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  • WEG Transformers Africa

  • The companies

    Weg Transformers Africa repair, supply and service transformers, miniature

    substations and switchgear for mines, local municipalities and companies across a variety

    of economic sectors.

    WTA Heidelberg, Gauteng, together with WTA Wadeville ,Gauteng and WTA

    Richardsbay (the Kwa-Zulu Natal Branch), custom manufacture products to industry

    standards, and will repair and refurbish existing units, either on the clients site or if

    required at the companys in-house manufacturing facility. All items are designed and

    manufactured to SABS 780 and ISO 9001 standards, emphasising quality materials

    and professional workmanship, in line with the companys best practice principles.

    WTA Heidelberg designs and manufactures resin cast switchgear. This switch is

    commercially known as the Interswitch B 20. The NX3F Tiger will also be also be

    manufactured in Heidelberg.




    All distribution and power

    transformers are manufactured

    to SANS780, BS171, and IEC159

    specifications under ISO:9001

    quality standards

    Distribution and Power transformers

    The manufacture of new transformers, from 10 kVA up to 100 MVA and 132kV

    The repair and rewind of transformers up to 100 MVA and 132kV



    The manufacture of new mini-substations, up to 1600 kVA, and 33kv

    The repair and rewind of mini-substations, up to 1600kVA and 33kV

    MV switchgear

    The supply of new switchgear, for voltages from 3.3kV to 33kV

    The repair and service of switchgear, in house and on site

    The manufacture of resin cast switchgear, for voltages up to 11kV (SANS Approved)

    The manufacture of oil fused ring main unit (NX3F Tiger)


    Laboratory services

    A sophisticated in-house laboratory is used to test and analyse transformer oils. These

    tests can detect markers and other harmful substances in the oil, which can then be


    Sample analysis includes:

    Key gas detection

    Water detection

    Acidity measurements

    PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) detection

    Furan detection

    Field services

    Field services include both mechanical maintenance work and on-site

    oil purification and regeneration.

    Field maintenance:

    The purification and regeneration of industrial oils on site

    Field repair services:

    The maintenance and repair of transformers up to 100MVA, and

    switchgear up to 132kV

    All insulation oils tests are

    performed in compliance with

    SANS555 standards



  • Maintenance and repair services

    The replacement of leaking gaskets, neoprene cone rubbers, bushings, inspection covers

    on on-load tap changers, conservators, valves etc

    Sandblasting and spray painting of transformers and components

    The supply and testing of protective relays

    The supply of silica gel and breathers

    Infrared surveys

    In-house refurbishment and repairs of transformers include complete rewinds, re-gasket,

    vacuum treatment and drying of cores, sandblasting, spray painting and complete testing of

    units to SABS and IEC standards

    Dedicated technical field

    teams are available 24/7,

    enabling rapid response

    to service calls



  • Quick services:

    The company offers a unique personal repair service that is available

    around the clock. Critical to the operation of clients processes

    and operations, the products supplied by WTA form an integral

    part of clients supply chain. As such, rapid response and

    service is integral to the good business offering of WTA. Further to

    this, the company offers best-in-sector manufacturing turnaround,

    with custom product deliveries usually occurring within 10 14

    weeks, while spare parts are usually available off the shelf.

    Turnkey manufacturing:

    The companys extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities

    give it compelling advantages over its competitors in maintaining

    full control over the entire developed system, both in terms of the

    quality and the costs of the manufacturing process. This means

    that customers enjoy highly competitive pricing as well as a

    consistent, integrated and complete service.

    Manufacturing excellence:

    Stringent quality control is exercised over all products leaving the

    factory, including paintwork, labels and gaskets. Failure rate on

    WTA transformers is significantly lower than industry

    standard at approximately only 0.1%. WTA also incorporates

    a pre- and post tanking inspection to ensure the highest level of

    compliance. Manufacturing is completed under stringent

    ISO:9001 quality controls.

    Record keeping:

    The company is one of only a few that keeps maintenance

    records on behalf of its clients, a process which ensures the

    continuity of information. This service is important for insurance

    purposes and the difficulties associated with staff turnover at

    its clients.



  • Stock levels:

    In order to facilitate consistent market demand, WTA

    maintains high levels of a diverse range of stock. This means

    that customers are able to rely on WTA for swift access to crucial

    spares and new units which are often critical to their needs.

    Practical experience:

    Technicians have daily hands-on experience of dismantling and

    building transformers, switchgear and mini-substations, from a

    variety of manufacturers, giving them a thorough understanding

    of both the industry and their customers needs.


    Currently, WTA manufactures approximately 180 mini-

    substations and 600 transformer units a year. Combined

    facilities could accommodate rapid expansion of services and


    High voltage test facilities:

    WTA boasts with 3 individual test labs. WTA Heidelberg is

    capable of testing up to 100MVA 132kV (IEC and BS) .

    Wadeville operations can test up to 10MVA 66kV



    The workshop boasts a 120 tonne overhead crane allowing

    access to hard to reach existing installations. A variety of mobile

    cranes, including a low-bed crane truck, enable WTA to

    collect break-downs and deliver replacements at client sites.

    Staff are able to immediately load, collect and repair

    transformers of up to 25 tonnes.


  • The market

    The company is active in the following industrial sectors, demonstrating a diverse range of clients, and thus a well-hedged revenue flow:


    Commercial Industrial Mining Civil development Local government Utilities Telecommunication



    Heidelberg, Gauteng


  • 6mm High risk

    Eskom approved

  • Rapid growth

    Southern Africa is experiencing a growing demand of new and

    refurbished electrical equipment. The WTA group has a clear

    and defined strategy moving forward to capitalise on this

    growth, including the following specific projects:

    Business opportunities: The company has identified growth opportunities in the repair

    of power transformers and the supply of new distribution

    transformers in the local market.

    Excellent export opportunities exist in Africa where a number of

    new power stations and new infrastructure is being built, and the

    refurbishment of existing equipment is required.

    Equipment to increase productivity: To manage demand, the WTA has acquired another foil

    winding machine to assist the 1400 mm CNC foil winding

    machine and two CNC high voltage winding machines that will

    allow the company to improve its production rate and to

    tender for higher volume orders than it can presently manage.



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