week of november 12th through november 16th, 2018 update nآ  week of november 12th through...

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    Week of November 12th through November 16th, 2018

    Monday November 12

    Day 3

    Tuesday November 13

    Day 4

    Wednesday November 14

    Day 5

    Thursday November 15

    Day 6

    Friday November 16

    Day 1

    -HL Subway

    -School is IN/OPEN

    -School Council Meeting 7pm -HL Booster Juice -G9 Take your kid to work day

    -G9 Success for High School

    @Heritage Heights @6:30pm

    -Grilled Cheese Party (winners

    of Candy Contest

    -Magazine Orders Due




    November 12 Jr.Boy’s Vball


    November 13 Jr.Girl’s Vball Sr.Boy’s Basketball Tryouts


    November 14 G9-Take your

    kid to work day Jr.Boy’s & Girl’s Vball


    November 15 Sr.Boy’s Bas-

    ketball Tryouts Jr.Vball Semi Finals:

    Jr.Girl’s Vball @ SRS vs NDC

    Jr.Boy’s Vball @SRMS vs NDC


    November 16 Sr.Boy’s Basketball Tryouts

    School Fees are now due and payable. All fees can be paid with VISA or Mastercard on-line or they can be paid by cheque. You can always check on-line to see if you have any outstanding fees. If you wish to apply to have the fees waived, that application must be received by our Division no later than December 14, 2018. These forms are availa- ble at the school.

    SAVE THE DATE: School Council Family Movie Night Thursday November 22nd, 6:30pm.

    School Council will be hosting another Family Movie Night, featuring the Christmas Movie The Star!

    The Kids Only Shoppe at the Millarville Christmas Market

    November 8-11, 2018, 10:00am to 5:00pm Daily

    Mrs. Claus and the Elves have prepared more than 4,000 items for

    children aged 3 to 12, to shop for with assistance from the Elves, for

    their parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, and friends. Each gift

    is $10 and under and will be wrapped before leaving the tent so it’s under-the-tree


    Not only is the Kids Only Shoppe a great experience for your kiddos to shop on

    their own, but it also takes some of the stress out of holiday preparation for you.

    You tell the Elves who your child is buying for and how much they have to spend,

    and we’ll help them do the rest.

    All items have been hand made by local crafters or donated by market vendors.

    Proceeds from the Kids Only Shoppe will go to hot lunch programs at six local

    schools and the Arena Rebuild Fund.

    Find the Shoppe by the barns and Santa’s reindeer.


    every grade 6 student! Through the generous support of the Calgary

    Flames Foundation, every Grade 6 student in Calgary receives a free YMCA

    Membership and active programming throughout their Grade 6 year. The goal of the

    program is to support youth as they transition/age out of traditional child care models,

    develop new interests and prepare for junior high. The program was designed to give

    youth a safe place to practice independence, develop healthy habits, and establish a

    sense of belonging in a centre of community that promotes the values of respect, hon-

    esty, caring and responsibility. Link to website: https://bit.ly/2eKsJZQ

    Thank you to the many families who are reaching out, won- dering how to support the Hansen family, who lost their house in a fire on Wednesday. We are collecting gift cards (e.g. Visa gift card) in the school office and we will ensure that they get to the Hansen family promptly. We know they appreciate the support of the RDL community during this difficult time.

    MISSING: A Moleskine brand journal, with lined pages that has been used as a sketchbook. If anyone finds this book, please return to the office asap. Thank you!



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