    =help put crowns which are made of flowers be

    Can you see the boy called Tom?Can you see the boy who is called Tom?

  • HomeworkWrite eight sentences giving advice to a foreigner who is going to a wedding in your town /city.