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    Q1. Ask your photographer to tell you all about their previous experience in this kind of work.

    Why you must do this. There are lots of wonderful photographers producing excellent work but their expertise might only be in studio work, or industrial photography. Your wedding day could turn into a nightmare if they lack experience in working in weddings. It would be like asking a boxer to take part in a swimming competition! Technically they might be very capable, but can they handle crowds? Children? Unexpected changes in light and weather conditions? Being on time and being pleasant with your family and friends?

    Q2. Ask your wedding photographer to show you their professional insurance.

    Why you must do this. No-one can predict what will happen on The Day. Its very, very unlikely but if some unforeseen incident was to occur, wouldnt you want to feel confident that you and your hard-earned cash are properly protected? A professional photographer, whether they are from Aberdeen or Inverness, will not be of-fended. In fact, they will pride themselves on having a properly run business and be happy to show you their insurance.

    Q3. Ask your wedding photographer if they are a member of a professional body?

    Why you must do this. Its true that having a piece of paper that says someone is a jet fighter pilot may not make them the best pilot in the world but it does prove that they can fly the plane! Professional membership is not just given to anyone and any wedding photographer who has professional membership of a body will have had to prove that they can fulfil certain minimum requirements. You will have peace of mind knowing that they possess a certain level of skill and can complete the task to an acceptable level of quality. It also helps you to feel more relaxed and confident, knowing that whether you ask someone in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee, their minimum skill level should be the same. The most common professional bodies are: British Institute of Professional Photography. The Master Photographers Association.


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  • Q4. Ask your wedding photographer what back-up plan they have if any of their photographic equipment were to breakdown?

    Why you must do this. Its a scary thought, isnt it? A camera break-down? It could happen. All equipment is liable to break down sadly or even to damage on-site. A child knocks over a piece of equipment in the excitement after the ceremony. Batteries die. Water gets into something or a lens gets dropped. But if your professional can answer this question to your satisfaction, then there is another good reason to consider hiring them. Your priority is to be completely relaxed on the big day and to have nothing at all to worry about. And to have those beautiful photo-graphs to look forward to whatever happens.

    Q.5 Ask for references and reviews.

    Why you must do this. Well, no matter what your photographer says, you need evidence. No-one is going to say they are rubbish, are they? And what better way than to see for yourself? Ask for a range of different kinds of photographs indoors and out, traditional, quirky, moving, static, groups and individuals. Do they look like the kinds of photographs you would love to see again and again? Ask for recommendations from past clients and dont be shy to do so. A wedding photographer who is proud of his or her reputation will have clients who are willing to talk to you. Remember, your day will not be repeated you have one shotand its in the hands of the person you choose.

    Q6. Ask to book a photo session before you make a decision about who to choose for the Big Day!

    Why you must do this. Your wedding is incredibly special and one of the most important days in your life and the lives of those who love you. No doubt, you are going to invest a lot of money in it and the photographs will be a precious reminder of everything that happened and how you all felt on The Day. Its a surprisingly common problem but a lot of people choose a photog-rapher who can do the job yet they just dont click. Theres no communication, and things fall flat and awkward. So invest a little money now and make a big saving later. Youll be able to experience at first-hand and in a low-risk way, how you all work together. Is it fun? Does he or she talk to you in a way that makes you feel relaxed, creative and happy? Are they open to listening to your ideas and needs? If it works you ll have the added bonus of knowing that when you meet at the wedding, you already have a good working relationship and that will add to your enjoyment and the quality of the end product.


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  • Q7. Ask if they can do all those intricate key shots youd love to have.

    Why you must do this. You must be absolutely sure your photographer understands exactly what you want. You wouldnt just go into Starbucks say, and announce that you are thirsty would you! So be sure and tell them about your ideas andyour dream shots. If you have seen examples in magazines or on-line, use these to show them. Talk to them about the environment where you want these key shots to be taken. That way, whether you are in Dundee in the early morning, or Edinburgh at nightfall, your wedding photographer can prepare and make sure he or she has all the right equipment and can plan for important factors and timing. For instance, I have a compass so I can plan my day at different locations depending on the position of the sun. That way, I can decide ahead of time where is the best place to stand for a particular shot or advise my clients if one of their ideas may not work, due to say, shadows from a building or trees at a particular time of day.

    Q8. Ask for Print prices.

    Why you must do this. Be aware that many photographers may have hidden fees, or charge high prices for prints. They will attract potential wedding clients with low package pricing. Its often only after the wedding that people discover that to get additional prints which are often asked for by friends and family youll be expected to pay in the range of 10 - 20 for each additional 7 x 5 print!

    If you interested to know remaining two questions, would like to get easy wed-ding planner or wedding budget calculator, you can find it all on our website. As always it is completely FREE to download, use and print. To access those documents please follow this link:


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